Nokia N900 review: A new hope

26 November 2009
It’s crystal clear by now that the Nokia N900 has almost nothing to do with the traditional Nseries values. The full QWERTY side-slider may look similar to its double-digit mates but the Maemo experience is completely different...

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  • Greg

Interesting reading.As I am looking to replace my mobile I am a position that causes a little concern to me.I like the N900 for its blogging capabilities and speed and power.I have been looking at the Nokia X6 as well.
However I just came from the Nokia Flagship shop here in Helsinki,Finland.They informed me this N900 was to be the last phone with Maembo Os.This seems to me to be a cause for alarm.
Any one else got ideas or predictions for the future of the Nokia N900

  • raju

HEy Any one can tell me which phone is better N900 OR Iphone 3gs

  • jenny

i use n900,but i can't use the video call! anybody know how to use it or this phone doesn't support the video call?

  • Anonymous

What other phone can be overcloked to 1000mhz, play Playstation 1 emulation games , and do full flash 9.4 in the browser? NONE!

That is why this phone is the best of the best!

  • Ashish Chopra

Hye!!! Can anyone tell me about the real statistics of its battery usage? How long does the battery last for normal usage of phone apps and little bit of media playback; and moderate use of phone, media, internet use for just checking mails etc.

Please reply...

  • peter

Is very disappointed that Nokia N900 come without Chinese hand writing, and better search task and a day new hand photo come with a better ram and rom than N900. please up date your R&D.

  • alishr99

multimedia is something lack in this great mobile..

  • acaa

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2009All the Nokia fans that dissed the iphone when it came out ... moreWhy do u need that, if u have e-mail???? Sorry...for those who doesnt have a computer :P

  • andy burgin

Why did Nokia make this phone to Bulky they used to do that before but i thought they had changed there ideas,but now gone back to there old days,people will see the N900 an really change there thoughts on buying this mobile,you want a easy pocket mobiles nowdays Nokia ,so you better change or people not because of Nokias good name will look elsewere

  • Deepak

can anyone plz tell me how can I group messages in N900 ??

and how can i sett default number setting in the phone book / conytacts

how to group the contacts??

  • Nishikant kumar

Nokia your phone become great great and great i m using 5800 express music .but your screen touch is not smooth and fast so i think this problem is solved in this new sexy N900 phone.again i m requesting nokia please discover WINDOWS Operating phone by

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2010I believe that their next Maemo device should have all the ... moreApparently your "techno-geekyness" is a lie, because if you were truly a geek you would know how hard it is to make 4band 3G antennas and that no phone has them because of the difficulty in manufacturing them.

And you would also know that LTE is 4G, you would also know that LTE exists in very few countriesa and that almost no phone has 4G. But nevermind, continue spreading your ignorance and calling yourself a techno geek.

  • Roger That

Well, it looks like T-Mobile USA won't be getting this awesome smart phone. Can't wait for my tax return, because I gotta have it!

  • Jumaro

Bart, 20 Jan 2010Can anyone tell me about document editor for n900? I have a... morethere is a viewer for pdf, escel, doc, presentations...etc. As for editing, I found a couple of apps, or you can buy the "Docs to Go". Being a former iphone user for two years, I think that this phone is better. it is just a matter of time until Ovi is enriched with a lot of apps and some other simple features to be added.

  • Jumaro

omid, 10 Jan 2010hey,i have a could we send musics via bluetoot... moreyou can send any type of file you want via bluetooth. just download "petrovic"! enjoy, its a great phone. hopefully nokia will add some voice command functions, let us assign ringtones to contacts, portrait, equalizer for the media player, add more profiles and other simple standard functions. maemo 6 could be the solution! i am sure they will add them, they have these features on their simplest phones. I am really glad bought this phone. it is the only one that released me from the iphone jail! just wait a little, it is a new operating system. they are just taking it easy to avoid bugs as much as possible. A LOT OF ADVANTAGES

  • Bart

Can anyone tell me about document editor for n900? I have a plan of buying one, but if it doesn't have document editor it would be a dealbreaker for me. Thanks for any info, it'll help me a lot.

  • dockersfan

From the review it stated;

Main disadvantages
UI only works in landscape mode (for now)

Found this on youtube;
Nokia N900 Web browser Portrait Mode

  • jessy

Hi please!, Which one is better? Palm pre or Nokia N900?

Thanks for the reply

  • omid

hey,i have a could we send musics via bluetooth?i could send images and video clips,but what about musics?

  • Louieg

Oh I forgot to mention my name and also that I currently use AT&T with that unlocked E71 which i purchased at Best Buy. I am not switching carriers for a phone even though my contract has long been expired. Thanks !