OnePlus 11 review

7 February 2023

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  • Bill J.
  • Y68
  • 10 Apr 2024

Was interested until I see it's another curved edge. Please! NO!!!!!!!!

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    • Gqx
    • dQT
    • 09 Apr 2024

    So except, big size, no wireless charging it hasn't no cons😮

      Would love to buy until I saw the daylight samples from the main cam. Image outputs have noticeable noise in them.

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        • BJRG
        • X$i
        • 04 Oct 2023

        Jigar Nagda, 30 Sep 2023The smoothness is that the same ? Is the UI as clean as it ... moreYes, it is smoother and fluid than ever and it is as clean as the OnePlus 6. Maybe more clean with less bloatwares or no bloatware at all.

          BJRG, 03 Jul 2023In the cons section, you mentioned that fans will miss some... moreThe smoothness is that the same ? Is the UI as clean as it is in Op6 ?

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            • Anonymous
            • iF4
            • 21 Jul 2023

            BJRG, 03 Jul 2023In the cons section, you mentioned that fans will miss some... moreIt has plenty of the features from the old version, BUT performance is way better overall. It never lags and freezes like, for example, OOS11 did surprisingly often. New OOS is more fluid, more responsive and so damn smooth. All the time. I happen to like the look too, but can't stand the stock launcher (same thing with old OOS versions).

            I've had my 11 for about 1,5 weeks now. Seems to be a really good phone with a decent camera performance, and excellent OS experience (except for the launcher, which is very easy to replace). Battery life is good, but not exceptionally good.

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              • Suma
              • xIm
              • 04 Jul 2023

              I have been customer of OnePlus since it introduced its first flagship phone OnePlus, had OnePlus 3, then got OnePlus 5, bought OnePlus 7 in 2019 and continued using it todate. Got OnePlus 8 for my father few years back. Since it's been four years I haven't changed my phone bought 2 OnePlus 11 5G few days back for myself and my husband. and it's my worst OnePlus phone I ever had. Some of the apps keep dropping especially goggle chrome, Gmail, LinkedIn and the worst part is the phone getting heated up so fast, just can't hold in hand the phone anymore.

              Been contacting OnePlus support and they keep on asking for versions of Google and videos of dropping have been sending them but still continue to hold on my request of refunding my money.

              Strange part is my husband's phone works normal it's just my phone not sure if it's a defective piece they sent me.

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                • BJRG
                • g3t
                • 03 Jul 2023

                In the cons section, you mentioned that fans will miss some OxygenOS features.

                I recently upgraded from a OnePlus 6 (which has OxygenOS 11) to OnePlus 11 and I haven't missed a single feature. They have retained almost every other handy feature or the key features the original OxygenOS had.

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                  • Krish
                  • 7tS
                  • 02 Jul 2023

                  Marko, 06 Jun 2023I still have One Plus 5T, it works perfectly 😎👍💪Same here

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                    • Marko
                    • nuM
                    • 06 Jun 2023

                    I still have One Plus 5T, it works perfectly 😎👍💪

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                      • CR11
                      • Pcx
                      • 01 Jun 2023

                      I am happy with the device but it seems to me that it has several points to improve:

                      -Improvement: in the durability of the battery, I use it a lot and I barely get up to date and that with 5,000 milliamperes seems to me to be unacceptable.
                      -Improvement: the camera, it seems to me that with the hardware it has it should take better photos and video recording.
                      -Serious: I had the problem that my phone came with the region lock and that caused me a lot of inconvenience, currently OnePlus has not solved the problem for me but by doing a reset to Oxygen OS 13, the problem has been solved, even if it is for now.
                      -Improve: When battery saver mode is active, the phone lags and I find that disappointing.

                      Otherwise I am happy with the phone. Excellent performance and very good fast charging.

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                        • vellknown
                        • i{H
                        • 01 Jun 2023

                        The phone has bugs that includes inability to use google voice.The phone heats up and it become unbearable to use.
                        Last but not the least, the phone was available for 100 days return and oneplus doesn't honor it anymore. They differ the consumer to a third party.
                        I will never consider buying this phone again with the experience with customer care.

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                          • pWD
                          • 21 May 2023

                          Tashi Dorjee Bhutia, 02 May 2023I have recently purchased one plus 11, and the volume butto... moreSo you got a bad unit. Have it replaced/repaired under warranty.

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                            • Juls
                            • KLT
                            • 19 May 2023

                            Im super disspointed. the frontal camera is terrible bad. what happened to one plus? this is not an acceptable camera for the market in 2023! I think it goes more with the quality we had in the early 2010. shocking

                              Kratos-, 31 Mar 2023How's the software experience, does it have that peek ... moreNo It's completely shit, I suggest you to go with I phone 12 or 13 if possible than this phone, button is coming out and phone is lagging

                                I have recently purchased one plus 11, and the volume button and the power button is not working, it has been only 26 days of purchase and the phone is like this, didn't expected this from one plus... Really disappointing

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                                  • 3.pat
                                  • L9k
                                  • 30 Apr 2023

                                  Hi, this review is full of errors. Next time, please read it one time before publishing.

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                                    • Money226
                                    • qKm
                                    • 12 Apr 2023

                                    guyoz, 03 Apr 2023Lol no brands give you cases or screen protectors any more ... moreOnePlus very much gives you a charging block and it comes with a screen protector pre installed. Also my wife's Poco F4 GT came with case, screen protector, and charging block. Samsung and Apple don't do these things because they don't.

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                                      • guyoz
                                      • Ib5
                                      • 03 Apr 2023

                                      LukeMcSands, 14 Feb 2023 Hello! Any thoughts to help? I'm between OnePlus 11... moreLol no brands give you cases or screen protectors any more 😂 nearly all, including OP, don't give you the charging brick either

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                                        • mipp
                                        • 3pG
                                        • 02 Apr 2023

                                        Yes. Dont think. Just buy. Great phone. I got mine little less than 600 euroa.