Google Pixel 7 Pro review

25 October 2022

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  • 26 Oct 2022

Asphalt-nation, 26 Oct 2022I do believe the Pixel 7 series compete in the very high en... moreTensor is a midrange chip and Its outdated by at least 2 gens. AI part is gimmicky.

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    • 26 Oct 2022

    plenty of reviews say the battery life is bad under test, but I see very few complaints from real world users. in fact most say the battery life is surprisingly good, given the reviews. i've had the 7 Pro for a week and I'd say battery is definitely adequate at least.

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      • Jarada
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      • 26 Oct 2022

      Tomy159, 26 Oct 2022😂 😂 I want to seen how you testing battery life. Really I ... moreAgree. Pixel 7 pro's battery has been really good at least for me

        what an embarrassing battery performance and phone to be honest by google
        nearly two hours for a full charge? what is this 2014?

          77, 26 Oct 2022Because it's using 2x X1cores. That will drain battery.It's weird how it doesn't destroy low thread count benchmarks tho. Unless benchmarks don't utilize X cores, then that's weird from benchmark side.

            Nick Tegrataker, 26 Oct 2022Great analysis. If I were to change one statement in your c... moreI do believe the Pixel 7 series compete in the very high end segment.

            See the difference you quoted between chipsets ? in benchmarks, Antutu, geekbench and the likes, it appears to be huge. But in real life, you won't notice it. At all.
            So you argue that my analysis is good, but in that very analysis I desmonstrate that, yet you're saying the opposite in yours...?

            And no, Tensor ain't no mid-range chip, no mid-range chip could possibly pull such advanced imagery.

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              • Fvc
              • 26 Oct 2022

              what an absulutely sad battery life for a smartphone with a 5000mAh battery, well done google!!!!

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                • MnM
                • 26 Oct 2022

                I am switching from the P6P to P7P and giving Pixel another chance. After using Xiaomis and Samsungs for a few years, the new Pixels are the best Android phones, IMO, overall. But I will probably switch to Apple next year, when the next version of the Apple Watch comes out, as its battery life is getting close to three days. Nothing else comes close in sensor accuracy and user experience.

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                  • Shannan
                  • 7k9
                  • 26 Oct 2022

                  In love with this phone. Switched from the S21+ to the 7 Pro.

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                    • 26 Oct 2022

                    Mediatek sux, 26 Oct 2022Really? What phones did you test battery aging with? How di... moreHe does not need to. Battery endurance is longer on cold days compared to hot days.
                    Guess why?

                    I doubt pixel 7 pro reaches over 50 celsius while charging like xiaomi

                      😂 😂 I want to seen how you testing battery life.
                      Really I want to know it.
                      I'm heavy user, phone replace my tablet and 98% laptop is well. Need minimum 8 hours on display.
                      I got pixel 6 pro yes there is drain battery first 6 months was excellent then March features update was just terrible charge it 2 times a day.
                      Now last 2 or 3 weeks I got Pixel 7 pro
                      Phone is 9+ hours on display and still got 15% battery left. No issue with signal, WiFi or 5G.
                      For me now is all day phone use.
                      Yes slower charge then others but because is all day phone use I charge it over night wireless with no issue.
                      Just really don't understand this battery test. It's really a way fair from real use.

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                        • 26 Oct 2022

                        running google analytics all the time kills battery life practically unusable device

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                          • Parry Priwan
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                          • 26 Oct 2022

                          Wrost display hungry battery life on Pixel

                            Unless Google wakes up and releases the pixels globally like the Nexus devices, the limited availability is the main dealbreaker for most people.

                              Asphalt-nation, 26 Oct 2022Still arguably the best pictures of any smartphone, and doe... moreGreat analysis. If I were to change one statement in your comment, it would be the "pure Android" part (since Pixel's own implementation of Android still has some components added on top of AOSP, and hasn't been the most bug-free skin in the market), but other than that your argument is pretty much spot on IMO.

