Poco F4 long-term review

20 December 2022

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  • 22 Dec 2022

Crazy Weirdo, 22 Dec 2022So, a 400 euro phone is still stuck on the August security ... moremy pocof3 got november patch security on november

its got security patches every 3 months

    So, a 400 euro phone is still stuck on the August security patch LMAO?!! Leave it to Xiaomi to still take the 🤡 crown. Meanwhile, my boyfriends vivo Y21s received Decembers patch level two days ago, and this phone literally costs 100 euros!
    MIUI is a joke and I can't believe people still defend that god awful skin.

      Alex 94, 21 Dec 2022This is so untrue. On 120hz smartphone flying, screen is am... moreTrue. I like Xiaomi phones. I will go with the F4 GT to replace my 10T Pro but I prolly pick the 12T Pro next year when prices drop a bit. Samsung UI is just cartoonish on 1080p screens.

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        • 21 Dec 2022

        Stupid priced!!!!!!!!

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          • 21 Dec 2022

          Mik3, 21 Dec 2022You compare F4 with its predecessor F3 and a bit with F4 GT... moreA pop up phone will never come out again. Punch hole is the way for the next 2-3 years and after that, an in-display camera.

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            • 21 Dec 2022

            Kiwi, 21 Dec 2022From where did you buy 8+256GB for $300 because that's... morePoco F4 8GB 256GB launched at USD 380 in my country. A used 8GB F3 should be USD 300 at most.

              davidean, 21 Dec 2022always on display isn't a real always. after 5 minutes... moreYes. I rly don't know what is the point of this type of always on. Even in developers option they disabled it ( was possible to set real one ).

                always on display isn't a real always. after 5 minutes in total darkness it turn off, so you can't use it like a night clock. xiaomi continue with this no-sense configuration, like the battery saver schedule that kill some notifications or some vpn...

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                  • 21 Dec 2022

                  Anonymous, 21 Dec 2022without sd card not for mePutting SD cards only slow down your phone.

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                    • 21 Dec 2022

                    without sd card not for me

                      punitp, 21 Dec 2022Camera - colour is inaccurate Performance - decent at 60... moreThis is so untrue. On 120hz smartphone flying, screen is amazing, and is one of the brightest, on pair with flagships. Software is ok, camera colors are great. Amazing phone.

                        Camera - colour is inaccurate

                        Performance - decent at 60Hz, don't ever try 120Hz , it's horrible implementation, screen freezes sometime.

                        Screen - nothing extraordinary , my humble Samsung M30s had bright screen.

                        Software experience - Samsung OneUI is better n useful features.

                        What i like in Poco F4 over Samsung - good network strength, fast charging , loud volume , decent performance at 60Hz

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                          • 21 Dec 2022

                          Rando.Guy, 21 Dec 2022I am using POCO F3 for a year now I got mine for $300 usd f... moreFrom where did you buy 8+256GB for $300 because that's a steal!

                            man, 21 Dec 2022I think x4 pro is a more of a flagship killer than f4Can't be with sd 695.

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                              • 21 Dec 2022

                              Are there any recent Xiaomi/Poco phones with a flat screen and metal frame? It seems all the premium phones have curved displays.

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                                • 21 Dec 2022

                                I am using POCO F3 for a year now I got mine for $300 usd for the 8+256gb model. It's great but first I'm going to talk about issues not sure if only mine has this issue but there is always a green tint (100%) when taking a photo in very dark places but was solved with the gcam mod which is a better experience than the standard xiaomi camera app.
                                Second when charging sometimes it stops charging randomly but can be fixed by plugging it again (10%).
                                Third it may be normal but sometimes when in game it just randomly heats up for no reason even the game isn't that demanding(10%).
                                Thats all the issue...

                                The good side Snapdragon 870 ❤️❤️❤️
                                Great Amoled 120hz with amazing color settings which has enhancing program but consumes battery faster and it's not adaptive which is BS
                                Speakers are spot on amazing
                                I usually don't use 5g as I set it to 4g+ (LTE-A) but the internet speed is over 500Mbps in my area where I lived
                                I like the design over F4 which was on sale by the time I bought this phone on sale + coupons + free shipping.
                                So many customized UI like the pixel experience but I didn't change mine because it's still getting UI updates.

                                  i dont care about cameras, poco f3 is much comfy to hold with it back side curve

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                                    • 21 Dec 2022

                                    You compare F4 with its predecessor F3 and a bit with F4 GT. I read this review because I have (my daughter, really, has) the F2 Pro 8/256 for close to 2 years. She loves it. She gets comments for the pop up cam, which is why I bought it in the first place. I also have MI 9T Pro that also has a pop up. Ok, my main phone is the 1+ 7T Pro which, you guessed it, has a pop up. I love pop up cams and indeed one time I answered a call the pop up engaged unexpectedly. The caller was a sales call for insurance. I told them never to call me again. All of "my" pop ups work flawlessly and have never frozen. I keep the MI 9T Pro at home with my important data stored on it knowing it will not fail.
                                    Thanks for the F4 long term review and needless to say that if for some reason a new pop up cam phone comes up I got money set aside just for that.

                                      [deleted post]We all know what you mean and agree with you.

                                        [deleted post]Lol.. You right...