LG E900 Optimus 7 review: Lucky seven

09 November 2010
Windows Phone 7 is new territory for LG to conquer and the LG E900 Optimus 7 is their first pawn in the game. However “pawn” hardly describes the rich feature set of this player. LG has done its best to set the Optimus 7 apart...

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  • winor
  • Nv$
  • 03 Apr 2017

This phone can't update n cannot access watsapp,why is it lyk that

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    • AnonD-463919
    • 3sE
    • 15 Nov 2015

    Anonymous, 02 Mar 2013I had this phone for 6 months and from the start I had prob... moreIt was actin like that,coz of the battry,it needed to b replaced with a new 1.

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      • Romuald
      • fm}
      • 01 Oct 2014

      How can I on my front cameraon my LGe900?

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        • Anonymous
        • HDL
        • 02 Mar 2013

        I had this phone for 6 months and from the start I had problems. The phone overheats whilst charging, regularly causing it to restart. It also overheats when you use it for an extended period of time (15 minutes or more - which is a relatively common amount of time to use on a smartphone!). For some reason, WhatsApp in particular really overheats the phone. When it gets to a certain temperature, it turns off and restarts, but often gets stuck on the LG logo at the start. Finally after doing this for 6 months it won't turn on at all. Total waste of money. Do not buy!

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          • Catherine
          • n3H
          • 15 Nov 2012

          cliche1, 27 Oct 2011i like it alot but the ringtones are terrible and cant chan... moreWith the Economy now, these tablets shuold only cost $199 max. Imagine these company profit making like Apple, Google, Exxon contribute to the economy instead of taxing consumers or working class people, we will be back to our Grade GREAT rating. WE THE CONSUMER ARE THE ONE WHO'S HELPING THE ECONOMY, so keep the price low.

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            • Uglyz
            • bjt
            • 15 Nov 2012

            Anonymous, 28 Jan 2012one of the best phones i have bought in a long time, i used... moreI've been looikng for a post like this for an age

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              • Anonymous
              • YT7
              • 23 Mar 2012

              Anonymous, 28 Jan 2012one of the best phones i have bought in a long time, i used... morehow do I create a ringtone using my own music???????????????????? thanks

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                • Anonymous
                • RNJ
                • 28 Jan 2012

                one of the best phones i have bought in a long time, i used nokia for most of my life and had never thought of changing, my eyes have been opened. Phone is nice ones you get around all the tid-bits and get it working to your liking. Apps you can get are great and as for the stupid ringtones you can only use, there is an app that will shorten you fav song to 40 secs so you can use this and change your ringtone, i did this in the first hour of having this phone. Great for kids as well, somany educational apps its not funny and all for free. Needs to have stereo headphones as standard, a better music player would be great, something like windows music player would have been a good idea, over all great happiness with this phone.

                  • k
                  • kumar
                  • U{I
                  • 31 Dec 2011

                  Will U please tell me how to set our favourite ringtone for this lg e900 mobile.....because I am using this default ringtone its too boring..... I want to set my favourite ringtone tell me the procedure for that....

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                    • cliche1
                    • HK%
                    • 27 Oct 2011

                    i like it alot but the ringtones are terrible and cant change to personal ones.

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                      • mattress
                      • 3Hq
                      • 30 Jun 2011

                      Got mine yesterday and I really do like it. The phone is obviously very good and well built but I wasn't too sure about Windows. Turns out it's great - far better than I expected and it will improve once again when the Mango update comes out.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • tAN
                        • 27 Apr 2011

                        ios is just old windows mobile with a finger instead of a stylus. not taking apps into account wm7 is much better than ios/android.

                          • Z
                          • Zyg
                          • Ivr
                          • 04 Dec 2010

                          Anonymous, 24 Nov 2010LOL? too many cons.. why microsoft released their OS & ... more1st version of Android suc**d the big one! and even now, after so many updates, it's only bearable!
                          WP7 looks and works better than all the other OS, I've tried them all. And with a new update coming soon, it's gonna be great!

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                            • usuk
                            • Ivr
                            • 04 Dec 2010

                            Anonymous, 12 Nov 2010I think the UI of Windows7 for mobile is uniqe, but in a ba... moreLMAO, WinMo was a fail? do you know how many people used WinMo. It was THE smartphone to have.. but MS were focusing on other projects like XBOX.. so they didn't update it and it slowly died out.

                              • A
                              • Aggie
                              • 2ID
                              • 03 Dec 2010

                              I wished it has all the feature of mobile windows 6.5. I cannot believe this version 7 is unable to work/sync with MS outlook; which is considered the basic of microsoft. I cant help thinking that MS did a lousy job with this version 7.

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                                • SOSmonster
                                • Iaa
                                • 25 Nov 2010

                                * No system-wide file manager
                                agreed missing.. problem
                                * No Bluetooth file transfers
                                Just like the Iphone, it will come in the form of an app if people want it. No Issue
                                * No USB mass storage mode
                                Perhaps a missing feature if people are looking for this.. however Like bluetooth file transfer an app will come like they did on the earlier iphones..
                                * No Flash or Silverlight support in the browser
                                They aren't needed quite honestly.
                                * Too dependent on Zune software for file management and syncing
                                exactly like the iphone and itunes? this is really a con?
                                * No video calls
                                who cares?
                                * New ringtones available only through the Marketplace
                                con, however I would expect an app to pop up.
                                * No multitasking
                                enabled for first party functions, rarely necessary for others.
                                * No copy/paste
                                coming in the first update
                                * No DivX/XviD video support (automatic transcoding provided by Zune software)
                                an App will support it

                                Interesting that your arguments match those of apple fanboys. Technology is supposed to fulfil a need, not create it.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • v0q
                                  • 24 Nov 2010

                                  LOL? too many cons.. why microsoft released their OS & mobile which is not yet fully plshed.. Android is still better!!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • sxv
                                    • 17 Nov 2010

                                    an overpriced product that can't even do what cheap phones can. perfect for people who only like shiny things.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • v0X
                                      • 17 Nov 2010

                                      aaww.. Only 33 comments? No luv 4 wp7? But i want ma own ringtones!!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • v$C
                                        • 16 Nov 2010

                                        I seriously doubt the caliber of the person who reviewed this product.

                                        Its a wonderful OS and this review is biased from the start. You cannot flash on the first page that it cannot play falsh, etc, etc..

                                        I am using one of the phones and its just "WONDERFUL". The only feature I miss is the cut/paste functionality and this will be enabled before Feb 2011.

                                        So stop complaining and learn to appreciate whats truly beautiful.