Sony Xperia 5 V review

1 September 2023

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Killer phone... When it is at the right price.

    Fa14bi, 01 Sep 2023Problem is, one game Alone takes up to 50GB of storage nowd... moreI don't know what games you're playing but it sounds like a mid range phone isn't right for your needs. Perhaps consider a higher end phone rather than complaining that your needs have expensive solutions but thinly veiling it as the Xperia 5 V being trash.

      Ottonis, 01 Sep 2023There is a saying: "There are no bad products, just ba... moreOrrrrr it's expensive because it uses the bleeding edge of image sensor technology. I suppose that doesn't amount for anything, even though the sensor used in this phone is technologically years ahead of any other Exmor RS type sensor. At least a little of it is made up by headphone jack and memory card slot. The little remaining is easily explained by Sony Tax. Which given those extra features that no other manufacturer has, meaning they have a monopoly on phones with those features, they can charge as much as they want. Maybe if people hadn't WELCOMED (seriously you people are crazy) the removal of expandable storage and headphone jacks, we wouldn't be in this situation.

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        • 01 Sep 2023

        Dear, does not matter how many times I can explain you will never believe.
        So , be free to follow posts on weibo from ppl that talk about products in development stage like sensors, cameras and lenses. You will be reading same. These are facts, not my imagination. Your choice to believe what OEMs marketing teams say.

        1) Quadbayer and variants (nona and hexa2deca) are cheaper to make compared to bayer of same resolution. Sony Semicon is 🤩 with how much money is being made out of them while lower costs.

        2) except Sony, all other brands use HDR as default. I suppose you have noticed that is far easier to do it at 12/12.5MP then 48/50/64/108/200, reason no phone does. This requires sensor and ISP to handle extreme speeds. ISP of mobile Socs are not as strong as ppl think. Reviews here have shown exposure and DR differences for full mode vs "binned". Sony Semicon has 50MP bayer exmor T project ( I do not know its size) . Be sure nobody is gonna ever buy it. Nokia 808 style is dead.

        3) QB and variants allow OEMs to use cheaper lenses compared to what would need if sensors were bayer. Dont have illusion they have something that is ready for more than 12. Looking ugly on pro monitors show low quality. Stop looking at photos on tv or regular laptops. Even photos of my phone look "excellent" on midrange Dell .

        In case you dont believe. Heads up to you: when exmor T becomes mainstream (probably not before mid 2026), many phones that use now 1/2.6 or 1/2" for super wide will be trading to 1/2.9" since performance will be same of 1/2"

        1/2.9" exmor T = 1/2" exmor RS
        1/2" exmor T = 1/1.56" exmor RS
        1/1.6" exmor T (iphone 15/15+) = 1/1.28" exmor RS
        1/1.28" exmor T = 1" exmor RS
        1/1.14" exmor T (iphone 16 pro) >>> 1" exmor RS.

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          • 01 Sep 2023

          Is there really lint and dirt inbetween the front glass panel and the metal frame as can be seen in 5th and 6th images on the second page of review? If so than the built is not upto mark.

            Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023What? You can't install on it anyway so how is that a ... moreI've got 441GB used on my 1TB SD card, no performance difference:)

              MRSTEK, 01 Sep 2023Show me a single example of standard micro SD card capable ... moreYeah, knowing this I'm unfortunately going to have to skip on this phone, because as a content creator I use my extra storage to play games and run Geekbench all day. Like the average individual, I work in Geekbench and Genshin Impact, so slow media storage is definitely a deal breaker. Nah jk.

              You're ridiculous. This is the equivalent of complaining about the fuel pump in your car only being able to pump 10L/min when your car only uses 5L/min. In other words, that's not what the damn storage is for. You can complain about how slow microSD is all you want, it doesn't make a lick of difference as long as it's fast enough to record videos and photos. Which, since it just so happens to be more than fast enough for that, your point is absolutely ridiculous!

                I would have praised this phone if it dropped ultrawide, used 7gen processor, and was priced at 600 (and better fingerprint scanner + some face id option, because mine in 5III overheated during a summer heat wave and died)

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                  • 01 Sep 2023

                  How are Sony phones in terms of day to day issues, software support, hardware failures or issues?
                  I am worried that Galaxy S23 is the only option I have and so thinking of asking a friend to buy Xperia 5 IV or V from abroad.

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                    • 01 Sep 2023

                    Overpriced, ugly camera, poor night shots, just average camera in that price, bulky.

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                      • 01 Sep 2023

                      I was waiting this phone but now than it's out it feels bit boring and underwhelming and doesn't adopt the true mini version of xperia 1.
                      Next up in my list is Pixel 8 /8 pro and so far the rumors have been decent enough for a pixel phone amd if it tops my 3 year phone and comes to my country, i'll most definitely might as well get it.

