Nokia E66 review: Clean-cut business tool

15 August 2008
It's been a while since mobile phones became an essential business tool and a huge number of devices are being specially designed for the purpose (not even mentioning the camera-free versions of some handsets). Nokia Eseries...

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  • Ravi
  • upe
  • 07 Aug 2022

Majid, 21 Jul 2019Nokia E66 my phone is lock. Please guide me nokia codeNice phone

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    • A4567JIK
    • PIN
    • 09 Oct 2019

    Nokia e66 was my old phone before this windows Lumia. The thing that I really enjoyed on the e66 was the car game. But now, unfortunately, there us a lock and now I cant access it

      • M
      • Majid
      • ak4
      • 21 Jul 2019

      Nokia E66 my phone is lock.
      Please guide me nokia code

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        • Anonymous
        • ubI
        • 20 Jul 2015

        Bettary very lou quality

          • J
          • Jatt
          • PAm
          • 31 Dec 2013

          It is not beautiful nokia phone

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            • HAB33B
            • fsV
            • 30 May 2011

            Nokia e66 iz 1 ov d best nokia's ever made it features n built in software mkes it d latst bt itz battery lyf iz damn discouraging. Am realy a gud texter n chatter bt d ba3 only stays 4 8 hourz we wil b gratfl if nokia wil update prblm.

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              • Ilyasu Lawal Lada
              • ftV
              • 28 Jan 2011

              The phone is ok but the only problem is battery...!

                • R
                • Ramzy
                • teu
                • 01 Jan 2011

                I bought a E66 and it's battery is getting heat while in a call or browsing and also the life of the battery is very low please advice

                  • k
                  • khurram
                  • 0BS
                  • 18 Jun 2010

                  I just decided to buy E66 but because of low battery performance, I cancelled to buy this E66!

                    • S
                    • Saniya
                    • uWx
                    • 13 Apr 2010

                    I've read that this phone's battery life is horrible. I'm a heavy texter and internet user. I would think that this phone is for me but is it true about the horrible battery life...?

                      • g
                      • gadget
                      • f4U
                      • 26 Mar 2010

                      I am getting the phone on the 7 of april do you think it is a good idea

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                        • syed jafar ullah
                        • 0Cm
                        • 07 Jan 2010

                        I bought Nokia E66 . but i can't instsl fring in my mobile E66. instaling time there some information sowing (cirtificts is not yets valids , exparied or phone data ,setting my be incorrect) kindly help me !!!

                          • J
                          • JD
                          • v0X
                          • 12 Aug 2009

                          this is a good phone, but the battery life is terrible. with just average use, just lasts me a day.

                            • A
                            • Amer
                            • 0Cn
                            • 21 Jul 2009

                            hi... i just bought the nokia e66 and am trying to send a couple of ringtones (bridge.aac, nostalgia.aac etc) to my nokia 5310 via bluetooth. however, i have been unable to find any ringtone on the device.

                            does anyone know where the factory ringtones are located in the nokia e66 and how they can be sent via bluetooth to other nokia handsets?

                              • S
                              • Sania
                              • PSL
                              • 22 Jun 2009

                              hey guys, have bought the new E66 and i'm facing some problem with my camera..i can see lines coming all through when the lights are a little low...have tried all the possible settings...can anyone help me in that...does it need some change in the settings or the software....has someone faced this before... or the camera is like dis only...

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • mEn
                                • 16 Jun 2009

                                jonzo, 21 May 2009Trying to work out if this is the phone for me: downs are ... moreI've had the phone for about 6 months now and it's performed perfectly. The build quality is absolutely superb and really does make most other phones look pretty cheap eg Nokia N95/96. It has never crashed except on a couple of occasions where I tried to launch Nokia Maps and the other GPS utility simultaneously. I'm a pretty light user, maybe 5 texts and 15mins of calls per day and in my opinion the battery life is no problem. I easily get about 48hrs out of it before it's down to its last 25% or so and I charge it, so far I've never used it until it runs out so can't give a maximum life, but I would guess 4 days max.
                                GPS lockon takes ages for me (I'm not sure if AGPS is properly configured and assisting), lockon is 2/3 minutes on average. Best case scenario if you're outdoors and standing still it can take 30secs-1min. If you're in a moving car and not holding it against the window then sometimes it hasnt found you after an hour (but this is unusual). Good thing is though that once it's got a lock in a car it hardly ever loses it, even if you put it a little away from the window. GPS with Nokia Maps has lasted for well over 4hrs with still leaving 25%-50% battery left.

                                  • j
                                  • jonzo
                                  • m27
                                  • 21 May 2009

                                  Trying to work out if this is the phone for me: downs are apparently TERRIBLE battery life (only 12 hrs max - not mentioned in review - is this right?? Users out there???); 2.5mm jack (a pain, but gotta be because it's so slim), frequent crashes - and of course mediocre camera. But the battery is the biggie. I'd appreciate ANY user feedback on this - and crashing. Cheers.

                                    • s
                                    • shotta09
                                    • Lxs
                                    • 28 Apr 2009

                                    The battery needs help...alot the power button??? Whats wrong with the conventional way...

                                    I am also looking for any applications to make my phone the ultimate business tool.

                                      • k
                                      • khaled amr
                                      • fvG
                                      • 18 Mar 2009

                                      i see that the e66 is an amazing phone ,it have been a while that nokia make a most complete mobile phone , i am really happy with its classic design it is much better than the plastic mobile phones like n95 , n96 ,but the worst thing in the design of this phone is the red bottom of the power bottom it is really bad

                                        • X
                                        • Xera
                                        • m}b
                                        • 06 Feb 2009

                                        The baterry is far from GOOD!