Nokia N8 review: Director of photography

12 October 2010
We’ve come to take Nokia for granted in the low end or the business class but it seems it has lost the knack for killer phones, run out of royal blood. It’s up to the Nseries to fix it all up. The Nokia N8 may just turn out to be the right cure. With that kind of hardware. Update, 08.02.2012: Symbian Belle update hands-on...

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  • 29 Mar 2022

The Nokia N8 is a very awesome phone, with features like 16GB storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G networks, a camera with face detecting and geotagging, a GPS receiver with free life-time voice navigation, a Micro-HDMI port, a stereo FM radio, a built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor, and smart and voice dialing.
As the reviewer said, the Finnish engineers loved to make a point about Symbian being the most resource-effective OS and they've seen it run reasonably fast indeed on even slower CPUs. And also, the N8 was never meant to compete with the iPhone 4 or the Galaxy S. At least, that’s what Nokia will gladly have you believe.

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    • matthew
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    • 05 Feb 2022

    sanipse, 23 Jan 2022i have nokia n8 but it is not sign in to nokia oviovi has been offline for about 8 years.

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      • sanipse
      • sxs
      • 23 Jan 2022

      i have nokia n8 but it is not sign in to nokia ovi

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        • Aman
        • 7jZ
        • 12 Nov 2020

        Rups, 11 Oct 2020I want this phone I want this phone

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          • Rups
          • XS4
          • 11 Oct 2020

          I want this phone

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            • Ramesh
            • YP6
            • 08 Oct 2018

            I need this phone can i get. ????

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              • lawry
              • f31
              • 12 Mar 2017

              reverse all my application

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                • Nue
                • 19 Feb 2017

                n8 the use android app or not use

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                  • sam
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                  • 05 Feb 2017

                  Nice and always cool

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                    • M.L. Saini
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                    • 07 Sep 2016

                    Nokia N76 · Nokia N81 ·

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                      • Aadrian
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                      • 03 Sep 2016

                      What a beast of a camera

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                        • ISACK
                        • NYi
                        • 16 Aug 2016

                        i hv forgoten with my opening lock code wht should i do

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                          • eliz 1
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                          • 03 Jun 2016

                          No guys this time around on N8 u done a good job the futures of N8 is fully convinced me I even still need it thanks

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                            • Aadrian
                            • Yek
                            • 16 Apr 2016

                            Simply awesome device, I have it for over 3 years now and it's great. This is a true Nokia of the past days, hopefully they will be able to make an impact like the N8 did when they are coming back to the industry.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • LcH
                              • 30 Mar 2016

                              Nokia should continue fighting using Symbian, targeting iOS and Android's failures. The minute they stop fighting, the minute they go to the ground. Find the flaws in iOS, Android. Turn them into Symbian advantages, improve social media and maybe get 4G LTE.

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                                • 28 Jan 2016

                                Allan, 23 Dec 2015Does any one know how to download text from phone to PC? thanks N8

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                                  • Allan
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                                  • 23 Dec 2015

                                  Does any one know how to download text from phone to PC? thanks

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                                    • Dave
                                    • fsT
                                    • 31 Jul 2015

                                    Nokia n8 is the best phone ever. Even in Ghana it still hold price with some recent phones. Symbian OS does not drain battery unlike android. Nokia still maintains their name as the best smartphone manufacturer

                                      www, 01 Jul 2015bro, I know u from lumia 1020, PV 808 page. is it feasibl... moreIf you're a Nokia enthusiast it is worth buying an N8 if you still can. I love the N8's photo quality and for a 2010 phone it still beats most of the phones of today, and it's easy to make a good photo with the N8. In my opinion N8 makes more natural pics, but you can check this link for examples between bopth phones: One other thing is that with the N8 you can store the photos on the SD card and easily transfer them with the SD card to the computer if you have many pics taken.

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                                        • uNV
                                        • 01 Jul 2015

                                        Aadrian, 27 Jun 2015One of the best Nokia phones, which automatically means one... morebro,
                                        I know u from lumia 1020, PV 808 page.
                                        is it feasible to buy a N8 now (its available in my locality) .
                                        previously I ve used 808,1020 both.
                                        Does the camera takes natural colour unlike 1020..?
                                        thank u.