Tecno Camon 30 Premier review

26 April 2024

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  • X@8
  • 08 May 2024

kirk781, 05 May 2024I have a Techno phone. Whilst they offer quite some value f... moreTbh, Tecno has weak OS support. But given their price...I think it might be justified (or not).

And also some survey usually said people buy phones within 3 years of range after buying their previous one.

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    • Casey
    • r3b
    • 07 May 2024

    The phone is amazing

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      • miraj khab
      • 6p{
      • 06 May 2024

      TECNO many model i have checked, but voice talking speakee quality not very good, other then samsung, infinix, ipone, focus it

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        • fsN
        • 05 May 2024

        kirk781, 05 May 2024I have a Techno phone. Whilst they offer quite some value f... moreThe latest Pova has improved os support, the model you own is 3/4 years old. Tecno is progressing slowly but surely in that sector, of course it's not at Samsung or even Xiaomi's level yet but they are in the right path.

          I have a Techno phone. Whilst they offer quite some value for money, they seriously lack in providing OS upgrades. I have Techno Pova 3 which has 2 main issues : it is heavy(but that is explained by the fact that it packs a monstrous 7000mAh battery cell) and got no upgrades except security ones beyond what it shipped with(Android 12). Even the low tier companies offer Atleast couple of years of OS upgrades and some like Samsung offering upto 4 major upgrades for their entry to middle range devices. Techno really has a lot of catching up to do in this department.

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            • mGw
            • 04 May 2024

            I have give it to tecno, the design is beautiful

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              • Gas
              • Kx6
              • 04 May 2024

              The new xiaomi

                The perfect Phone for me

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                  • BC
                  • XKk
                  • 04 May 2024

                  It's a nice phone I would like to have one, and if happenes how be very happy I love Tecno

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                    • Nvx
                    • 04 May 2024

                    JB, 27 Apr 2024Very nice. I would recommend this over the Redmi Note 13 Pr... moreImagine am torn in between on which to buy between the two...

                      The low light video performance on this thing is incredible

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                        • Joekalla
                        • CGY
                        • 01 May 2024

                        As for me I have a question about the Spark 20 pro plus screen replacement,I can want to ask is it out?

                          Now we just need it's brother the infinix GT 20 pro

                          To see how efficient it is compared to here and if the dual chipset helps with gaming frame rate and how.cool it runs

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                            • 01 May 2024

                            JimmyTheGreatest, 29 Apr 2024I can't find it.Most likely not available yet at Tecno Poland but it's just a matter of days or weeks.

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                              • Sabbis
                              • CG1
                              • 30 Apr 2024

                              I just love the phone u know with this extra features.I got buy one this days

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                                • Sensei05
                                • stj
                                • 30 Apr 2024

                                Will the tecno camon premier 30 have a global launch and come to Europe?

                                  Anonymous, 30 Apr 2024Not buggy but stupidly planned out ""features&quo... moreUnfortunately the aggressive battery optimization bug is still there. One can mitigate it a little in the settings, but you can't get rid of it. It's very annoying and making apps misbehave and stutter.

                                    Good battery, decent enough speakers, fast charging, nice design (tho feels like a Vivo X90/X Fold 2 copy but it still looks premium at least) and my god those cameras.

                                    The Find X5 Pro used to have a 1/1.56" camera, the JN1 is used as a UW cam in the X100 Pro and the telephoto is bigger than Samsung and Apple's flagships' telephotos (except for the S24 Ultra now ofc). In terms of hardware this is killer. If Tecno had the option to turn down the sharpening, noise reduction aggressiveness and saturation then this would've been the new benchmark for midrange cameras or at least would go hand in hand with the Xiaomi 13T and the Vivo V30. They have a mature looking processing pipeline, didn't expect that, just some tweaks and this could look even more mature and look amazing.

                                    Good job Tecno, the display looks great due to its bezels tho the brightness isn't inspiring, at least it's an OLED. More competition is always better tho I wonder why all manufacturers need to go and make a heavy skin like just have a light-ish skin with more features like Oneplus used to have, easy to update and still have features.

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                                      • IbI
                                      • 30 Apr 2024

                                      JimmyTheGreatest, 28 Apr 2024Potato, The MiUI/HyperOS is way, way less buggy than it ... moreNot buggy but stupidly planned out ""features"" that only the fanboys stand behind. The biggest, most annoying one I still remember and why I ditched their phones is the notification tray wiping after unlocking/relocking the phone.
                                      Other notable bugs are more things that simply show they aren't the best at coding, for example, the hyper aggressive battery optimization will disable alarms overnight, yes this is with battery saving turned OFF. Another is not being able to disable your alarm while it's going off.
                                      The fact this phone company has been around this long and the devs still can't fix these problems just shows that they really have no interest in bug fixing, just releasing more "features".

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                                        • HB
                                        • 6QT
                                        • 29 Apr 2024

                                        Very poor detail in so called 3x optical zoom,