Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

13 February 2024

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Stoon, 14 Feb 2024very bad cpu throttling compared to s23 ultraMost likely of the Titanium metal is the culprit.
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    Like the new direction they have taken this year with the image processing. Seems to be a big change in the image sharpening which is really toned down and this is very noticeable in the photo compare tool. The advantage of using the same main sensor is they should be able to squeeze the absolute most out of it software wise. Still, in my opinion an upgraded main camera sensor is probably overdue.

      At least the price's more justifiable with the 7 years of updates. It may not be useful when you use it, but what about selling it?

        The S23 Ultra had better CPU throttling points AND better results out of the throttling test if you look at the GIPS, that's very weird lol, Vivo displays their cooling supremacy with both the X100 Pro and the IQOO 12 being able to perform better in these tests than the S24 Ultra, respect. Vivo has also basically caught up with Samsung in terms of battery, that is outstanding! I thought the S24 Ultra would be far better but it's quite close to the X100 Pro. Great job Vivo, idk what Oneplus and Oppo are doing that made their gaming results so mediocre. High Performance Mode ig?

        >Be Samsung in 2023
        >Jack up saturation and sharpness for the S23 Ultra
        >Everyone loves it! Nice change guys!
        >Also Samsung but in 2024
        >Tone down saturation and sharpness for the S24 Ultra
        >Nice change guys it's more natural!

        Also, the 10x and 9.9x thing is just the fact that Samsung slightly processes the 9.9x and does proper processing for the 10x. They didn't Samsung-ify the 9.9x that's why it looks natural.

        I don't get why the X100 Pro, the Oneplus 12 or the Find X7 Ultra were considered. The X100 Pro is going to be available in Europe and is already available in India and the Oneplus 12 is available everywhere so availability is not a concern. The X100 Pro has similar performance, similar battery, similar brightness (albeit lower res) and far better cameras. Selfie camera quality is imo good and the phone has gotten 4k recording capabilities on the Chinese ROM so it'll get it eventually on the global ROM. Besides, the 1080p footage is quite comparable to the S24 Ultra's in terms of quality, just sharpness is lacking. Contrast and exposure handling are top notch. The Oneplus 12 is cheaper and may be considered slightly worse in every category (said by some people but I consider it to be equal) but hey it costs as much as an S24+ so there's that, costs as much as the Ultra's little brother but fights with the Ultra? Now that's impressive. The Find X7 Ultra is a wild card, if someone is willing to get the best that phones can offer then yeah that's it in terms of cameras rn. Some very compelling options were omitted in the conclusion and that makes the S24 Ultra look more favourable than it is. The US is not the only place in the world so talking about Samsung, Apple and Google only doesn't make sense and then putting the Xiaomi 13 Ultra out of nowhere is weird because its availability is weird and makes it seem like apart from the big 3 you won't be able to get your hand on something nice unless you do a lot of searching.

          I love the power, but other than that it's the same experience I had on my Note20 Ultra. If you don't play demanding games, no need to upgrade yet if your phone is 3 years old.

            Pretty sure the graininess is due to the new matte coating

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              Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024So, inferior to the Xiaomi 13 Ultra?Yes. in camera (main and 3x)

                Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024What is thisIt's a review. Of a phone.


                  Hello GSMArena team!
                  We all wanna know about the portrait photos and videos taken by Samsung S24 ultra.

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                    What is this

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                      Maybe this should be called the Note 24 along because it has the S-pen (same applies to previous S23U & S22U).

                      I would like to see a 1"- type main & 1/2" Ultrawide & Telephoto sensors preferably Sony's IMX or LYT (whatever's best).
                      IF there isn't room then maybe make the S25 Ultra thicker (curved back) or go without the S-pen for a series.

                        And no one complained about Samsung phones being too vibrant (not in the last 6 years anyway). After they "trained" us all, both users and other manufacturers alike, to like these oversaturated screens, they suddenly change the vibrancy to something more natural when no one asked for it?! If someone wants natural, they use Natural mode, let the Vibrant mode be how it used to be.

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                          So, inferior to the Xiaomi 13 Ultra?

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                            Anonymous, 13 Feb 2024Keep dreaming. They would have to let ppl know chinese phon... moreLol there isn't any vivo x200 pro review on notebookcheck site..

                              Samsung still hasn't fixed capture speeds, pets, kids cars all end up blurry. It seems that Samsung doesn't know how to fix this issue. So many generations in now.

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                                ThunderCrackR, 14 Feb 2024The 10x zoom is a disappointment. I understand it performs ... moreSimple.

                                Be sure this new 115mm is cheaper than the 230mm. Samsung again cost cutting.
                                2x crop out of 1/2.5" is like using 1/4.2" basically.

                                If samsung had used imx586 instead, at 230mm it would be like using 1/3" ..

                                  Anonymous, 13 Feb 2024Phone is "so exciting" that they did not even bot... moreNot sure what you were expecting only a year on from the fantastic S23U, but there's:

                                  - a more scratch resistant and less reflective screen
                                  - a flat display (which is a big deal for a lot of people)
                                  - an even more powerful chip, improving already great battery life
                                  - useful AI features
                                  - SEVEN years of OS updates

                                    The 10x zoom is a disappointment. I understand it performs better in night shots, but daytime shots and all videos look worse. When I want long range zoom, I want long range zoom, and care more about 10x than 5x - I want as long as possible (you get the idea). If I am in public at a concert on a large arena, I want to zoom to the stage, probably more than 10x if I'm not in the first rows - and that's how I've been using the S22 Ultra camera. Now, this is vastly inferior.

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                                      Cordonbleu, 14 Feb 2024Why not let the user decide? Use natural if you want the be... moreSony removed x-reality and super vivid, users did not mind.
                                      Apple does not allow you to tune screen, nobody cares.
                                      Phones with stock android do not even have RGB sliders to tune.

                                      Funny same ppl that want choices did not mind samsung removing IR blast, earphone jack and micro sd slot. Where are choices for those that want these stuff?

                                        Anonymous, 13 Feb 2024Phone is "so exciting" that they did not even bot... moreLet me introduce you to a "new" YouTube feature called "Playlists". You post what looks like one video but... it's actually a list of videos playing one after the other. Or, of course, you can use the top right button to see the entire playlist or the left-right buttons around the "Play" button to jump between videos. Magic, isn't it?