Sony Ericsson Satio vs. Samsung Pixon12: 12MP shootout

21 October 2009
A year's truce must've been enough and some heavyweight sharpshooters are called to arms again. In fact, there's never been a ceasefire in the battle for profit. But we're about to look at the future of cameraphones and the battle to take place is more for glory than anything else.

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  • nokiafans

All samsung and nokia fans who came in satio foroum are stupid because they think se fans beleive their stupid comments about satio.They say that se phones are not good but they claim that have bought atio and their experience has been terrible with it.Every body knows that nokia cant compete with se in camera quality.The best nokia phones are only 5 meg pix while se has some 8 and recently 12 meg pix camera the way the quality of a 3.2 meg pix se can beat a 5 meg pix nokia easily.and about amsung every body knows that samsung is a crap camera manufacture and nobody tends to buy a samsung camera instead of sony.meanwhile if se is bad why you are hear?beacause your foroums are empty of mobile users.Im not interested in satio very much because of its high price and symbian Os and also its appearance is not very attractive for me.But I know its the best phone available in the world now.If someone there is someone who doesnt accept my opinion tell me what phone is better of satio and doesnt have any weakned

  • omniafan

WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!Why would you buy any of these phones is what I do not understand. First of all, just get a camera. No point in putting all these megapixels on a phone. SEcond, THEY ARE HUGE! Third, Imagine how much memory this takes up!and back to the size, lets say you are callin someone, those giant lens will probably make ur phone fall off ur hand, seriously! A phone is meant for calling{which i bet sammy and SE almost forgot they were} and they could slap on maybe a 5 or maximum 8 mp camera on it to take pictures on the go. Simple all rounders is what IM talkin about. Like the omnia II and htc and plam pre etc. there is no point in getting those phones. With all that camera hardware put on it, don't you think tht could seriously affect other stuff. No one should get thESE phones unless they want a camera that they can make quick calls on and browse web and play music. I REPEAT. THESE ARE NOT PHONES WITH CAMERA, THEY ARE WANNABE CAMERAS THAT HAPPEN TO MAKE OKAY CALLS.

  • Pixon12

Satio is the post popular phone in gsmarena's database..GREAT

  • Pixon12

I bought Pixon12 15/10
Nice phone, with excellent reception quality.
There is no reason to talk about the camera, terrific!
I need to charge it every 3 days with medium use.
I strongly recommend it.

  • Anonymous

It will always be

Satio, Satio and Satio!

  • Nikola, Macedonia

pixon 12, 25 Oct 2009Dear Nikola from FYROM, I'm not biased with Samsung. I had T68... moreI can not understand how can anybody jump from intention to buy SATIO to Pixon 12?

The two phones are conceptually so different....
Is it only the camera that made you decide so???

What about the other functions of the phone?

And how can anybody be disappointed with the K850???
Eve on GSM Arena the K850 had the best test results...especially considering the camera.....

By the way....for me it is Macedonia and it always be so....without difference whether it is Republic of or Former Yugoslav Republic of or North Republic will always be MACEDONIA

  • Iyerd

what the hells WRONG with you people?

you've been buying junk like "T68, T610, K700, K800 and K850"

but now when SE ACTUALLY MAKE a phone worth BUYING you back off?

so you don like Smart phones? the reason SE's sold was cause there were feature phones?

or you're just insane?

The Saito is undeniably a sick phone

  • Jakov

In short satio win,thats all

  • pixon 12

Nikola, Macedonia, 25 Oct 2009Well at least for me it is obvious what is happening over there!... moreDear Nikola from FYROM, I'm not biased with Samsung.
I had T68, T610, K700, K800 and K850. The last one was a big mistake!
I sold it and now I’m using my K800.
I wanted Satio for the first time but when I saw the Gsmarena test I understood that I will be disappointed again as with K850.
Pixon12 is ideal for me and after 5 SE phones I’ll trust Samsung.

  • Nikola, Macedonia

pixon12, 25 Oct 2009Poor Satio! moreWell at least for me it is obvious what is happening over there!

From the trees you can not see the woods......

I can not agree with this CHIP DE Comparison Test and the funny result of it. I mean ...what are we???? Stupid.......???
It is obvious that the Samsung people are doing good job.....which unfortunately is not only production of a good handset.

  • Anonymous

Honestly I don`t see any point to put a 12megapixel CCD at phone. The quality is just rubbish!!! If you take photo with dSLR you just don`t expect a phone to give you even mere photo at quality. I want my mobile phone to be able to take photo when I don`t have the camera with me just to catch something interesting. And I don`t get the people who want their mobile phone to be as good as camera to take photo and video... if you want quality buy a camera or camcorder not a mobile phone.

  • Fanouris

Sony, 25 Oct 2009I ordered my Satio yesterday. You’ll get a short review in a few... moreReally! Oh what a coincidence!
Thinking about the short review, I changed my mind, it might be bigger…

  • Sam

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2009whatever SE forever!Whatever se not forever,sony and ericsson going to break up.

  • Sony

I ordered my Satio yesterday. You’ll get a short review in a few days…

  • Fanouris

I ordered my Pixon12 yesterday. You’ll get a short review in a few days…

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]your both the same people..

and 1000 bucks (us dollar) is not a sweet deal we're not i.diots here so go rip someone else off

  • Anonymous

look at that video..

daam SE have finally managed great video

  • Anonymous

not true, 24 Oct 2009you people who claim that you love sony but now they dissapoint ... morerelax kid you place a little too much weight on this... its not your best friend, loyalty is a little too much to ask for from a consumer without vomiting. its a company. its a phone. its not romeo and juliette.

so wipe your eyes and deal with the cruel harsh world which can have differing opinions.

  • Razzafella

to not true well people are not lying or try to convince people to jump from SE to Samsung we're only saying our personal opinion i love SE and i'll buy Satio when its released in my country i'm just saying that Satio is a GREAT piece but look at the market now you see phones offer more than the Satio is offering! specially Omnia HD.. i'm not advertising for Samsung but i'm saying my opinion thats it and no need to be hyped like that SE wont pay you anything if you appraise their product and SE or Samsung wont pay me or reward me anything we're just saying our opinions buddy