Motorola MILESTONE preview: First look

31 December 2009
Motorola must have enjoyed the feel of ropes against their back. There's no other explanation for the MILESTONE. They obviously needed to be pushed against the ropes to remember what made them the world's largest manufacturer. It's been a long road for them, with plenty of milestones. But that last one marks the end of a particularly steep downhill stretch.

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  • Barnd

Some facts regarding the Milestone slider:
Most will love or hate it. People that used Winmo Phones with resistive screens will like it because using thumbnails for typing works best. Having some additional funktion-keys and the d-pad integrated in the slider is really nice - you do not have to touch the screen while browsing. No dirty fingers smearing up the display :)

  • Barnd

Got a Milestone at O2 Germany and it is ages ahead of my previous HTC Winmo Phones. The Software still needs some tweaks and fixes (update to 2.01 like the Droid) but its pretty fine for all day use. Quiet sad that HTC is not able to design a smartphone like the Milestone - the support at xda-dev is that great...but there is no other way to get a fast querty slider device that still can be called smartphone. While unboxing i got a little disappointed first - thought it would be much bigger ;) So what about Nexus ? It will be a great phone like the HD2 for sure but it lacks the querty board. After using the slider for some time now i will never go back to a touch only device. Browsing and mailing is much more comfortable.

  • kenosis

Finally.... :)

  • Anonymous

The video doesn't work.

How is it obviously better than the N900? The N900 is an awesome handset, just some won't get how good it is as they don't understand what it can do.

Also is the keyboard really that nice to use, all other reviews hate it, I feel this is a slightly biased review of this handset and as said it is already falling behind.

  • Zobi

Is good but now alreadys behind nexus One

  • Anonymous

loloa kuttiiess

  • carbonete

Iīm canīt see video , this is marked as private.

Congratulations for your review.

  • hashi

obviously better than Nokia n900

  • passing by

great phone, can't wait to get one