Nokia E66 review: Clean-cut business tool

15 August 2008
It's been a while since mobile phones became an essential business tool and a huge number of devices are being specially designed for the purpose (not even mentioning the camera-free versions of some handsets). Nokia Eseries...

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  • Anonymous

@king vladimir
Yes, it's true: you can only view these files, but not edit them. You can upgrade the installed version of quick-office to a full-version that can also edit word, excel,... files, but that will cost about 55 :-(

BTW: the battery life is very very poor...

  • King Vladimir

I really really really really seriously wanna get the E66. though if any cons..izzit true that u cant write word,excel and powerpoint on it and that u can only view the files? i was thinking of doing sum light work while commuting :(

Does the E71 also has the same dissability? :(((

  • IncidentFlux

Jimmy P, 06 Nov 2008hi,can anyone tell me what is the difference between nokia E71 &... moreThe E71 has a larger 1500 mAh battery and a full QWERTY keyboard, while the E66 has only a 1000 mAh battery, and no QWERTY keyboard. Thats the only difference, apart from the obvious form factors.

  • Anonymous

is true that this phone have fax functionality?

  • Jimmy P

hi,can anyone tell me what is the difference between nokia E71 & E66...What is the advantages and disadvatages of this 2 phone ...Got any suggestion which phone is value to buy ? Thank here 1st

  • uli

hey i've been thinking for a long time. i really-really confused. which phone that i should to buy? either nokia E66 or sony ericsson G900. would you like give me a suggestion? thanks before

  • frank

I have had the e71 for a few months and I have to agree with the reviewer's points. The weakest part of both these phones is the pathetic speakerphone which is only good enough for a quiet room. Anywhere there is ambient noise present like in a crowd of people talking and you won't hear anything.

  • Anonymous

ough... E66 camera... i prefer even N73 camera

  • Sapan

I am finding a strange problem with the FLASH Light of my E66. It stops working when it is dark. Works fine if the light conditions are so-so. Do anyone faces the same ? Any help will be highly appreciated.
I have tried fondling with the settings and did not find anything strange in my system settings.

  • Anonymous

The Smart Dialing feature looks really cool....somehow I cannot set this option on....can anyone advice how to activate this?

  • Steve

bothered, 21 Aug 2008I HATE IT!!!! It looks so incredibly good why can't THIS be an N... moreHow bizarre!

What does it matter if it's not an N series? If you like it that much, why don't you just buy it? I am seriously puzzled by your post.

  • bothered

I HATE IT!!!! It looks so incredibly good why can't THIS be an Nseries the Nseries look sucks but the E-series once again the most beautiful nokia phones to date (and I always go for ericsson phones) but this nokia just looks outstanding, I would've bought it if it were an Nseries just-like-that :(

  • Anonymous

Shrek81, 19 Aug 2008Seems as if T-mobile are offering it free on 35 a month contrac... moreYes a friend of mine just had 18 months on T-Mobile after 8 years on Orange and has now moved to Vodafone (have to say I like their World Passport facility - 75p connection then local UK rate anywhere in the world!). Plus if they're anything like O2, they will only insure phones provided by them - so that probably means not one done through an airtime reseller (ie if you get the handset/contract from expansys).

I really do want this phone. If the N95 or N96 was half as fat as they are, and not so plasticky, I'd consider those. Still annoys me that the phone companies want us to go for those like good little consumers and won't offer the so called business phones...

  • Shrek81

Seems as if T-mobile are offering it free on 35 a month contract through expansys. not sure i am keen on the tmobile network, i had them with my first ever mobile (so long ago!) and they certainly didnt make my first time a good time.

i am keen to order a nokia of any kind now just to get it done but heart says to sit tight and wait for thie E66.

  • GM

GM, 18 Aug 2008 moreSorry - if you go into Business Centre on the vodafone website and then click on Coming Soon phones it's on there!

But not for non-business customers :-| - we get the whale-sized cheap plastic looking N96 instead. and i've seen it on display in the Nokia store on Regents St - you'll need a rucksack for that one, not a pocket!

  • GM

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2008GM - cant find it on - any links???? anyone else ... more­one-Nokia-E66-3016.html

had to search "E66" on the vodafone front page - if you actually go into the phone shop it doesn't appear.

And I was told it's ONLY available on their business tariffs.

it's still annoying that because it's an E series phone, it's assumed 'normal' people don't want has most of the N Series features in a slimmer profile (I was 100% sold on the N82 till i saw how big and ugly it is in person - of course that's just my opinion, I'm sure some like it. But my pocket space has limits!) with 10 times the build quality....what's not to want?

(OK so if it had Carl Zeiss optics, 5MP camera, 3.5mm headphone jack - what's with the 2.5 anyway? - better battery...)

  • Anonymous

GM - cant find it on - any links???? anyone else know if and when this will be a bit more widely available????

  • Steve

I've had my E66 for nearly 3 weeks now and I've found it to be an outstanding handset. It's one of the few phones that I have no major issues with. It's almost flawless.

  • GM

Shrek81, 18 Aug 2008I really want this phone and after googling it, its only availab... moreShrek - I too have been looking at this. have it for 289.99 incl. delivery.

Only network I've seen it on is Vodafone, but you have to look in their "business" shop on the website. Apparently it's only available to business customers, despite having a great 'consumer' feature set in a slimline handset that makes the N95 look like a fatty (honestly - a phone can have every feature under the sun but i want one that does that AND fits in the pocket).

Also - I've held an E71 in the nokia store in London and it feels built like a tank - the N Series phones feel cheap and tacky by comparison. It even made my Samsung Soul feel cheap!

apparently it's assumed that if you're a "personal" consumer, you won't want one of these!

  • Shrek81

I really want this phone and after googling it, its only available sim free in the UK for 300. Does anyone know if this is available on contract in UK?????/