Google Pixel 7 Pro review

25 October 2022

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Still arguably the best pictures of any smartphone, and doesn't even cost a thousand bucks.

Haters will dump theirs hot t*rds on the Tensor 2, definitely not on par with current flagship SOCs.
In benchmarks, it can't even compete with last year S888, and that was a garbage chip.

Not a good look, especially when you consider S8 Gen 2 is just around the corner, and recommanding even S8+ G1 phones isn't wise at this point.

However, what are benchmarks really ? Just raw numbers, not representative of any usage whatsoever.

Unless of course you're doing video editing & playing AAA games on a 6 inch screen. But then really, that's not a what a phone is for, if you persist to do so then it's on you and you can't complain.

For the price of one Rog Phone 6 Ultimate (Snapdragon or Dimensity) you can get one Pixel 7 Pro 256GB and one PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X.
You'll play much better games and you'll take, much, much better pictures.

l won't deny that the exynos-based architecture takes a toll on battery life. Along with the mediocre charging speed (No 10 minutes top ups and good to go here) the battery situation is the downside of this device.
Still decent battery life though. Some S8 G1 devices have done much worse.

To summ it up :

-World class screen QHD @ 120HZ ✓
-Iconic & unmistakable design w/ premium build ✓
-IP68 Certified & Gorilla Glass victus on all sides ✓
-Camera quality is in a league of its own ✓
-Video quality is finally improved, and on par with current flagships ✓
-Clean, pure software with no bloatware whatsoever, great support and unique features ✓

And finally, it undercuts all competitors by several hundred bucks, especially in EU where iPhone 14 Pro max cost over 1400EUR for base 128GB. (7 Pro 128GB retails for 899).

Of course there's some downsides, but not many ;

-Exynos-based architecture for Tensor remain a bottleneck, one can only dream of what ----Google could've achieved with a custom TSMC-made SOC ✕
-Charging speed is ridiculous and can really be frustrating when you're on the go and in need for a quick top-up. No such thing as quick top-ups with the Pixel 7 Pro ✕
-Battery life, while decent & improved over last year, remain inferior to rivals ✕

Some might add that Google was lazy on the innovation with that release, but again, so was everyone in 2022. Even Samsung, with their supposedly-bleeding-edge-every-year Z Line of phones, released some pretty boring incremental phones.

So really, if you want the best pictures and arguably the best sofware (Oxygen OS is gone sorry) along with a design that, while not crazy innovative, still stands out for the crowd, you can't go wrong with 7 Pro.

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    • Joe
    • snU
    • 26 Oct 2022

    ....And VOLTE an 5G does not work in unsupported country....

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      • Annyms
      • ube
      • 26 Oct 2022

      sohail shafayat, 26 Oct 202212 hours of web browsing is so poor these for the class 12... moreThat is true. 12MP resolution is not enough now. But I don't think there is demand or even most general users are expecting more resolution. There are very less 64MP Quad-bayer phones now. Most have switched to 50MP. Samsung also didn't release any tetracell 108MP sensor after HMX.

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        • Sr6
        • 26 Oct 2022

        WTF? A even worse battery life than the already underwhelming Pixel 6 pro?
        You are kidding me...

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          • PIB
          • 26 Oct 2022

          i dont understand that why most pixel reviews doesn't include the testing of the way superior astrophotography mode.

            Battery life a d slow charging. A no go. Useless device. I will never buy this phone.

              Fa14bi, 26 Oct 2022The problem is, this Phone Charging at 20W get's hotte... moreHow do you know? Did you made the heat measurements between 20w and 80w?
              20w heats the device around 41c and the 60w to 46c for shorter period of time

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                • 3gj
                • 26 Oct 2022

                s25, 26 Oct 2022Yet another review where GSMarena hasn't posted the CP... moreConsidering that I see so many tough comments allowed, I'm still scared to write one of mine.

                I'm highly aware of the 'openness' of this website ...

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                  • 3gj
                  • 26 Oct 2022

                  Anonymous, 26 Oct 2022I'm probably among many of those checking this review ... moreZen9 is by far the best all-way-rounder. + 6.1 fits far better in a modest person's pocket.

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                    • 3gj
                    • 26 Oct 2022

                    leland, 26 Oct 2022Too bad, Google tries to be 2nd Apple to do their own chip,... moreThat's the way I like to think about price also . When you're way down under the entire flagship competitions in terms of what is the most important : Graphics, you don't have the right to dare to ask for those heavy bucks.

                    Actually, I would par the price exactly with the performance: -20% = -20%. Simple as that.

                    But we are not talking about -20% in our case ... We can see it clearly from the benchmarks ...

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                      • Tui
                      • 26 Oct 2022

                      cheap of google not even include a basic tpu case...

                        2h to be full with such a misery 83h score? Must be a joke.

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                          • Arccosinus
                          • J9t
                          • 26 Oct 2022

                          Terrible battery life and bad photo processing. Google has been softening the photos starting from Pixel 3 and now reached the point that it has the same PQ as Samsung phones and even worse when it comes to the NM. Also, Apple boasts a dedicated 50 MP mode and a 2x zoom that yeilds much better results. Absolutely disappointed. Burn in hell Google

                            Fa14bi, 26 Oct 2022The problem is, this Phone Charging at 20W get's hotte... moreReally? What phones did you test battery aging with? How did you determine its mainly heat? Or did someone else test it? Who?

                              Anonymous, 26 Oct 2022At least battery will still have 90% at least after 2 years... moreThe problem is, this Phone Charging at 20W get's hotter than most other phones at 80W, and since the main factor of battery aging is heat, the pixel Charges at 20W, but ages like there was an 100W charger on it for 2 hours straight.

                                Steve, 26 Oct 2022Can you please re-check your battery tests? The G2 chips... moreQualcomm also specifically mentioned that the Snap 888 is more efficient than the Snap 865, and that the 8gen1 is more efficient than 888, both are wrong.

                                  12 hours of web browsing is so poor these for the class
                                  12MP images are at a smaller side also, they should bring 20MP to 24MP 3:2 cameras

                                    YUKI93, 26 Oct 2022I don't see any news about Pixel getting throttled. If... morePixel 7 pro Geekbench is 2400 points if you ran Antutu before that, way below Snap 778G.

                                      Best phone ever finally

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                                        • Hqx
                                        • 26 Oct 2022

                                        John, 26 Oct 2022Yeah, below avarage battery life and really slow charging t... moreExactly, below average batter life would be acceptable if it came with proper fast charging.. google are gunna end up being the next Sony, so close yet so far. For a company as big as Google, same with their 1st gen google watch.. crap battery life.. gotta get the fundamentals right.. it's like they're resting on their laurels, that they haven't earned yet.