Nokia 5230 review: Foot soldiers get smarter

12 December 2009
When touchscreen handsets start to take over the lower segments of the market you know the rules of the game have changed. The Nokia 5230 is a smartphone but it doesn’t mind rubbing shoulders with the common run of handsets. So, it’s free...

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  • rahul
  • Y}x
  • 23 Dec 2010

hey i am confused between 5230 & htc smart.... guys please help me out.

    • S
    • Siphiwe
    • fjH
    • 25 Nov 2010

    I have forgotten the lock code on my 5230 nokia,how do I undo that

      • m
      • michael
      • tD8
      • 05 Nov 2010

      Sahil , 19 May 2010My Observations :--- I am using this phone from last 2 week... morethanks sahil for ur information n observation.. im so glad to hear that.. coz i decide to buy this 5230.. before that i used 5800xm n im so like that phone.. but someone stole it.. so i consider to buy one with hardly same spec with the cheaper one.. so i look this 5230.. but im not sure it can replace my 5800, but when i read ur statement thats makes me sure that 5230 is the right choice.. thanks.. but btw how about latest firmware n latest ovi maps compatible? can u share to me too.. thanks alot..

        • F
        • FemeTheox
        • p$B
        • 29 Oct 2010

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          • M
          • Mel from MN
          • kRB
          • 25 Oct 2010

          hey everyone, i am just giving the heads up, i saw a few people asking about the app site for the nokia 5230! WELL GREAT NEWS its called the OVI STORE and first you should no you can also go online to the website and review the apps a little better but i suggest you DONT sent them to your phone thru the website, rather review and get all the ones you want and go into the app on your phone, it came with it. also another great pointer, i have internet blocked from my phone, im just to poor, but thought i would try and download the apps, they DO download and the best part is the app when it asks for permission to use the internet i say yes and the app still works!!!

            • M
            • Mel from MN
            • kRB
            • 25 Oct 2010

            Rajesh, 29 Sep 2010Can i sent email on 5230.plz anybody replay ... moreYES!! it looks at it as a text message, i think? i dont have internet on my phone, i actually have it blocked and i am able to send emails, actually i just tested it and it worked sends as multimedia mess. in the from area in your email it will show

              • M
              • Mel from MN
              • kRB
              • 25 Oct 2010

              Xenub, 18 Oct 2010ive been using nokia 5230 for the past 4-5 months..but rece... moreHey, i dont know if you have called Tmobile at all? but dont let them fool you in saying there are no known probs with that phone, i am on phone number two of the 5230. I LOVE my phone but it freezes, so i played with it for hours and i mean hours and no luck so i got a new one, oh this was after my phone has been dropped down several cement stairs, left on my fiances car and flew off and sat in the baking sun (never got ran over) and it STILL WORKED. it just started freezing, so with that i got my new one, great for the first couple days, now its freezing again. tmobile says i can get a new sim, but i have a TON of the apps from the OVI store, which by the way DOES NOT USE INTERNET data charges, i have internet blocked from my phone. but once again it froze to the point i couldnt even shut it off. took out the battery still stuck on the NOKIA screen. so i started messing with different things, took the MEMORY card out and BAMB WORKS WONDERS. so i shut it off put the mem card in again, frozen. i have now learned that this phone for some reason keeps APPS running in the background, even though you close them all, they still run. which ones? dont know if you find out let me know. so try and take your mem card out and see if that helps. i am able to put my card back in once my phone has totally loaded. so if tmobile also tells you there are no known probs with the phone, they are LYING. hope that helps!

                • r
                • ralphz
                • ft%
                • 22 Oct 2010

                nokia 5230 has smart camera 4 uploads.....t takes good pictures.but im asking "where to set the 3G applications...??"
                spends alot of power.....

                  • X
                  • Xenub
                  • uWJ
                  • 18 Oct 2010

                  ive been using nokia 5230 for the past 4-5 months..but recently something's gone wrong with the in when i unlock it, i can't see the homescreen, just a merger of horizontal lines. could any one of you plz guide me as to what i should do?

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • utB
                    • 14 Oct 2010

                    sagar, 19 Jun 20105230 has video call option?Sorry buddy but It doesn't have a secondary cam so no video call T_T

                      • R
                      • Rajesh
                      • 9DH
                      • 29 Sep 2010

                      Can i sent email on 5230.plz anybody replay i think to buy d set

                        • C
                        • Christopher Manikkam
                        • fq0
                        • 24 Sep 2010

                        I just bought a Nokia 5230. Played with it for a day, its a beautiful phone, my one has the upgraded with the stylus, sd card and free nokia car headset holder for gprs. Its a grate phone, stick with nokia.

                          • o
                          • onovo
                          • 0yW
                          • 18 Aug 2010

                          tebe, 05 Jun 2010Can any one please tell me whether there is any way to get ... morewhile the music is playing, press back,press hide and press exit then open gallery go to songs and select all song.

                            • M
                            • Manu
                            • uwg
                            • 03 Aug 2010

                            what's the difference between Nokia 5230 and 5232 ???
                            I planned to buy 5232.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • 9x1
                              • 27 Jul 2010

                              hi josh, speed dialing is diiferent from smart dialing. htis phone does not have SMART DIALING

                                • s
                                • smart boy
                                • sEA
                                • 24 Jul 2010

                                im using this phone for 2month, this phone really fast, great screen, fast internet browsing, nice audio qwality,good camera, all is good thanks NOKIA ;*

                                  • J
                                  • Josh
                                  • tR3
                                  • 11 Jul 2010

                                  I brought the fone 3 weeks back in India and i must say it is a nice and handy phone to use. And i dont know whether this is specific to certain devices or softwares but unlike the review, my phone does have speed dialing. The music and sound output is a bit on the lower side but offcourse you cant get everything in life for cheap right.

                                    • J
                                    • Jasmine
                                    • TSG
                                    • 11 Jul 2010

                                    Best review of the Nokia 5230 on the internet! Thanks very much x

                                      • S
                                      • Srinath
                                      • vGj
                                      • 08 Jul 2010

                                      hey guyz am frm india... i have the 5233, sort of lyk the 'cousin' of the 5230. only thing missing in d 5233 is 3G... apart frm tat everythin is fine! excellent audio quality! and the camera produces snaps good enuf to upload on facebook :)however, my 5233 came WITH a data cable (the stupid short one) in the retail package! :)

                                        • s
                                        • sagar
                                        • ut5
                                        • 19 Jun 2010

                                        5230 has video call option?