Samsung S5230 Star review: Hot starlet

06 July 2009
Samsung are going to great lengths to pile pressure on the LG Cookie. While the Samsung S5600 Preston aims to outdo it, the 5230 Star is set for a head-on collision course. This starlet’s middle name...

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  • c
  • carduky
  • tR9
  • 18 Mar 2010

i am thinking for buying this phone,it's a tose up between the samsung b3410 and the samsung star, which ones better? and does this phone connect to your pc?? can u upload photos onto your pc???? please reply

    • p
    • princess pinky
    • t7F
    • 13 Mar 2010

    i am thinking of purchasing a samsung s5230 soon. My problem is i am in charge of sms-ing a lot of people in church, so i would like to know if this phone has group messaging and group address sytem. Thank you very much.

      • m
      • muzaffar
      • sym
      • 22 Feb 2010

      good phone with good touch screen.

        • o
        • olimu
        • DAa
        • 16 Feb 2010

        Sandeep S, 29 Oct 2009I am using this phone and have only one word to say Nokia i... moreit's just a phone, not a smartphone

          • o
          • olimu
          • DAa
          • 16 Feb 2010

          michael j, 03 Nov 2009Can anyone tell me how to get differant pics on the 3 diffe... moreit's one and the same picture ... it's as if it was 3 picture ....

            • J
            • Joelle M A
            • pwD
            • 10 Feb 2010

            please i need to know how can i export my msg from samsung star to my pc.

              • L
              • Luthi
              • ppu
              • 15 Jan 2010

              Don, 05 Jan 2010Menu >> Settings >> Display and light >> Widget >> Untick M... moreUnfortunatelly it does not help because some things are not included in the list so that they could be ticked or unticked. In my case, it's the radio, the mp3 player, alarm clock, some events or what and games. Even if I have everything "unticked", these remain in the panel. What to do?

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 3HC
                • 14 Jan 2010

                Inpan, 04 Sep 2009hi i just recently bought the star and noticed one major pr... moreHi, Ive had the same problem with my phone too. Its really annoying because i always ,ove taking pictures. Have you found out how to fix it yet?

                  • y
                  • yash
                  • 2S{
                  • 11 Jan 2010

                  hi i have samsung star 3g. and i m having some problem with the camera, whenever i try to click a picture on 3.2 and 2 mp its shows CAPTURED FAILED. can anyone help me please with this...thanks

                    • B
                    • Butters
                    • C1g
                    • 09 Jan 2010

                    Can anybody help me how I could get the music player to display the album cover in that little purple window of the player, like on this picture of the review (4. page)

                    I've tried simply placing a picture in the music folder, and than playing a song from that folder, but the music player didn't display the picture.


                      • D
                      • Don
                      • xZs
                      • 05 Jan 2010

                      shante, 02 Jan 2010pls can somebody tell me how to remove the music player on ... moreMenu >> Settings >> Display and light >> Widget >> Untick Music player

                      Hope this helps

                        • s
                        • shante
                        • nyH
                        • 02 Jan 2010

                        pls can somebody tell me how to remove the music player on the display em going nuts.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • vM6
                          • 01 Jan 2010

                          juicy fruit, 22 Oct 2009can anybody help me,,,i use music player but why i cannot r... moreslide them with finger to widgets on the left side of screen.slide finger in a quick way and they will jump into the widget bar.

                            • A
                            • Anon
                            • P%L
                            • 01 Dec 2009

                            Anonymous, 22 Aug 2009The handset is amazing specially the battery life.... the o... moreRealplayer is a video running program like Windows Media Player or Quicktime. You can download it for pretty much any phone. Just google it and and your phone name,

                              • c
                              • chris_t
                              • pkk
                              • 12 Nov 2009

                              Hi, just bought this little beauty for my wife. Amazing phone for its price. Love it, gonna buy myself a black one too, wifey's snow white.

                              But I still got a question: is it possible to set the phonebook menu to automatically display name&number, or it just works in standard "big name" format?


                                • R
                                • Ray
                                • bYH
                                • 10 Nov 2009

                                juicy fruit, 22 Oct 2009can anybody help me,,,i use music player but why i cannot r... moreI have the same problem, did you find an answer?

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • PU3
                                  • 05 Nov 2009

                                  Just bought this phone for 2 weeks. Simply love the sleek look, color (got the soft pink set) and it's functions. SMS was easy and i could get a hang of it pretty fast since i was a phone button user previously. Was quite skeptical abt it initially.

                                  So for those who are still pondering whether to switch to touch-screen phones, can give this phone a try and it won't burn a hole in your pocket. Oh the battery life is good. for my case, just need to charge once a week.

                                    • m
                                    • michael j
                                    • nGD
                                    • 03 Nov 2009

                                    Can anyone tell me how to get differant pics on the 3 differant home screens this isnt for me its for my girlfriend and i havent got the phone here to try my self so i will have to guide her through it. Thanks for your help in advance

                                      • S
                                      • Sandeep S
                                      • vGx
                                      • 29 Oct 2009

                                      I am using this phone and have only one word to say Nokia is much much better than this company. When I bought the cell I was happy with its graphics, sound and interface. But the real problem begins when I tried to connect this phone to PC. First only 200 sms can be saved on phone. So when I tried to export the sms from phone to PC god knows which stupid format this company uses. .NEF which is a picture format. And no way to open it on PC. Cannot export your messages to .txt or excel .xls format. Phonebook search interface on pc is also very poor. When i tried to convert a video and transferred to play it on mobile. It gave me an error of unsupported format or frame rate not supported. And the same video is played very well on a cheap Chinese phone. You cant even install the java application i.e. JAR files through PC. I strongly suggest those who want to connect this phone with PC to there work dont buy this phone at all. Instead go for any nokia or symbian or windows based phone.

                                        • j
                                        • juicy fruit
                                        • U3W
                                        • 22 Oct 2009

                                        can anybody help me,,,i use music player but why i cannot remove in my screen same with the FM radio both display in my screen even if im not using music player or radio........thnx