Motorola MILESTONE preview: First look

31 December 2009
Motorola must have enjoyed the feel of ropes against their back. There's no other explanation for the MILESTONE. They obviously needed to be pushed against the ropes to remember what made them the world's largest manufacturer. It's been a long road for them, with plenty of milestones. But that last one marks the end of a particularly steep downhill stretch.

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  • Nilcea

djdj, 05 Feb 2011wat in the world id d-padIncredible phone, very fast and awesome diplasy. The docking station is very cool ,where the phoneturns itself into a (nearly) complete PC with the addition of one of the docks which Motorola offers.Motorola isn't kidding around by packing this handset with a blazing 1GHz dual core CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 16GB of storage onboard (plus a microSD slot for another 32GB). Along with the massive internal horsepower, the device boasts a 960 x 540 capacitive touchscreen that Motorola is calling its qHD diplasy which also happens to be covered with Corning's Gorilla GlassThe real highlight here is the 5 megapixel shooter on the back of the device, which cranks out impressive shots in both high- and low- light, and can be customized quickly for various settings. The camera also functions as a 720p video camera.As far as truly unique hardware goes, the fingerprint scanner seems fairly novel but in practice it's a little frustrating. It does work as advertised, but being told to re-swipe your finger if it doesn't take when you're trying to get into the phone quickly can be a little bothersome. Unless you really need this high security, a standard passcode will suffice for most people.The Atrix 4G might be one of the best Android devices. It's got specs that run laps around most other devices, which should make most potential purchasers feel a little safer about laying out cash for a smartphone right now.

  • Kenan

ric, 16 Jan 2010I use Milestone for 4 weeks. It's a great phone - fast web brows... moreI am a big tech geek, I usually know what I'm talikng about. Definitely not the HTC 7 Trophy. Windows phones generally tend to suck. Based on the sole fact that the mini is still on android 1.6, I for one would go with the Motorola phone, which is on 2.2. Also, the Motorola phone is faster and has 8gb of internal memory vs the mini's 128mb. The Milestone 2 is also wayyyy faster than the mini.

  • Joe

I do have motorola milestone and dont knwo where to get the battery for it can you help where to get one.

  • Anonymous

i love it phone 2 ,
touch faster .
it is i' good buy

  • djdj

wat in the world id d-pad

  • Anonymous

al, 22 Aug 2010If your planing to use the phone for longer than 10 minutes,dont... moreur lying
u hate motorola or jealous of it
this phone newer get heated during calls
i am using it from last one year

  • al

If your planing to use the phone for longer than 10 minutes,dont bother getting one.
My new Milestone was getting very hot starts burning the ear,drops call and starts to beep.
Dealer replaced it with new one and second new phone did the same.
Dealer did update and made no differece.
At times,i feel like running my car over it.Telus not much of help.Motorola wants me to send in the phone for repairs without a loaner phone.What a set back for $700.00 phone.

  • siva

I cant updates system.
check for system updates

  • droidfreak

This phone is much better than my previous sony ericsson satio by miles..........This gets a 9.5 out of 10.......

  • Anonymous

GSM Arena - youve always been my first port of call for Mobile reviews and news - but it now appears that you have a bias - despite not reviewing Motorola products for a considerable time, you now hold back a detailed review of the Milestone for an unacceptable length of time.

Your first preview was so under-whelmingly written it displayed the underlying concerns of many here - that your reviews are biased for whatever reasons.

Sad as in my experience when blogs, review sites etc become biased - the community of users see through it an usually and suddenly move "en masse" to another review site.

Does anyone have any suggestions of an unbiased site?

  • coolmastdude

C'mon GSMArena a detailed review is already overdue... give us a detailed review ASAP of this monster which has the capability to revive motorola's fotunes!

  • Anonymous

Where is the Review?

  • Dave

'we are already working on a detailed review of the Motorola Milestone but until it's ready...' when gsmArena is ready? It has almost 1month waiting your review and almost 2 years waiting motorola review... Come on gsmARENA team!

  • Junaid

It seems great, but some one can tell if lot of free app available for android and for this model.

  • nimnull

Where is full review?
Motorola has not payed to gsmarena enough? Or what?

  • Anonymous

I'am waiting hardly for your review :) please post it :) thanks

  • ric

I use Milestone for 4 weeks. It's a great phone - fast web browsing, superior talk quality. 9.5 out of 10.

  • bikash

we couldnt be able to save the contact mobile number with there name, every step in that phone is been followed but it does not seem so happen.
any thing missing? i buy that mobile from unuthorised person in Nepal.

  • LP

Hey, where is the review? I know it takes sime time to do it, but preview was posted some seriously long time ago. And I am so anxious to read it ;)

  • Anonymous

arron, 06 Jan 2010did u read it??? its a preview.... not the full review...what is ur problem??