Nokia E66 review: Clean-cut business tool

15 August 2008
It's been a while since mobile phones became an essential business tool and a huge number of devices are being specially designed for the purpose (not even mentioning the camera-free versions of some handsets). Nokia Eseries...

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  • Jake

well another pros for this phone!

I kept on using the phone's music player via LOUDSPEAKER!
it gives me a sign a low batt for over or after 9 hours! that's shocking! it's battery never the less not a cons on this phone! so all I can raelly say! nice and great phone!

good job nokia!

  • A.

"The E71 kept going for 6 hours straight, which is quite a good achievement, though nowhere near the unbelievable 14 hours of E71."

  • Anonymous

not 18 , i heard is 25-8-2008,

but ihope they announce n98 & 5800

  • Jake

once again the best nokia phone yet to release!

  • noname

e71 hasn't any reception problems. it is mainly about gps receiver. it takes little bit longer when connects first time to satelite. though it is the same in e66. It takes ~10 minutes, but after works fine.

  • Rena

People, Nokia preparing to lauch the brandnew N series at monday, 18 ogos 08, it can be N79 en N85.

  • Nee

great review ,
a Complete upgrade from Nokia E65 which i am using now , ever since this fone is released i was ambious to see the review well done GSM . E66 seems 1 of the best sliders in the market helped numerous design + bussiness tools , dis fone would be a big hit .

  • Jake

have using the phone for half a day already!
all i can say is boom! its really a great phone!

  • benjo

Nice review; in fact I am using one right now. Coming from E65, I'd say this is well spent upgrade.

Ooh btw, how do I setup the smart dial option?

  • Anonymous

Great review. I just wish E66 has VGA @20fps video recording like what was promised before they announced it was QVGA @15fps. What a disappointment. I know E-series aren't known for cameras but this could have been a great all round device.

Though I'm real glad E66 has Infrared port.

  • snr380

i would like to thank the GSMarena team for this review.i have been waiting for this review since the E66 was announced.

Good job.

  • kitch

Very nice review....
I liked both E66 and E71 since launch date and now they have proved their worth. I would prefer E66 over E71 because of larger screen size and autorotate.

  • CSingh

3rd, nice just like the e71 well built with nice materials though i'd prefer the qwerty

  • Zobi

I think i gonna buy it if it does not have reception problems like E71

  • Zobi

Zobi 1st!!! likey nokia e66