Samsung i900 Omnia review: The whole nine yards

25 July 2008
Now that the dust of the Diamond vs. Omnia PocketPC battle settles down, our up close and personal look at the rivals continues with Samsung i900 Omnia. Slick looks, great feature-pack and ingenious software solutions are things that hold true...

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  • Patience

Hi everyone!!!
i've had my Omnia for 5months now and i cant seem to find all my music sent via bluetooth to my device.what happens is my phone asks me whether i want to save the file on my device and its either i accept or cancel which in all cases i accept

when i got to my file explorer then,to my device and there is nothing there that i recieved via bluetooth not even on my storage card or my storage!!!!!
i consider getting another phone since this one is a mission to get used to i always tell my friends that it is not a usre "friendly phone"

please help

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 May 2009i try using my bluetooth, but i cant find where it automati... moreIts Normally In My Documennts

  • Prabal

Can i update my omnia 6.1 in to 6.5?
Plz confirm me plz plz,can any one tell me how can i do this???

  • mohamad ladin

Anonymous, 18 May 2009i hate my omnia. I have it for 5months already then it sudd... moreuse more longer you will know

  • S

Hi there, i am testing the video call and wondering why my outgoing video is so blur? i can see the other clearly though. is the front phone camera is supposed to be that blur or something wrong with mine? during video call when i swith to back camera it is very clear.

  • abc

Anonymous, 18 May 2009i hate my omnia. I have it for 5months already then it sudd... morebuy nokia 95 & u'll smash your head on the same day!

  • abc

vga video up to 20fps confirmed even one of mine 20.52fps so by by 15fps

  • drin

which is better? samsung omnia or SE G900? help me pls

  • Anonymous

i try using my bluetooth, but i cant find where it automatically save the files... help pls... i tried changing the FTP locations, but i still cant find it when i opened the folder in the media album...i've been using omnia for two weeks now and i still cant figure it out. super thanks.

  • Anonymous

i hate my omnia. I have it for 5months already then it suddenly stops working I don't know why. I don't know what to do and I think I just spend a lot of money in this gizmos...

  • Anonymous

Ok, Been dabbling in the idea of possibly selling my Touch HD BLACKSTONE for either the importing the Omnia GSM version. How do the 2 compare and differ?

  • Matt

I purchased my first Pocket PC in 2002, the Toshiba E330, my second in 2004, the Dell Axim v51, however my first WM Phone was the Palm Treo 700wx, which I still have and use. People knock the WM system, yet I was watching movies on my Dell Axim 4 years ago, something that everyone raves the iphone can do. The amount of applications for the WM OS was staggering as well and helped me in many ways and I had a lot of money invested in these software programs and so I was highly considering the Samsung Omnia, by far, from a hardware perspective, it kicks butt over the iphone, however that being said the one thing that has stopped in my tracks is the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Samsung really dropped the ball here. You see, I've had a Palm Treo 700wx for the last 2.5 years and have had to carry around an annoying adapter to listen to my music or plug into my car stereo. This has been annoying and I've lost it twice. I'm not sure why the phone manufacturers are coming out with there "own" connections, perhaps to make more money on the accessory? Samsung should have taken a lesson from Apple and placed a 3.5 mm jack in the phone as this is one of the reasons that Apple has such a large market share in the Mobile phone industry. Hence, I won't be purchasing the Omnia, but will wait for something better, and perhaps migrate to the rumored new iphone this June.

  • chocolate

i love my omnia!!!!!

  • saratum

Hi everione,
thumbs up for the review, very usefull infos... covered pretty much everything... :)
I may have passed on something still... i wonder about something for the WiFi vx 3G web browsing...

I'm in canada, and Bell is proposing now that phone in a short while... is there a possibility to get the phone without data plan? in other words, inboard on the phone, is it possible to lock the usage of the 3G network and unlock it only when i plan to do so?

It is possible to do so on my blackberry so i wonder if i would be able to do the same...
(sorry, but i don't come here very ofter, please send me a copy of the answer at tks)

  • ghando

is there anyone have a comparisone between omnia and HTC touch HD in performance as HTC processor is faster?

  • Richard

I like the 5.0 camera part, and the touch screen options only, but I really could less about the other stuff, and the one thing that was a deal breaker for me was having to pay $30 more each month for the data plan, I had the phone for three weeks, did not like it and went back to my old phone !!!!

  • Fee

Thanks for all your reviews! I was about to go for the Omnia but think I will give it a miss. Can anyone suggest a phone with great organizer and camera? I was going for e71 but camera doesn't sound great??

  • muhammad

ive had my omnia for 3weeks now, battery life is disappointing..


The most I like about the Omnia is the web-surfing, you can open up a few pages at the same time. I don't think the Storm can do that.

I do have a question, can I access any applications while making a call? If so, how?

  • Jon

Well I have had virtually every type of PDA Phone you can think of out their on the market. Most of the reviews in here are of persons wanting more out of a phone. I will tell you the down fall to the Omnia is the Stylus. This does need to be internal like the Palm or the PPC Apache. The software is great the battery life I text allday everyday and surf the web and my battery stays good allday. If I dont surf and text my battery will last about 2 days. But come on people you are going to use your phone through out the day to make phone calls check emails and such. Seems people complain about the simple things rather then what the phone can actually do. If you want a crappy battery try the PPC Apache I had 6 batteries for that phone and would have to change it out like every 3 hours. So the omnia is a great phone from the software to the overall look of it. As far as comparing it to the Iphone I like mine better for several reasons. The iphone is overrated the battery comparision is about the same as the omnia depends on how many programs you have running and what you are using throughtout the day. So far so good on the omnia I have ppretty big hands and switching the key pad on the text portion is great. I would buy again if mine broke. Also you can buy a new battery off ebay for the Omnia for like 10 bucks. So the software is cheap and its a great phone.