Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

13 February 2024

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  • 14 Feb 2024

GsMArena, why is your review score of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra lower than your review score of last year's Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra??? Is this phone worse than S23 Ultra??

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    • 14 Feb 2024

    Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024Where is the portrait section I was searching @gsmarena #gsmarena

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      • 14 Feb 2024

      Mexx, 14 Feb 2024It is a good phone ,and thats it, nothing more. I know it ... moreWell, gsmArena did say that Xiaomi 13 Ultra makes S24U upper midrange in camera department, so at least that.

      S24U cameras are midrange compared to some others.

        The video is superb, at 8K on both the main and 5x tele- knockout good, and there are improvements to default jpeg colour and resolution/noise reduction in stills, but what we need is a portfolio of photographs derived from RAW dng- downloadable to be able to apply our own corrections too.
        But I am bothered by the fact that the raw-derived 24MP photos posted here are notably worse than those from the iPhone Pro's same option. It really bothers me that results from an allegedly 200MP sensor are so much less convincing than the iPhone's are. But the iphone's are no way as good as 24MP results made the same way from a 2018 Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro that I use.
        So methinks Samsung have a policy of deliberately allowing improvements to occur years and years after they become technically possible- and no amount of 8K footage (obviously designed to get you to buy more storage, ) can pardon this policy, as, additionally as I know to my cost, buying a Samsung 8K TV does not allow to edit your footage on a Mac or PC using the TVs HDMI options......
        Is the entire planet-wasting industry intent on selling us less than the best at any price for as long as possible, so that we "need" to "upgrade" their less than best flagship phones? It is bad enough choosing Titanium over Stainless Steel, so now I must ask whether these phones too all adopt the European standard of RoHS which shortens electrical service life by forcing makers to remove ALL lead from their circuit boards.. Let us hope not, but as a non EU UK inhabitant I await manufacturers guarantee that their equipment shall live for decades, now they are good enough to use for decades- which recent phones most certainly are.

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          • 14 Feb 2024

          Where is the portrait section

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            • 14 Feb 2024

            It is a good phone ,and thats it, nothing more.
            I know it is not for US and EU market,but that does not matter ,Oppo X7 Ultra, Vivo X100 Pro have cameras,that S24U looks funny compared to them in any scenario. Night,day,moving objects,zoom etc. So saying S24U have great cameras is ridiculous. Not even close to them. And charching speeds LOL. And yea,no charger :)

              Baerly any flaws... this may just be the phone of the year already.
              Even though they didn't bring any big changes, they still know it can compete well enough 🤔

                Artem S. Tashkinov, 14 Feb 2024Cheaper, yes. Better? No. SGS24U: * A much better cam... more>Much better camera
                Both Oneplus 12 and S24 Ultra are merely "good". The Vivo X100 Pro and the Oppo Find X6 Pro are amazing cameras. Everyone knows Samsung is always around top 5 or worse, unless you're biased towards them. The Oneplus is indeed a far better product due to its value. S24 Ultra is mid at best, a scam at worst.

                  Thanks, GSMArena for the unbiased review. You guys took your time but it was worth the waiting.
                  I am suprised to learn about the suboptimal screen performance - that's certainly a new one from the Samsung flaghship.
                  The camera department is perhaps sort of a sidestep compared with last yearss flagship model: Better IQ at 5x and slightly worse IQ at 10x, with 1x, 3x and UW virtually staying the same.
                  What is actually ridiculous is that Samsung not only does NOT include a charger but also a USB-charger cable that cannot even handle the full 45W charging capacity.

                  From a holistic perspective, the S24U is certainly one of the best if not THE best cameraphone package-all things considered.
                  That being said, there is barely any single discpline, where it would actually outshine hte competition.

                  Pesonally, I would wait a few months till most of the weak spots may get ironed out by firmware updates and maybe the prices would go down somewhat.

                    Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024Samsung Semicon is wasting time working on those 1" wi... moreain't no way market share is gonna fall. It's not because Samsung is good or anything, it's just that Sony sensors will ALWAYS be more expensive, they're just better. Samsung sensors are worse and so will always be cheaper so at least for cheaper phones or huge phones which want to put in a cheaper sensor, Samsung's business will thrive.

                      Invetor, 14 Feb 2024Looks like OnePlus 12 (and iQOO 12, to some extent) is bett... moreCheaper, yes. Better? No.


                      * A much better camera (what most people actually care about)
                      * Flat screen
                      * More durable (in theory)
                      * A longer support period

                      * Cheaper
                      * More RAM (16 vs 12, no idea if it affects performance)
                      * The marginally brighter screen (according to specs, I've not checked the actual data from reviews).

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                        • 14 Feb 2024

                        Aierlan, 14 Feb 2024Yeah, they seem to have stagnated last year in terms of hig... moreSamsung Semicon is wasting time working on those 1" with 300, 400 and 600MP, while not updating sensors of 1/2.5" , 1/2", 1/1.5" ...

                        Once exmor T becomes mainstream (gonna take few years because price and complicated fab process), isocell marketshare gonna fall even more if sony semicon denies to license this tech to them.

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                          • 14 Feb 2024

                          Stoon, 14 Feb 2024very bad cpu throttling compared to s23 ultraDoesn't matter because the lowest it throttles to is about the same as the 8gen2 at peak performance.

                            Daytime 25MP and 50MP photo samples look gorgeous, no other phone comes even close.

                            And there's a very visible increase in sharpness and details not seen on any other phone, Samsung has done it again.

                            For some reasons in some cases photo quality has regressed, check this:


                            Set scaling to 12MP and just compare S24U with S23U. S23U looks a whole lot more detailed.

                            And too often people make shots in low lighting conditions which doesn't bode well for S24U. Maybe an update will fix it.

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                              • 14 Feb 2024

                              Invetor, 14 Feb 2024why, is pixel binning bad?Is there any case that the capture of the zoom ratio with a bit smaller one than x10 does not have the Zero Shutter lag performance?

                                Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024HP2 is most advanced isocell available right now. Yeah, they seem to have stagnated last year in terms of high end camera sensors. Can't remember any new flagship sensor in the last year from Samsung, whereas Sony and Omnivision are releasing new ones. Wonder if we'll see new flagship sensors from Samsung this year

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                                  • 14 Feb 2024

                                  Alex, 13 Feb 2024Thank you for the review! Appreciation and also a small dis... moreℹ PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation):
                                  S24U= 492Hz which slightly beats iP15PM @ 480Hz, & more than doubles my S23U @ 240Hz, which in turn doubled the S22U @ 120Hz. My Note9 (2018)= 227Hz.

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                                    • 14 Feb 2024

                                    Omg the complainers here.

                                      Wesker, 13 Feb 2024🥱🥱🥱Synthetizes it perfectly.

                                        S,pen has to be pressed much harder on the right side of the be able to write. I have S24 ultra, the version with 512 gb. And on certain reviews on youtube...I saw that they had impurities under the screens.