Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

16 April 2024

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  • 16 Apr 2024

At €700, getting beat up by Exynos S23 FE and Pixel 8 makes it look sad.

Not even starting about base S23 and OnePlus being cheaper and even more better.

Even edge 40 pro which goes for 619 euro now crushes it too.

Ouch motorola

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    • 16 Apr 2024

    As Indian buyer I have to pay ₹28k with bank offers for 8gb+256gb model. Top model seems overpriced at ₹34k . Specs Seem fine to me. Good camera for photos. Good enough chip for day to day work. Battery capacity should have been alil better compared to rest of the phones in this price range. (And the software updates history of motorola isn't praiseworthy) I'll order one :)

    Also don't like sale strategy here. They have weekly sale where stock is exhausted within 3 to 5 minutes. Plus their selling partner , Flipkart charges extra ₹90 or so as arbitrary packaging fee . The delivery guy opens the packaging to ensure safe delivery without damage but it ruins fun of unboxing yourself.

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      • 16 Apr 2024

      The phone looks cool but the 120 watt charging would have me overthinking if the phone would explode any minute

        Not a bad phone, but terribly priced. Battey life seems low, but for a 144hz display and 4500mah battery it has decent numbers.

          There's no bad phone. Just a bad priced one. This is a prime example. Midrange performance in a flagship price tag.

          7 Gen 3 should've been 8 Gen 2 or 8s Gen 3. Don't know why they gave the Ultra 8s.
          No LTPO is fine, I guess. It saves battery. Speaking of which, the battery is average.
          700 euro price tag should be at least 560 euros.

          Ultra should've gotten 8 Gen 3 or Dimensity 9300 or 9200+

            LoneOwl, 16 Apr 2024Terrible phone. -Very high asking price. Seriously Motor... moreWhile I agree that the Phone should cost max 500, it entirely outclasses the A55.

            Brighter screen, higher refresh rate, IP68 instead of 67, Ready for PC connection.

            50W Wireless charging support

            125W charging support

            Charger worth around 50€ in the Box already+ cable

            Ultra wide cam with Autofocus
            Front cam with Autofocus

            The existence of a telephoto that has OIS as well.

            USB 3.1

            The Moto is also 37gram lighter and more comfortable to hold.

            In Performance those two are similar.

            For all of that, Samsung provides faster software updates instead and thats about all worth mentioning.

            But I again, I agree, 500€ max, in India, it also costs 350€ so it should be possible.

              Hey can't blame Motorola for shooting their shot, I wish I had as much self confidence as they do trying to charge 600 pounds for this. Probably get a load of boomers who have only ever used Motorola upgrade to this and think it's the best thing since sliced bread

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                • 16 Apr 2024


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                  • 16 Apr 2024

                  OnePlus 12 in Europe is 650€ from Tradingshenzhen with no trade off in software or lacking bands.
                  By far best buy smartphone

                    Terrible phone.

                    -Very high asking price. Seriously Motorola, 700 for this??
                    -No ltpo curved display
                    -Small battery
                    -Underwhelming SoC for the price.

                    This phone should cost max 500 like Galaxy A55. What is Motorola thinking?

                      Why does this cost so much compared to Redmi Turbo 3, moto? Feel more like an upper midrange but overpriced. Oh well, at least Moto will discount it at 500 off after a month.

                        Awful performance for the money. And if you're looking for software, Google and Samsung phones clear. Don't know who Motorola is targeting on this one

                          Very expensive for the Europe. Not worth the money.