Xiaomi 13 Ultra review

28 April 2023

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Shadocx, 28 Apr 2023How did this phone get 4.8*? 🤣😂This one deserved the 4.8 rating more than find x6 pro (before they revised the grade to 4.7).
I'd give it 4.7, on par with s23u, but I understand their exuberance.
The best Xiaomi Ultra since mi 10 Ultra

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    • Anonymous
    • 3p7
    • 28 Apr 2023

    Im so happy with my 13 Pro, so good phone and this ultra is just whow...

      Impressive. Really good job. Especially with color consistency between modules. Also, images seem to be not as overprocesses as from my S23 Ultra. Maybe a front camera and 50Mpix mode are a bit disappointing (talking only about stills, I almost do not take any videos so do not care about that).

        How did this phone get 4.8*? 🤣😂

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          • Yord
          • auG
          • 28 Apr 2023

          xiaomi did great job but i expected more....

            • Volt
            • mJw
            • 28 Apr 2023

            Wow impeccable results. Xiaomi did a great job this time.

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              • Anonymous
              • mE0
              • 28 Apr 2023

              I don't actually think they look all that special to be honest nothing mind blowing