Poco F4 long-term review

20 December 2022

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travis999, 21 Dec 2022F3 =£320 new F3 =£200 ebay F4=£300 new F4=300 ebay X3 p... moreI'm afraid I don't think you've looked very carefully - I picked up the higher spec 8 + 256 F3 very recently on ebay for £229, sealed box, albeit the less desirable black.

    Hang on a minute.

    The F3 is widely available in the UK as UK specific units in sealed boxes with manufacturer warranty for £200 or less.

    The cheapest F4 is £359 INCLUDING Christmas special offer discount (a measly £20).

    That's an enormous difference - making the F4 80% more expensive. With the difference, you can buy a pretty decent phone for granny or the kids!

      F3 =£320 new
      F3 =£200 ebay
      F4=£300 new
      F4=300 ebay
      X3 pro=£275 new
      X3 pro =£180 ebay
      X3 nfc =£300 new
      X3 nfc =175 ebay
      Todays prices on eBay UK.
      Rough outline prices, I've not matched exact spec for each.
      Daughter has an X3 pro 8/256, no complaints in over a years use.
      Partner now had an X3 nfc for 3 months, she not had any complaints so far..

        Please do a long time review of Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G/5G NE. You'd be surprised with the newer security patches in it.

          • D
          • Dan
          • 0U7
          • 21 Dec 2022

          I have a poco f4 and the biggest problem I have with it is that on the default launcher if you have a work profile the first page that shows up is the work profile one not the personal one. This bug wasn't present on the older poco launcher versions so hopefully it gets fixex.

            • m
            • man
            • tVw
            • 21 Dec 2022

            I think x4 pro is a more of a flagship killer than f4

              • L
              • Logaming
              • gXa
              • 21 Dec 2022

              For me Poco F4 has a really great hardware, but the software really sucks.
              Thankfully, custom roms let us having the latest security patch, less bugs than in miui, and many useful features.

                i sold my poco f4 a few days ago, can't stand miui, many bugs, crowded sub setting menu. installed nova launcher prime and use mygesture indeed help simplify the UI, Gcam also work good. overall its good phone but not the OS/UI

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                  • Anonymous
                  • XMF
                  • 20 Dec 2022

                  Anonymous, 20 Dec 2022before running out of stock you could find the poco f3 for ... moreits $300 for 6/128 in my country, its the same price as poco f3 when its first launched

                  its far better than any midrange phone on the market

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                    • Anonymous
                    • awA
                    • 20 Dec 2022

                    before running out of stock you could find the poco f3 for 230~260€, the poco f4 is around 370€+, not similar at all...

                      • o
                      • oslikoff
                      • mbx
                      • 20 Dec 2022

                      Not for this price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Feels like the Xiaomi 12 lite, another model that struggles to justify itself.

                          • K
                          • K0pf
                          • 0VL
                          • 20 Dec 2022

                          I've got this phone for a few months now. Hardware is great (I miss wireless charging though), but on software side it's... Meh. No critical issues, but many annoying bugs here and there. And no hope for Xiaomi fixing them. Not sure my next phone will be from Xiaomi.