                              Pixel 7 series isn't competitive in the high-end smartphone market because it's not even directly competing with other high-end smartphones - Rather it is trying to undercut them by bringing a lot of flagship-grade features at well under $1000. Tensor G2 performs like a mid-range SoC and does fall far behind A16, 8+G1 or D9000+, but that wouldn't really matter unless the competitors suddenly start cutting the prices of their own products. Sure, the battery life and the charging speed could've been a lot better too, and so are UWA and selfie camera image quality, but I think the price is low enough to make up for these shortcomings too. I wouldn't buy myself a Pixel 7, but this isn't an objectively bad product like some people are trying to make it out to be.

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                                • Tui
                                • 26 Oct 2022

                                battery life is a big dissapointment from 6 pro pixel.. i thought it would get closer to 95-100h endurance but so far behind even midrangers gets 100+ hours in gsmarena tests.....

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                                  • 3gj
                                  • 26 Oct 2022

                                  A miracle just happened. Ok, I will Try :

                                  Considering that Google is the main developer of Android, they should 'kill' the 'kernel mania' by having hundreds of 'custom' kernels because it's chaos unleashed + we can't see the exact performance of every device + the entire security patch-set is a nightmare for absolutely everyone.

                                  Consider bld. main players that can't deliver constantly the latest patches, at least in terms of security.

                                  Having a device that can't be updated to the latest libraries/patches should be illegal, considering that we have kernels that still support ancient architectures, so it really isn't the core kernel developers fault that Google allowed this type of 'business-model'.

                                  You built Android, you're responsible for delivering the best practices.

                                  Custom 'tweaks' by custom vendors should come with custom repos and those should be OPTIONAL !

                                  We still have a long way to go into everything democracy means(yes, that one I am) and considering that this website promotes the fruits of global-capitalism you should really allow this liberal comment.

                                  (I tried, you have the power to do what you consider best afterwards)

                                  (there are still things to talk but , as you can see, I barely touched 'politics', because the main problem is that the prices are really decoupled with the costs of production by a high margin and any sane person can see this clearly)

                                  They should really add to the specs ALL the costs(production, profits etc.)

                                  THANKS !

                                  P.S. : We should be able to choose at the first boot : root/non-root, Google Services/Non-Google Services, as so few custom ROMs allow.

                                  I really hope I din't break and 'posting rules'. I highly think that this comment is very important for the future of smartphones and everything related, in general.

                                  Again, Thank you !

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                                    • f4v
                                    • 26 Oct 2022

                                    compared to S22u and iphone 14 pro this phone is less of a flagship.
                                    Poor battery life for 5000mah, weaker chipset, slow charging.
                                    I think other cameras are superior, pixel phones have great colour accuracy but that seems to be the only thing.

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                                      • swm
                                      • 26 Oct 2022

                                      I'm using this device right now, LTE only 1080p 120hz, I have 3h SOT with 70% battery left(6h off charger). Much better than S22 Ultra in my use scenario.

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                                        • 26 Oct 2022

                                        What I'm seeing is that everyone thinks more color more image sharpening/structured sharpening/edge sharpening is a better photo taken...
                                        When we check those photos in a big screen we realise the camera phone evolution in the last 2 or 3 years is mainly software because there is phones with 2 years that can capture better natural images and less turtured with post processing.
                                        If I want post processing I'll do that and I can add more color, more artifical shappess with an app.
                                        Look at pics below... I think we can't deny the evidence.

                                        Check texture, noise, edge sharpening and text.

                                        IPhone is a king of post processing.. Look at the edges of the objects in the iphone... That's a exaggerated fake edge sharpening that creates a glow near the black objects edge.
                                        Pixel is less aggressive but there is tons of post processing as well compered to the Mi 11 Ultra.
                                        We can manage better a photo taken with Xiaomi and do a better job manually with an app after take the photo.