Sony Xperia 5 V review

1 September 2023

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Pumpino, 01 Sep 2023Sony needs to get out of the phone market. I don't kno... moreMe using Xperia 1 II right now and my next phone will be Sony Xperia again be like: Generalized too much there, mate?
And I would be horrified if the options in the smartphone market is less than 5-6 companies in the future because some people wanting smaller OEMs to stop making phones ☠️

    4.4 stars are overrated, 4.0 stars rating is more accurate.

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      • rbw
      • 01 Sep 2023

      is it just me or the studio setup shows way inferior detailing for both good/low light for Mark V compared to Mark IV?
      just want confirmation that I'm reading the photos correctly

        PhoneFreak45, 01 Sep 2023I've got 441GB used on my 1TB SD card, no performance ... moreCan confirm the same thing with my 128 GB MicroSDXC card in my Xperia 1 II XQ-AT52. Didn't slow down anything here at all :)

          MRSTEK, 01 Sep 2023Someone claimed micro SD's performance is higher than ... moreeMMC 5.1 average speed: 250 Mb/s data reading 125 Mb/s data writes

          Here's some proof that there are some MicroSDXC card that's faster than eMMC 5.1 speed:

            Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023Those bezels. YikesBetter having some bezels than having a screen cutout that interrupts the display when consuming entertainment contents, just saying. I mean, if you go to cinema or watch TV, do you see the screen having a cutout in any form?

              AnonD-546724, 01 Sep 2023Reviewed in august, available in november Dude, most of the sources said Xperia 5 V will be released end of September, just like 5 IV last year. Where did you get that sources it will be released in November? From Wyoming?

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                • 01 Sep 2023

                I think that the number given to this phone is ridiculous.
                Is extremely expensive and doesn't have nothing to beat an s23 or Xiaomi 13.

                  Anton., 01 Sep 2023That hole up there makes it look like a phone from 2015!!! ... moreYet there are some people uses and wants hat sacred hole that's "OLD" in the top like me as it's better have option for both wired and wireless than only wireless. Don't act ridiculous like those people in Twitter what they said are representative for all people, WHICH'S NOT 😵‍💫

                    Mr. Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023I bet sony wishes the number of comments under Sony article... moreSince when Sony cares about sales number since Xperia 1 Mark 1 back in 2019 when they moved to a niche player and niche market? As long Sony satisfied the fans and have other more profitable divisions to do main job (Financial Holdings, Playstation, Imaging Sensors, and Sony other B2B), and doesn't pull XZ2 strategy by going too mainstream again, Sony will just keep creating Xperia as side projects

                      TheSnowWinterR7, 01 Sep 2023108 comments already + me, 109? Holy smoke, I have a good f... moreI bet sony wishes the number of comments under Sony articles here was proportional to their sales.

                        That hole up there makes it look like a phone from 2015!!! sony stayed in the past

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                          • S2D
                          • 01 Sep 2023

                          sony is always too late,samsung is sold out almost any s23 in my country and newest iphonez is knocking on the door

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                            • 01 Sep 2023

                            Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023As I said .... 16 + 24mm cams ✅ 12MP at 48mm like ipho... moreNo you have been wrong several times.

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                              • 01 Sep 2023

                              The phone every one wants but no one buys

                                108 comments already + me, 109? Holy smoke, I have a good feeling this gonna past 1 V 390ish comments if this rate is consistent

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                                  • 01 Sep 2023

                                  Those bezels. Yikes

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                                    • 01 Sep 2023

                                    I do not think it is gonna be sold in all same markets 1v is available.

                                    For example, it is already on Sony Germany website, but Sony UK does not have it.

                                      PhoneFreak45, 01 Sep 2023Yeah, knowing this I'm unfortunately going to have to ... moreSomeone claimed micro SD's performance is higher than emmc found on low-end devices, and I'm asking for proof. What's wrong with this?

                                      I'm not against the claim that micro SD is suitable for storing photos, videos and music records though.

                                        PhoneFreak45, 01 Sep 2023I don't know what games you're playing but it sou... moreThe Xperia 5 V seems like a good phone, I only don't get why it only comes with one storage option.