Nokia N8 review: Director of photography

12 October 2010
We’ve come to take Nokia for granted in the low end or the business class but it seems it has lost the knack for killer phones, run out of royal blood. It’s up to the Nseries to fix it all up. The Nokia N8 may just turn out to be the right cure. With that kind of hardware. Update, 08.02.2012: Symbian Belle update hands-on...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2010u use iph4?? what does three finger touch on iph 4 do?Zooming. But I have it turned off so I don't really use that 3 finger gesture.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2010As the reviewer said, the N8 is not intended by nokia to co... moreu use iph4?? what does three finger touch on iph 4 do?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]As the reviewer said, the N8 is not intended by nokia to compete with the iphone4 or galaxy s. Although it does offer a slightly better camera in a way. For me, the n8 is just a step nokia took to finally release a symbian touchscreen phone that's decent, but not good enough to rival the iphone4 or other high end android phones, but it's a good step for nokia.

The n8 is more of like a high mid-end phone. It's good, but not good enough to be in the iphone4 or galaxy s category, but it's good enough to make any of its buyers happy, and is actually a great alternative for those who cannot afford an iphone4 or those who cannot stand Apple's controlling nature.

I say, congratulations to Nokia for finally getting things right. And this is coming from a happy iphone4 user :)

  • eXuser

the only bad part for me on Nokia N8 are the ffg:

1. old "crappy" UI
2. browser - same old story
3. no camera lens cover
4. 1200 MAH "irreplaceable" battery for a multimedia phone?

  • Nokia Fail

Mike, 13 Oct 2010Thanks for the review GSM, really useful and understandable... moreMeeGo and another maemo device was supposed to be released this year. 2011 is just round the corner and still nothing from Nokia. MeeGo is only available for developers in Beta version.

N8 has potential but I doubt any major update or high class games/apps will be available for it. Developers are too busy with iOS4. Do you or anyone see for example, Modern Combat 2, Mirror's Edge, Street Fighter 4 thats for the iPhone heading to the Nokia N8? Don't think so.

But the N8 is a beautiful device and its a shame really. I've had so many phones and I always go back to iPhone. But I do have my fingers crossed for the N8

  • nicksti

Those are the three phones gsma could find to compete against the N8? Why is the X10 even there? What about some HTC phones? Hmm....

  • Styles

Good to see how GSMarena sees where Nokia coming from and where the brands going.

Great review!

  • Mike

Thanks for the review GSM, really useful and understandable as ever!

As a Nokia fan I think I will wait to see what they can offer us with MeeGo next year, although the N8 really does look like a great mid to high range phone if you're happy using Symbian.

It still isn't top of the N series though for me, the N900 still easily retains that title in my opinion.

  • AT

Awsome baby Awsome!!!

  • Egy.One

WoW, Amazing phone..