Xiaomi 13 Ultra review

28 April 2023

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  • Nsy
  • 30 Nov 2023

Anonymous, 05 May 202314 to use new 1/1.28" . 14 pro to keep imx989.. WTF is this sorcery?

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    • ToughAura04
    • 3Y7
    • 08 Nov 2023

    The noise reduction in microphone during video recordings is too strong. It's almost like you can only hear the voice of the one taking the video. I wished there is an option to adjust the strength.

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      • BlackDigger
      • pSX
      • 17 Oct 2023

      When I'm reading conclusion concerning 50MP photos... I will say these last are extremly good compared to Huawei Mate 50 Pro that doing very ugly photos...
      DXOMark put Mate 50 Pro as pratically first place... It's really paid tests...
      Maybe you guys have some problem with your eyes ???

        I'm scratching my head on this one. .

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          • Cook
          • Rv$
          • 25 Sep 2023

          This phone was decent. I received it late June and it was okay lots of Chinese stuff on it to remove. I bought the phone for the camera as my old phone had a Lecia camera on it as well. About 3 weeks ago the camera on the phone keeps crashing. After updating and even doing a few factory resets the phone will not work with the camera at all now. I lost out of $1400. FedEx puralator and DHL will not ship the phone because of the battery. So I'm not able to send it away to get repaired.

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            • nwf
            • 24 Aug 2023

            Is a shame that Xiaomi had gone this expensive and despite being a huge Xiaomi fan this has become a joke. They have joined Apple's game on the price strategy and increasing it by approximately $180 each new year.
            It seems all these vendors have an agreement, recall how they all got rid of audio jack suddenly.
            I understand the mobile market is high profit now, however a mobile phone is never more costful than a professional laptop.
            Practically speaking even if you can afford the phone it doesn't make sense to make that investment that eventually it will become laggy through a strategic update once the successor is launched in February.

              Jagganatha, 13 Aug 202327MP actual detail resolution is a great deal more than 12M... moreThe 1020MP Microsoft has the grip Xiaomi have copied for their 13 Ultra, except I bet the Xiaomi is snappier as the shutter button on the 1020 grip is squdgey and slow! Does double your battery life as well though, and is useful as a way of holding the camera still and tapping where you want focus with the left hand

                Anonymous, 27 Jul 2023Have you even used both phone? The 12MP from 13 Ultra is wa... more27MP actual detail resolution is a great deal more than 12MP, so , except possibly for low-light, you are incorrect. Images are twice the SIZE on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10/Pro, just as they are on the Samsungs that used that sensor! Oh, but wait a bit, just maybe Samsung decided to super-bin down to 12MP when Xiaomi decided to let us benefit from the resolution somwhat more? Is that correct, or did Samsung ever actually "give" us their 108MP chip in the quad bayer binning that it obviously can do, according to Xiaomi??

                  I prefer the image quality and color accuracy from the Mi 13 Pro and Mi 13.
                  The output images here look overprocessed (except from the main cam).

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                    • supafly99
                    • pVE
                    • 09 Aug 2023

                    Anonymous, 10 May 2023MUI is FULL of unremovable bloatware and system apps come w... morethats the Reason i will never buy an Xiaomi.Ads and full of junk bloatware.when you compare it to Samsungs UI,it looks so cheap and ugly.

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                      • uJA
                      • 27 Jul 2023

                      Jagganatha, 21 Jul 2023Let us ALL pray every camera gets a grip and a lanyard, lik... moreHave you even used both phone? The 12MP from 13 Ultra is way way better than the 108MP on the Mi 10/Note 10 series.

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                        • Miki
                        • 0uV
                        • 22 Jul 2023

                        Arafat, 15 Jul 2023awesome look Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone. This is best phone in ... moreMedium range? Xd

                          Let us ALL pray every camera gets a grip and a lanyard, like the Nokia 1020 from Microsoft did in 2013!! Yes folks, I've had better, as my 1020 has a REAL 41MP non-bayer sensor on its Zeiss f2.2 lens that shoots RAW files as good as a Nikon D800 when you get the exposure right.
                          So every other brand is simply STILL playing catch-up on Nokia/Microsoft, but you must seriously question WHY Xiaomi have gone backwards from 108MP quad-bayer (giving great 27MP photos...) as on the Mi 10 etc to tiny far less-detailed pics of 12.5 MP pixels , Imean thats iPhone standard, no good at all.
                          Still great grip and wristrap (should be a legal; requirement to fit a lanyard hole for a wristrap to EVERY mobile phone....) , but I shall still wait until they produce another 108MP quad-bayer as I enjoy being able to see detail in my pictures, and my old pureview 808 and Lumia 1020 have DOUBLE the detail resolution of this puppy!

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                            • Jake
                            • MmH
                            • 18 Jul 2023

                            Anonymous, 09 Jul 2023Actually the one prominent feature missing which I consider... moreUWB is just Samsung marketing gimmick. What device will you use with your UWB? Exacly there is no devices available with UWB.

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                              • Arafat
                              • XUA
                              • 15 Jul 2023

                              awesome look Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone. This is best phone in medium range.

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                                • siyaza
                                • Npg
                                • 13 Jul 2023

                                raqi, 05 Jul 2023the best everbest of the best

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                                  • Xpk
                                  • 09 Jul 2023

                                  Shirleyboy, 02 Jul 2023The scoring is inconsistent. How can the S23 Ultra score 4... moreActually the one prominent feature missing which I consider EXTREMELY important to future proof an expensive purchase is Ultra Wide Band (UWB).

                                  For that I will score it lower than the Samsung phone.

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                                    • raqi
                                    • 6p2
                                    • 05 Jul 2023

                                    the best ever

                                      The scoring is inconsistent. How can the S23 Ultra score 4.7 and this score 4.8 ?. The S23 has superior software support, battery life, Dex ,S pen, ultra Sonic fingerprint reader .

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                                        • uJA
                                        • 27 Jun 2023

                                        davidean, 12 Jun 2023how it perform in macro compared with 13 pro?13pro has superior macro