BlackBerry Bold 9700 review: Dare you go

8 December 2009
Some handsets will work their socks off to have their fifteen minutes of fame, others are simply born into stardom. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is certainly fortunate to carry a name that stands for popularity and excellence in the RIM family of phones. But this kind of fame can be less a blessing and more of a curse if the successor fails to live up to the standards set by its illustrious namesake

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  • bjav89

RAM 128 mb, r u sure? I thought it suppose to be 256 mb???

  • HI

KKK, 09 Dec 2009Bold 9700 nearest rival cannot be E72. Because there are m... morewhen u cant surf net wif BB plan, and other internet serivces which r locked unless wif BB plan,

u call this superior?

u r toking joke manz:) i would say u r inferior in u speech of words

  • HI

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2009So by your logic, an inferior product finds is in a "higher... moreI agreee wif u too..

that guys doesnt make any sense when u priced a inferior pdt to higher price segment

HOW ABT VERTU PHONE? dosent it crush bb bold head on?

coz u mention a higher price equal better? tis is a joke of e day

  • Anonymous

KKK, 09 Dec 2009Bold 9700 nearest rival cannot be E72. Because there are m... moreSo by your logic, an inferior product finds is in a "higher class" to its rival, simply because it costs more? Hmm, you would make for an interesting business partner I'm sure.

  • KKK

Bold 9700 nearest rival cannot be E72.
Because there are many features in a mail client which E72 has not fine tuned. Basic being, that we cannot view an "attached mail". It downloads the "attached mail" and then tries to open it in "Notes", thus we cannot view it. Inspite of selecting to synchronise mails upto one month it only synchronises for last three days.
We dont need to pay for push mail on E72, but we do have to pay for the data charges. In India Blackberry has launched a Personal MailService, wherein you pay on $6 a month an you get access to your mail (ONLY MAIL) via black berry with unlimited downloads for the mail attachement. It doesnt allow you to browse the internet, but only use mail.

By pricing the handset 200 USD extra, Bold has projected itself in a higher segment.

  • HI

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2009Alright, I mean whoever wrote this review no disrespect, bu... morethis website is entitled to professional reviwer review

nevertheless, this is E72 best rival .

so y get so upset?

everyone is comparing iphone against all phones? so y not they use jus as example

it seem to me u r a fanboy instead, so stOP KAO BEI!

  • HI

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2009Alright, I mean whoever wrote this review no disrespect, bu... moreu do really write a long essay

so wat is u conclusion? u contradict urself

Btw this is comment board, not essay..

perhaps gsmarena can employ u in case

  • hi

derp, 09 Dec 2009It's better than the E72 is already a bit stretching it, bu... moreits is lousier than E72. that is e fact

  • derp

It's better than the E72 is already a bit stretching it, but at what price?

  • cinaa

i have been nokia fan for long time, but i gotta admit that 9700 is better than e72. plus, ovi store score 10 in my sucks-o-meter.

  • Connie

This was a very good review of the BlackBerry Bold 9700. As a BlackBerry user myself I think (from the reviews I have read so far) I this is the best BlackBerry so far. The article correctly points out that the main reason to own a BlackBerry is because of the contract it comes with (there is nothing to compare it with as it is the best in the world). BlackBerry phones are almost perfect now. If BlackBerry decide to include a FM Radio in their devices, it will be 100% perfect as it already has a 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous from France apparently got a faulty E72. E72 is a lot snappier than E71 and the keyboard is about as good as they get. The overall build-quality is about 7 notches above any RIM-product out there, the latest Bold included. Why would anyone pay a LOT more for something that for most aspects is a LOT worse? Wise money is on Nokia.

  • Anonymous

holy...who wrote this article? I would say don't even look at this article and try the device yourself and then try E72; you'll know which is superior.

  • Anonymous

Alright, I mean whoever wrote this review no disrespect, but I think some things need to be said here.