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                        • 01 Sep 2023

                        Ottonis, 01 Sep 2023"the storage is only 128GB, and the price is €1,000&qu... moreYep. For people who use a lot of media storage, it's not €1000 for 128GB, it's €1040 for 640GB or €1100 for 1.1TB.

                        When comparing phones with 512GB storage or more, Sony suddenly makes much more sense. No surprise people who love photography love Sony, and it's not just the camera controls.

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                          • 01 Sep 2023

                          Nick Tegrataker, 01 Sep 2023I love how you wasted no time flipping your opinion 180 deg... moreonly you think QB is on pair with Bayer.

                          Where is the 48MP mode of A7s3? Locked.
                          Where is the 100MP mode of GH6? Locked, 100MP is by pixel shift only.

                          If QB is so good, why gsmarena needs to say 99,9999% of the phones have upscaled Full resolution instead of QB to Bayer?

                          Person that think $5 lenses used by phones can handle 50, 64, 200MP when many $2000-4000 pro lemses cannot, reason lens makers bring new generation of them.

                          Still could not answer why mi 13, X90 pro , x6 pro cannot beat RX100 when they use larger sensor, modern ISP and all software tricks. Still photos have lower quality than this camera.
                          Must be the lens, oh wait, you think ones on phone are equal in quality.

                          Person that used to claim huawei had lenses with zero corner softness, when huawei was digitally cropping to eliminate the soft edges (23mm to 27mm).

                          As always, Pinnochio strikes again. Caught lying many times like saying Samsung could stack DNG frames at 108MP when it could not even do single frame DNG at 108MP, only 12MP.
                          Person that has not seen before any dng from other phones, suddenly claims stuff. At point I need to search all over internet for evidences to refuse all the bs.

                          Doing better than Apple, is not about the 2x digital zoom, as I see you cant read.
                          It is overall.
                          All other can do better, except samsung, oppo and motorola.

                          X6 Pro is crap. Even with imx989, cannot be betternthan other using sensors 1/3" of the size.
                          Digital zoom beyond 2x is usless, according to this website.
                          Gsmarena calls photos waxy, still you managed way to find excuse when you should feel ashamed for seeing such 💩 from phone that would cost about €1400 if sold in Europe.

                            404, 01 Sep 2023Fun fact: standard microSD (not the expensive one) has the ... moreShow me a single example of standard micro SD card capable of 200 MB/s-ish sequential read and write, 10000 IOPS-ish random 4K r/w, before bragging.

                            Data from low-end redmi devices, like redmi 6/7/8 released years ago, all emmc5.1. Software is androbench.

                              Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023So, it has same 24 ➡️ 48mm trick used by iphone pro, but it... moreI love how you wasted no time flipping your opinion 180 degrees from "Quad Bayer sensors are useless, GSMArena says 48MP sensors don't resolve more details than 12MP" to "Ohhhh Xperia is such a great job utilising the full resolution of Quad Bayer". It's so comical and I love it.

                              "it does miles better"
                              I would say iPhone's results are better given that they don't really show "wormy" artifacts at all, which Xperia certainly does. Not to mention, you can opt to shoot in multi-frame DNG in both 2x zoom AND a full 48MP mode on iPhone, whereas Xperia (and all the other Android phones) only let you shoot in JPEG for these settings.

                              "Except samsung , motorola and oppo, who does not?"
                              Samsung and Oppo do support crop 2x zoom from the main sensor, and GSMArena's samples show that Oppo is ahead of Sony when it comes to resolving details in low contrast areas during the 2x zoom, too.

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                                • 01 Sep 2023

                                The trottling resalts are really terrible.
                                I like how you always says that its not heat up in real life apps. Try use app for playing video in VR mod 180 degreece, video must be 4K60fps, play it about 1 hour, and then say that its not heat up. That will be the real stress tast that any game cant do.

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                                  • 01 Sep 2023

                                  404, 01 Sep 2023Fun fact: standard microSD (not the expensive one) has the ... moreThat's true for microSD cards but Sony has used incredibly slow card readers in the last few Xperia generations that usually cap out around 30 MB/s, probably internally connected via USB2.0.

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                                    • 01 Sep 2023

                                    So, it has same 24 ➡️ 48mm trick used by iphone pro, but it does miles better.
                                    Anyway, doing better than Apple is no big deal.
                                    Except samsung , motorola and oppo, who does not?

                                      130h is very long, considering the size of this.

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                                        • 01 Sep 2023

                                        Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023Pacific Asia has 256gb variant . $895 in China, for 256GB.
                                        HK must be similar price.