Sony Xperia 5 V review

1 September 2023

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  • 02 Sep 2023

TheSnowWinterR7, 01 Sep 2023Me using Xperia 1 II right now and my next phone will be So... morenice... i still have the 1 ii, too... was my work phone from mid 2020 to early this year...
have to shift to iphone 11 pro due to support...
though i still bring it usually at work since "it is an android workplace" haha... from coworkers phone to corporate apps...
but will definitely go back to xperia... 1v is still my choice as for the moment, but i still have a couple of weeks to decide...
as for those wishing sony to exit the smartphone industry?
it has been like that since 2015...
i just buy one if i want... and if they exit? i only need to find another one that has some of its d.n.a.... but as long as xperia is here? and continue in the direction they are going? i am in... i can always see bezel less, cut outs on displays everywhere, and i do not prefer that...

    Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023Dear, does not matter how many times I can explain you will... more"does not matter how many times I can explain you will never believe"
    Yep, because whenever you make an incorrect statement and people call you out for it, you ignore them so that you can continue to double and triple down on your lies. It's almost like you're asking me not to believe you, eh.

    1) Completely ignoring the fact that those "weibo posts" should always be taken with a whole bucket of salt since leaks are NEVER a reliable source of information - I don't know how the costs of QB/regular Bayer sensors are even relevant to the point that I was making.

    2) Not true - Google and iPhone are the only phones that trigger HDR all the time. Other manufacturers, including Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi and BBK only trigger HDR when it's required, and that's why on their phones the preview image and the resulting photos *sometimes* look almost identical while in other cases looking different.

    3) I have a factory-calibrated 4K monitor that I use to edit my photos taken on my dedicated cameras, so don't give me that "If you use a proper monitor..." argument. The difference in resolution between 12MP and 48MP photos is crystal clear on any monitor if you look at the moires and textures of high-frequency patterns, especially if you blow up the 12MP to match the magnification of 48MP photos.

      At the price tag of 1000 euros, this product seems like a tough sell. It's a decent phone, don't get me wrong - It has a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot which are rare nowadays, and the battery life is indeed nothing short of impressive. However, you're making compromises in other areas (No dedicated telephoto camera, very poor cooling, no charger or cable in the box & relatively slow charging speed, fixed refresh rate screen, 2 years of OS updates, no 256GB or higher storage config) and comparably spec'd phones are usually priced lower than what Sony is asking for.

      Good product, bad cost-performance ratio.

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        • 02 Sep 2023

        I was super excited to see that Sony was releasing a new 'compact' Android phone. The first article I saw today had no information about the size.

        Of course GSMarena was on top of it - Thanks!

        I got as far as the 6.1" screen and stopped reading. I guess when my Xperia XZ1 Compact (an actual compact flagship phone) dies I will have to switch to Apple. So sad.

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          • 02 Sep 2023

          dannyshawn, 01 Sep 2023That's true for microSD cards but Sony has used incred... moreWell ignore my statement then.

            Ottonis, 01 Sep 2023There is a saying: "There are no bad products, just ba... moreYou are right about the high margin part. The BoM for the 5V should be lower than previous generation when we look at the hardware used i.e. same display panel from 10V, older UFS and removal of telephoto cam. The cooling system is probably carried over from the 5IV as well.

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              • 02 Sep 2023

              Their ask of 1k is too much from just removing the telephoto and smaller and lower res screen from 1 v. It's a worse dollar per value.

              LG shouldn't have left. I was looking forward for a decently priced, high end SoC, decent cameras with dac and sd card. But this ain't it.

                Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023No you have been wrong several times.Not just several, but dozens. The guy just pretends like he never said anything every time he gets stuff wrong then quietly doubles down on it on other occasions, so in his mind he's always right. In reality, it's impossible to keep track of how many times he has willingly spread blatant misinformation even though other people keep calling out his obvious fanboyism.

                  TheSnowWinterR7, 01 Sep 2023Me using Xperia 1 II right now and my next phone will be So... moreI actually like Sony phones compared to Samsung's. However, the prices are ridiculous. I don't see them being sold in Australia because of this. Not only would I not pay that much for a phone, but to get only a couple of Android version updates isn't competitive.

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                    • 01 Sep 2023

                    Anders, 01 Sep 2023No telephoto camera No OIS for the ultrawide camera No ch... moreFor christ sake, forget already cables and chargers in the box. It's the past that isn't returning.

                      TheSnowWinterR7, 01 Sep 2023eMMC 5.1 average speed: 250 Mb/s data reading 125 Mb/s data... moreFirst, the original reply claimed that "cheap" standard micro SD cards, your list is filled with premium products. Some of then are freaking 1GB per USD.

                      Second, the reason why flash memory is superior compared with hard drive lies in random 4K performance. We measure this using IOPS.

                      None of the products mentioned in the list could reach an EMMC-level IOPS. Some of them(like that 400GB extreme pro) are A2-certified, which guarantees 4000/2000 IOPS random read/write.

                      However, that's still far below modern EMMC 5.1 used in budget smart phones.

                        No telephoto camera
                        No OIS for the ultrawide camera
                        No charger in box
                        No USB cable in box
                        No 1440 display
                        No 12GB RAM version
                        No 512GB or even 256GB storage version
                        No macro support on the ultrawide camera

                        Having a headphone jack and microSD doesn't make up for that. Sony's mobile division is almost dead, and pulling BS like this isn't going to resurrect it. Sony will do an LG and abandon their phone division rather than stop being AHoIes

                          TheSnowWinterR7, 01 Sep 2023Since when Sony cares about sales number since Xperia 1 Mar... moreI still bet they wish they sold more than they do.
                          If only they took some clues from successful players like Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

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                            • 01 Sep 2023

                            6.1 Inch screen, 4K 120 Fps Video Recording ability... I got you Sony.

                              Zuzuz, 01 Sep 2023I think that the number given to this phone is ridiculous. ... moreIt got a jack, so you don't have to buy 8 euro dongle in case you still, use, wires. But you loose a tele camera it seems.

                                Corners in super wide have grass pointing to the middle of the picture. Wonder what is called that kind of detail deformation... could it be... distortion? 😂
                                I know it is straightened lol, but it's just software edit, which leaves pixel lvl detail imperfections unlike optical one.
                                This is major difference between most of awesome brands and such like oppo x6 pro, huawei p60 pro,...whose companies know what they are doing.
                                It was easily missed since there was almost no superior performer to compare to, but it is now~
                                Those who have seen, can't unseen.

                                  Fa14bi, 01 Sep 2023The Xperia 5 V seems like a good phone, I only don't g... moreIt does have the 8/256 options just like 5 IV, but mostly only offered in the market where Xperia has been the most profitable for last few years (HK, Taiwan, and its hometown, Japan) or one time offer like USA's Xperia 1 IV (12/512 instead 12/256).

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                                    • 01 Sep 2023

                                    What is the point to have two wide angle cameras? If there's 16mm UWA, then main camera should be minimum 28mm. 35mm better.

                                      Pumpino, 01 Sep 2023Sony needs to get out of the phone market. I don't kno... moreMe using Xperia 1 II right now and my next phone will be Sony Xperia again be like: Generalized too much there, mate?
                                      And I would be horrified if the options in the smartphone market is less than 5-6 companies in the future because some people wanting smaller OEMs to stop making phones ☠️

                                        4.4 stars are overrated, 4.0 stars rating is more accurate.