Nokia N8 review: Director of photography

12 October 2010
We’ve come to take Nokia for granted in the low end or the business class but it seems it has lost the knack for killer phones, run out of royal blood. It’s up to the Nseries to fix it all up. The Nokia N8 may just turn out to be the right cure. With that kind of hardware. Update, 08.02.2012: Symbian Belle update hands-on...

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  • Anonymous

Queenddy, 11 Sep 2012How can I knw if my nokia N8 is original?*#0000# u can chk this....

  • Anonymous

Even though this is an old phone and an old review I must point out that one can change the battery of the N8. There are small screws on the either side of the phone holding the bottom piece in place (one under the camera button and one under the usb port). It wasn't mentioned in the review.

  • Anonymous

ultimate camera & battery life ..still best phone for me.

Got my N8 for over a year and it's a great phone. Writing this from my N8.

  • anikkket

"Battery life is not on par with best in the business" ????

are you kidding??
this phone lasts to 3 days with heavy usage..

  • ن&#160

nokia n8

  • moin

i like n8 vvvvvvvvv veerry gooiooood smart phone

  • MTouseef.

very smart mobile phone N8.camra and wifi very smart.

  • ghostface

Does this N8 has WiFi Hotspot? Thanks!

  • shubham Raj

AnonD-92238, 16 Feb 2013It has only a 210 ppi & a 480p screen .........but it's... moreHey never take any series of lumia,bcoz it has got many problems regarding to video playing and removing or storing the videos directly to ur sd card by getting it download to ur phone
.....there r no options.

  • palash adhikary

so good

  • xxx

Ive been a n8 user since 2010 and had no experience any defects on it.

  • AnonD-151706

this phone is great at all is no trouble anything with video player, upgrade your nokia n8 to symbian belle n n8 of course can play 1080p video with 600mhz pross n 256 mb of ra

  • AnonD-157470

I really liked the Nokia N8 for its camera, design and all the different interface and expandable memory options. I also quite liked OVI Nokia Suite with with I was able to manage my phone efficiently.
I did find, however that there seems to be a flaw with the socket for micro usb and phone charger. I had repaired twice and then replaced by o2- with the replacement developing the same problem after about half a year!

  • Easyman

I lost my N8 phone few weeks back there is no phone that can replace it that i can think of

The Nokia N8 is a true Nokia legend. But also a legend in phones history. One of the greatest phones ever.

  • balu

it's a phone which will leave you speechless, the best of ever..

  • AnonD-92238

It has only a 210 ppi & a 480p screen .........but it's still in 5th position in sunlight legibility test and still beating the 720p android you nokia long live :) next phone is lumia 620 .....& I'm excited !!

  • Rakibul Islim

very smart and the king of nokia mobileis the nokia n8. I like it very much.

  • Anu

Very good and looking smart &style phone