Realme GT3 review

10 March 2023

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  • 21 Mar 2023

where did you buy the global version?

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    • 3na
    • 17 Mar 2023

    11 minutes from 2% or from 0%?

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      • tZ4
      • 17 Mar 2023

      TBH the phone is okay but the price is not...better try to get china ver gt neo 5 same spec but pay 27-28% less...just flash to global rom.
      Nowadays china phone is getting way ahead with their absurd global release price...

        Good design. very nice! mobile92

          Blz85, 12 Mar 2023What a horrible rear cameras' design. Yuck. Every time... moreDoes it matter ? U still will put case on the back and u won't look at the back again 🤷‍♂️

            Why don't you put how many years of guaranteed software updates does the phone get. I think that's something that people wanna know before buying a phone

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              • EqZ
              • 13 Mar 2023

              Blz85, 12 Mar 2023What a horrible rear cameras' design. Yuck. Every time... moreSlap a phone casing like 70% of the userbase, suddenly what it looks like on the back doesn't matter anymore.

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                • 12 Mar 2023

                BenjaEBC11, 12 Mar 2023When will this be available? I have a Pixel 7 Pro and I am ... moreThat is truly shocking in this day and age, I've only got a Realme GT neo 3t but I simply cannot go back to normal charging after using the 80w SuperDart power brick because in the time it takes me to make a cup of coffee, the battery is up to a 50% charge from empty. I reckon with the Realme gt3 I'd get to 30% before I'd even had chance to fill the kettle with water!

                  When will this be available? I have a Pixel 7 Pro and I am tired of always looking for a charger - and then it taking almost two hours to charge to 100% from almost being dead.

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                    • Pcg
                    • 12 Mar 2023

                    Possibleman, 11 Mar 2023I going to meet myself today. Wish me luck.The Realyou, even.

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                      • 12 Mar 2023

                      What a horrible rear cameras' design. Yuck. Every time it's getting worse, there's no more phones I like.

                        The reason phones are getting more expensive is not because people are actually buying them. Its the exact opposite.

                        Most people arent buying them(not on starting price at least), and thats the reason most companies raise the prices. So that
                        a)they get more money from the fiew enthusiasts that buy them day one
                        b)to keep the prices higher even when they are discounted.

                        As for Realme, we have seen their bad pricing in other products, so its no surprise that the GT3 is priced badly.

                        And no Gsmarena, that fact that phones are getting more expensive is not something to get over with.
                        It means that companies must improve their device a lot to justify these prices.

                          I going to meet myself today. Wish me luck.

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                            • Jack Sparrow
                            • mGu
                            • 11 Mar 2023

                            There are some wrong details mentioned in the review..
                            1- It's slightly underclocked SD 8 Gen 1+ (3.0GHz) not 3.2GHz (better efficiency)
                            2- Main Camera sensor is Sony IMX890.. not IMX766, which is same camera sensor of Onplus 11 & Oneplus 11R
                            3- $650 price for 12GB -256GB - 240w.. the base version is around $500 (8GB - 256 - 150w) & u can get it for $450 from China sites

                            All in all.. Realme GT3 have 95% same specs of Oneplus 11R (Ace 2), but it has a flat screen & faster charging.. everything else is nearly the same

                            I prefer this flagship killer over those premium phones, which cost 2x price & only have slightly better cemras..

                            Fun factor: GT3 & Oneplus 11R have (LPDDR5x) Ram.. while S23 Ultra still using (LPDDR5) Ram from 3 years ago ($450 Vs $1200) that's around 3x price difference.. am not saying S23 Ultra is inferior, but am saying S23 Ultra already cut some corners considering they charge like $1200+ for their phone

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                              • QGM
                              • 11 Mar 2023

                              Anonymous, 11 Mar 2023Realme also has a track record of slowing down charging spe... moreWhy did you have to reply about Realme when the person just said he doubts about Xiaomi's bug fixing track record. Which is true, by the way. What you said about Realme is also true, but it's kind of strange that you have to be aggressive about this. It makes you look like a Xiaomi fan boy. lol

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                                • n1r
                                • 11 Mar 2023

                                No headphone jack
                                No unlock bootloader
                                No buy

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                                  • 11 Mar 2023

                                  Without SD card = no thanks.

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                                    • 11 Mar 2023

                                    Sony imx766 or 890?

                                      bardacol, 10 Mar 2023Let me know when you open your own website for testing smar... moreShould I build my own car if I criticise a cars? performance?

                                      Should I make my own restaurant if I criticise a chef's food?

                                      There are so many modern styles new techniques of reviewing smartphones geekerwan, golden reviewer DXO mark etc

                                      Look at how poor they judge smartphone screen quality...

                                      But gsmarena will make articles judging minor improvements in smartphones but they themselves have minor changes to their review format

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                                        • tZk
                                        • 11 Mar 2023

                                        HanDan01, 11 Mar 2023I doubt it though. MIUI does not have a good track record i... moreRealme also has a track record of slowing down charging speed with updates (happened to X2 Pro, GT Neo3 etc) and almost never rectify their janky high refresh rate.