Samsung S8500 Wave review: Hello, world!

01 June 2010
Smartphone for the masses or feature phone of the future? Samsung would gladly have it either way. The question rather is, will the Bada OS keep up the pace of its debut device. We’ve been following the new smart platform since its first. Update: Samsung Dive overview added...

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  • pramod
  • U@n
  • 16 Aug 2022

Nice phon

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    • AnonD-388795
    • 9yM
    • 21 Apr 2015

    Plse help me to download whatsapp on this lovely phn, Im so madly inlove with it.Everyone admires it and that makes me a proud owner of my Wave II S8500, Im waiting for your response on my plea to be assisted with whatsapp plse....

      • D
      • AnonD-100349
      • fBh
      • 12 Jan 2013

      what is the proceger to dawnlood samsun aplication. pleeez reply fast.....

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        • pandu's akividu
        • U@1
        • 03 Feb 2012

        wave gts8500 is very nice v r requesting samsung to launch more phones of s8500 i love this phone,

          • s
          • sendhu
          • Mfx
          • 04 Aug 2011

          hey guys!! im getting wave 1 from swiss but i wanna make sure that wheather this gets updated with the BADA OS 1.2V or the old one?????pls reply soon

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • 2SU
            • 21 Jul 2011

            can anyone tell me how to open the front camera in wave2

              • w
              • wave user
              • t5j
              • 14 Jul 2011

              zup!i have the phone since july 3 2010... all i can say is that this is phone realy awsome when it comes to speed no doubt on it... but i hate the fact that there are only few apps in this OS, though it has lot of themes... but if you own this kind of phone you will enjoy the super AMOLED desplay. ^_^

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                • DD
                • ib1
                • 11 Jul 2011

                please dont install opera mini or other java based softwares... it makes your life feeds/update not working

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                  • G
                  • t7U
                  • 03 Jul 2011

                  I miss my phone! ;( Very bad culprit. I don't think they're still manufacturing this phone. SUPER AMOLED, I miss you!

                    • B
                    • Bigstamp
                    • tVH
                    • 28 Apr 2011

                    It offers a clear and bright screen.
                    However, after using S8500 Wave for three months, I was frustrated that the phone would automatically turn off and the locker key would sometimes not respond.

                      • i
                      • imran
                      • 2T7
                      • 08 Apr 2011

                      it is the best phone..that i hve ever got..........its awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        • T
                        • Taqi
                        • uWB
                        • 27 Feb 2011

                        I got dis phone. Its jxt simply awsome. best phone !

                          • D
                          • DD
                          • ib7
                          • 16 Feb 2011

                          hi the difference between 3.6Mbps of WAVE and 7.2Mbps of others such as IPhone3GS noticeable during web surfing? thanks!

                            • D
                            • AnonD-382
                            • vG1
                            • 09 Feb 2011

                            upset, 07 Feb 2011What a pice of junk! its hart to believe that something th... more"hmmmm upset from this fon"
                            i can tell one thing if u dont know abt any phone dont compare has awesme os, fantastic touch ,gr8 display and daily u get some new thing in bada market......yaa how can i forget its speed which is frds n8 hangs a lot while frm last 7 months i never had such problem

                              • u
                              • upset
                              • nFB
                              • 07 Feb 2011

                              What a pice of junk!
                              its hart to believe that something this dreadful and usless is manufactured and sold as cutting edge in this day and age!
                              rubbish crashing OS (now completely dead will not boot)
                              Unable to recover
                              unable to reload firmware
                              unable to update
                              an absolute waist of money DO NOT PURCHASE.
                              Unhappy customer.

                                • P
                                • Pijus_sharma
                                • wdM
                                • 01 Feb 2011

                                is this phone having secondary camera for video calling??

                                  • S
                                  • Samurai
                                  • pq$
                                  • 25 Jan 2011

                                  Samsung Wave Themes @

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                                    • ww_asef
                                    • nxR
                                    • 20 Jan 2011

                                    I didn't get 1GB memory card included, luckily I had one at home!
                                    I didn't get any full games, only some stupid trial ones!
                                    Quality of music going through my Skullcandy earphones is perfect! But music player UI is very uncomfortable :(
                                    If you are audiophile you may somehow hate it! When you first choose an artist in "Artists" tab you will see all tracks in alphabetical order (which can't be changed!). There is not any subfolder where you can choose a specific album. So if you want to listen to an album in right order from first to last track, you will have to go on "Album" tab and search for specific album there, which takes much more TIME!
                                    And one more thing: transitions between tracks are not smooth! So when one song ends, there is a second of silence and there comes a second track! I hope new Bada update will fix that. And I also hope whole mobile phone would consume less battery power.

                                      • B
                                      • Binko
                                      • Mfx
                                      • 17 Jan 2011

                                      Tom, 21 Nov 2010Bought the phone and I can say that unfortunately the revie... more"Headphone volume ridiculously low" ??
                                      Must be kidding, this phone is really loud ! With headphones, volume can go up to 14, but never use more than 7 because too loud already. You sure you insert the plug properly and completely ?

                                        • s
                                        • srgess
                                        • IBL
                                        • 08 Jan 2011

                                        Best phone ever for the price. Iphone 3,4 cost a lot this phone cost me 180$ used in like new condition. HD 720P recording is impressive for a phone, super amoled screen is just the best screen quality on the market. Super fluid OS, i know there not a lot of apps, but enought for everyday use and usefull app are out compared to iphone. If you are a kid and need to try every non quality app then go for the iphone. Best battery life duration if idle, text, talking, music. Aluminum case quality built. This is prob the most underrated phone on the market.