I've been the proud owner of a Nokia E71 for over three months now, and I was pretty damn pleased with it until the E72 was announced, although the phone does have some issues. When I started reading the E72's specs chart, I was damn near falling in love with Nokia : they had done it all. My E71 was slow, had a crappy camera, an absolutely inefficient flash, wasn't all that great when it came to multimedia, and wasn't that good at browsing the Internet either. What did Nokia do ? They announced a phone with a processor apparently twice faster, one hell of a camera with the most powerful flash I had ever seen on such a device, many improvements to make this phone not only about business, and a optical trackpad to make browsing the Internet a better experience. Since money is basically a non-issue, I rushed to order an E72 about a week ago, before it even came out in France. I put my sim card in as soon as I received it, and rushed to the camera. I wasn't disappointed at all : it's basically incredible for a business phone, and the E71 and 9700 just don't compare. Then, I tried writing an SMS, because it sort of is what the phone is supposed to be all about. The keyboard is far from being as comfortable as the E71’s one. I don't know, maybe I got a faulty unit, but there is definitely something wrong with it, as some keys are harder to press, which ultimately lead to typing mystakes when trying to write quickly as I used to do on my E71. Well, you must be thinking this isn't such a big deal, since the phone automatically corrects typing mistakes. Writing in French all the time, I updated my firmware using a french product number to get the French dictionary and AZERTY keypad (I'm way past looking at the keypad while writing, so the actual keypad being QWERTY wasn't an issue), and here must have been the biggest let-down of the device : there is still an auto correction software, but it's basically … well, crap. I don't know how it does in English and I just don’t care enough anymore to bother to check, so maybe this is only an issue for French people who thought they could actually get the same device as everyone else without waiting, but as it turns out, the phone has already hit the markets in France, and still no update is available, which Nokia should clearly be ashamed of : you don't buy a 500$ device to get some kind of a beta version of some crappy firmware. There are many other issues that would need to be addressed, the overall speed of the device for example. Where the hell did Nokia put the damn 600 Mhz processor ? Well, clearly not in the device, or they underlocked it so it would be a tiny bit slower than the E71. Maybe that’s the secret of such great battery life ? Browsing through texts is actually faster (Nokia couldn’t have made it any slower, because, although I did love my E71, I could actually browse through my texts faster on my K770, my 6300, and I even think my former E950 and D500 were basically faster), but as for the rest, no improvements whatsoever. Btw, I noticed the funniest thing a couple of minutes ago : opening a mail that's already saved in the device takes more time on the E72 than it does on the E71. Yes, I’m serious. Feel free to believe me or not, since I’m assuming not everyone has both devices within reach. Last but not least, the multimedia. You don’t buy a cell phone with a 5MP camera without considering its multimedia capabilities. Browsing through your pictures was painfully slow on the E71, making the damn loading picture unbearable after a few weeks of using the device. Well, guess what ? Nokia did it again ! They messed up the one thing they were supposed to focus on. It’s much better looking, I’ll give you that one, although they could hardly do worse than on the E71, which was basically the same interface as the one on my 6300. And yet, it’s slow. I’m not gonna lie just to make a point, it is faster than on the E71, but I’ve used a couple of devices over the last few months, and it just doesn’t compare to any device that came out, say, after 2007. Seriously, it’s faster to browse through my pictures on me iPod Classic – pretty old, and it certainly doesn’t have a 600 Mhz processor – than it is on me E72, and that’s a shame.

So, my point is : why the hell did you have to make this review all about the E72 ? I completely understand that it sometimes help people to have something to compare a new phone to, preferably something they know, but did you really have to prove time and again what a Nokia fanboy you were ?
“even the outdated Symbian S60 UI is more user-friendly than the BlackBerry OS”
I’m not gonna quote every single crappy comparison you’ve made in this review, but this one really got my attention. Have you actually used a device running on Symbian S60 ?

Bottom line, I bought a BlackBerry Bold 2 to replace my E72 I just can’t stand using. I do think people should consider this kind of decision from someone who basically fell in love with the E71 the minute he got it before actually believing someone who claims the E72 is a clear winner. I’m not saying DO NOT BUY AN E72, GO FOR THE DAMN BLACKBERRY, IT’S MUCH BETTER, because, quite frankly, if the Bold 2 turns out to be a pain in the ass in a few months and I find reviews saying that the firmware got better thanks to a few hundred updates (I do thing that’s what it would take to actually get something usable), and I have reasons to think I just got a faulty version with a messed up keypad, I might actually buy another E72, supposing I manage to sell the one that’s standing in front of me.

  • D-day

Yes it is in shops, for over a month. Maybe not in some parts of Middle East yet. I was gonna get this phone, but the review put me of. This would have been my first Blackberry. After reading the review here and on other webpages i get the impression that it is ridiculously overpriced to the point of comedy compared to other phones.Thinking about the Nopkia E72 instead. It's 200 dollars cheaper, gives ayou a metal body and twice the specs.

  • BG

3rd from Bulgaria! This model is not yet in the shops here, why?

  • Anonymous

first from iran