Huawei Mate 50 Pro review

31 October 2022

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  • Sdm
  • 08 Jun 2024

Hello, anybody knows, why Huawei Mate 50 Pro telephoto camera doesn't take portrait photos and usual photos of people with it's zoom camera is very poor of detail?How to improve it?

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    • Anonymous
    • f3e
    • 19 Apr 2024

    Roro, 23 Oct 2023Very poor quality photos... Missing sharpness... Night shot... moreYou have never own a Huawei phone

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      • U-dont-know-nothing
      • Tm5
      • 31 Mar 2024

      Roro, 23 Oct 2023Very poor quality photos... Missing sharpness... Night shot... moreDude, chill out.

      I had Mate 10 Pro, 20 Pro, 30 Pro, 40 Pro and now 50 Pro. My cousin had P30 Pro so I had numerous chances to try it out. The Mate series always kicked P series a55. Mate 50 Pro makes better photos than Google Pixel 8 Pro and Crapple 15 Max which are a year newer. Get your facts straight. None company makes phones which can do photos as Huawei overall.

        Roro, 23 Oct 2023Very poor quality photos... Missing sharpness... Night shot... more😂 you good dude? I've had the P30 Pro and yes, it was great. But recently I had the chance to try out the Mate 50 Pro. Day and night difference. Have you tried it? Have you held this phone in your hands and tried it and compared it directly with the P30 Pro? Don't think so.

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          • Roro
          • pSX
          • 23 Oct 2023

          Very poor quality photos... Missing sharpness... Night shots are aweful... Compared to P30 Pro New Edition nothing changed even become worse, just missing x5 zoom and full GMS.
          Huawei seems to be totally out of game.
          Even with P60 or Mate 60.
          It's dead from now.

          Probably, best choice will be Honor Magic 5 Pro. You have all there. Even more for the same price. 800€-900€.

          P.S: to all, please stop to write comments like "great phone", "excellent photo", etc... Huawei is no more great as is it was... Don't be fanatic. Just see photos and compare.
          I have P30 Pro and for 3 years that I have this smartphone, I don't see any evolution anywhere.

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            • Anton
            • pRC
            • 29 Sep 2023

            Beautiful phone, awesome camera module. The only downside is that some fringe apps may still not install - like ENBD X for example (it throws the error that the device is rooted). So always check all your crucial apps in the store before buying. Otherwise it's great so far.

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              • kostok
              • MW8
              • 03 Sep 2023

              hey guys, i cant find the 3840 fps optıon at slow motıon ?

                Solid device, bad battery life

                  Miki, 06 May 2023So? I am using S22 since January and compare to P40, the on... moreIf you need gmail you can use gbox, gspace or the email, its really good, and kinda similar to gmail

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                    • Miki
                    • S75
                    • 06 May 2023

                    MM k, 19 Dec 2022No 5g No Google So? I am using S22 since January and compare to P40, the only thing is better is display ( much bettey) and selfie camera. Email(gmail) works better on P40 !?

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                      • N07
                      • 18 Apr 2023

                      Mr Eijal, 26 Mar 2023The best smartphone ever i've been used..start using m... more wonder how is the display under the direct sunlight?

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                        • inQ
                        • 14 Apr 2023

                        hi, is there purple color variant?

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                          • Mr Eijal
                          • TSP
                          • 26 Mar 2023

                          The best smartphone ever i've been used..start using my 1st huawei nova 5T then bought new huawei P40 and now im using huawei Mate 50 so amazed with their multi function..very endurance smartphone than the iphone 14 pro max..😂

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                            • Harvz
                            • DxV
                            • 30 Jan 2023

                            Im wondering about yhe leather material after a year or 2 years, if what will happen

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                              • NessQn
                              • Trp
                              • 28 Jan 2023

                              After much debating, purchased this a month ago, and not regretting it a bit. Have been using the Mate series since launch and 50 Pro gives the same amazing experience with a fluid interface and incredible battery life. I have side loaded essential google and meta apps with Gbox & Gspace and those works flawlessly. Entire play store is also accessible via the paid version of Gspace. App Gallery has most of the apps in it now. Huawei music is much improved too and i am using it more than you tube music now.

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                                • Guru
                                • rK5
                                • 19 Jan 2023

                                Huawei makes the best phones with great innovation. This phone for example has a much better implementation of variable aperture and the photos with the all the cameras look stunning (main, telephoto, ultra wide). I'm certainly impressed with the portrait shots. I previously had the Honor Play and it was a great phone, at that time Huawei and Honor weren't separated. But unfortunately, Huawei was targeted unfairly by the US. Thankfully it let Huawei create their own ecosystem. I would definitely like to get this phone but after sales service doesn't exist in my country. I am more of a camera person and have used several flagship phones from various brands. Huawei is no doubt a giant company, with great potential to give though competition to other manufacturers. Unfortunately US tech companies are dominating the world currently and it would a few years to create viable alternative. So hope Huawei make a strong comeback soon.

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                                  • Marc
                                  • Nv$
                                  • 19 Jan 2023

                                  Grt device to own it in ur hands and daily driver

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                                    • Nicky
                                    • Nug
                                    • 16 Jan 2023

                                    Anonymous, 29 Dec 2022Every gsmarena reviews of huawei devices always a downgrade... morePlease is the phone advisable to use please I need your points what about the camera, and version, is it a android 12 and is a 4 or 5 network I don't know much about them products one to give the Mate a try

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                                      • vaQ
                                      • 29 Dec 2022

                                      Every gsmarena reviews of huawei devices always a downgrade of not having a hello i have huawei nova 8 and i can run google apps there.

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                                        • KIU
                                        • 22 Dec 2022

                                        AnonD-1067345, 08 Dec 2022Nice advertisement dude... Nice and Truth based.