Tecno Camon 30 Premier review

26 April 2024

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  • 29 Apr 2024

Rucci, 29 Apr 2024Good to know. Anyway, we can't buy it in EU.Tecno Poland:

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    • Rucci
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    • 29 Apr 2024

    Good to know.
    Anyway, we can't buy it in EU.

      IgorS, 28 Apr 2024I don't mean some random person selling you things, bu... moreThe labor cost in Eastern Europe is much lower than its Western counterpart. I heard that some people/businessmen/shop owners in Eastern Europe make money by importing Chinese phones cheaply, manually install some custom ROM on them and then resell the phones in the EU. I don't buy these phones even if they're sold buy "registered stores" in Eastern Europe/India/China, because I simply don't trust custom ROM. If money disappear from my bank account while banking in such phones, my bank/insurance company won't compensate me. Not that there's much money in my account to be stolen in the first place, but rather the bureaucracy and the massively associated paperwork that follows is the problem. It's a headache and waste of time to report such fraud to the police. At the end of the day, I won't get my money back, because it was my own fault to bank in an insecure software/ROM.

      Just because a store is registered doesn't necessarily mean they know what network bands their phones support. The owners of these shops are usually salesmen, not engineers. And it's actually costly and time consuming to return a phone. Needless to say they might refuse to refund me, because there's nothing "wrong" with the phone.

        potato4k, 28 Apr 2024Well, nice one Transsion. They are continuously killing Xia... moreAnother vague comment. How is HyperOS "buggy"?

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          • 28 Apr 2024

          JimmyTheGreatest, 28 Apr 2024Can I trust a seller selling imported Chinese phones from h... moreI don't mean some random person selling you things, but registered stores where you can have you money back in case of problems.

          As I said, my Infinix Zero X Pro was brough from Infinix store in Aliexpress and took around 2 weeks and a few days to get it at my home. Everything came in perfect condition, box sealed, global ROM, all accessories and stuff.

          The thing is, Tecno closed it's official store in Aliexpress and no other authorized revendor has their phones anymore. Also, for the average price of Tecno Camon 30 Premier, you will end up finding other phones with better specs, even some flagships.

            IgorS, 28 Apr 2024I imported my Infinix Zero X Pro from China to Brazil and i... moreCan I trust a seller selling imported Chinese phones from his basement in Eastern Europe??!! It's like you import Vodka from someone brewing it in his basement in Bolivia...

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              • 28 Apr 2024

              JimmyTheGreatest, 27 Apr 2024The PROBLEM is that we can't buy it in the EU. So we&#... moreI imported my Infinix Zero X Pro from China to Brazil and it works fine since then. You just need to make sure the phone has support to the internet bands in your country and find a reliable phone store or seller.

                potato4k, 28 Apr 2024Well, nice one Transsion. They are continuously killing Xia... morePotato,

                The MiUI/HyperOS is way, way less buggy than it used to be. You have to actively look for the bugs in order to find them. An "average" user won't notice them. But I do not disagree with you.

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                  • 28 Apr 2024

                  potato4k, 28 Apr 2024Well, nice one Transsion. They are continuously killing Xia... moreKilling xiaomi? It's possible that it's Samsung, Lucky Samsung is still on the market because it's the only non-Chinese Android brand that still has a high market share.

                    TonyLuna97, 28 Apr 2024Someone knows anything about Tecno's software updates?... moreTranssion is no different than most Chinese OEMs a few years back. We can simply look at updates on Oppo/Xiaomi mid to low end a few years ago. 2 years at best, if ever. Transsion is doing the same thing, giving the best band for the buck in hardware while the likes of Xiaomi are getting complacent.

                      Well, nice one Transsion. They are continuously killing Xiaomi.
                      I'm predicting Transsion will overtake Xiaomi in 2 to 3 years. 4 years of updates on Xiaomi means nothing when MiUI/HyperOS is buggy and has nothing special.

                        Someone knows anything about Tecno's software updates??
                        It's a great smartphone if we consider the specifications for the price and the range: it would be a shame that this phone doesn't have minimum 2 years of OS updates and 3 of security patches (although the ideal is 3 years of OS updates and 4 of security patches)
                        To make the investment worth it

                        And I hope the brightness problem will be fixed with some update, as well as better control of the stereo speakers (they're Dolby Atmos, for God's sake)

                          Anonymous, 27 Apr 2024Somehow you gave it the same score as the Fisher Price toy ... moreYeah?

                            Mills, 27 Apr 2024For 400 euros, this smokes every phone in the price bracket... moreIf only it had better update support.

                              Wow what a solid phone. The West could really use a phone like this, but unfortunately we're either stuck with flagships or average mid-rangers.

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                                • 28 Apr 2024

                                Mills, 27 Apr 2024Thank you for this. I can check which international phone s... moreA friend of mine who resides in the US bought a Phantom X a couple of years back, it was compatible with most of the 3G/LTE bands of his T-Mobile prepaid sim card but that was before they shut down their 3G network. I checked kimovil.com Camon 30 Premier is also compatible with two 5G bands from AT&T and T-Mobile but Verizon is definitely the most suitable network for it, remember that even if it's compatible with most GSM bands you must first ensure through IMEI verification code on their website that it will catch the provider signal once the sim card is inserted in it.
                                Regarding Canadian carriers it will definitely work with all the major providers there without any issue.

                                  One thing I'd note is that Tecno might be using the center of the main camera in their UW photos. This is why they look sharp at first glance, but when you look closer the details in the corners are pretty blurry and then suddenly become sharp towards the center. Not 100% sure if this is what they're doing but this can be seen in any picture with grass in it so it's possible they are.

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                                    • 27 Apr 2024

                                    The brightness in auto mode is disappointing.. especially considering outdoor visibility on a bright sunny day. Also GSMArena didn't test the colour accuracy of the display, one of a very important aspect factor of a smartphone for me. Also it seems video stabilization isn't that good when in fact it is marketed as a camera phone. If Tecno can improve these things with updates then I'll definitely buy this.

                                      Namelesss, 27 Apr 2024This review is clearly too kind, one would even say "b... moreThe major highlight of the review was that the phone punched about it price class and that holds true for the OnePlus 12R. I live in the UK and the cheapest you can get a brand new 12R is £600, however the estimated price of this device is around $400-$450 or equivalently £325-£365. So yes, where the OnePlus might have a better display and chipset there are enough similarities and even advantages to justify the higher rating for the substantially lower priced device.
                                      Note sure about pricing in other countries but I suspect the argument will still hold true.

                                        This review is clearly too kind, one would even say "biased". The OnePlus 12R is clearly a far better phone than this one in all aspects except the Cameras but apparently that's enough to grant this one a better overall Rating