HTC Desire HD review: Most wanted

11 November 2010
Proceed with caution, big Snapdroids ahead. We guess that sign is due wherever someone mentions Desire HD. It’s big and bad and it takes no prisoners. HTC certainly took their time with releasing a badass Android handset on our side of the pond but ...

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htc good good phone and is un breakable

  • sonu

My phone is no good plz help me....

  • syed hakeemuddin

HTC desire Hd a 919 is very good mobile and very nice result I am using lots of time and I suggest to all my friend for this model used if you are not use this mobile means your life vest.please use this mobile you forgetts all other's company model.

  • biker

Anonymous, 06 May 2012which is better htc desire hd or samsung omnia W I8350 help plzshit can it do ?? Like play music ,movies,etc, and what kind.of cable or cables, do I need,? Can it record music,etc. And can it play through tvs ???

  • htc desire nick name

plz guyz which game kan work on dis fone just installed temple run it kips on telling me force close.

  • Anonymous

This is my 1st & last htc phone, then promised to not buy any htc phone again. n_n (currently own mako)

  • ivn

pacy, 06 Jun 2012"Disappointing audio quality."- This isn't true. ... moreHi, yes u r right. Desire HD has a perfect sound when u hear from earphone even from the stock earphone provided by HTC. In my honest opinion, the sound enhancer such as SRS Enhancement and Dolby really make it stand at the front line. I don't know how to express this... The sound is superb, a pure bass and clear sound and i am really being amazed on this. Compared to Ipod and other phones, this sound of this phone really really great... Cheers!

  • varshuuu

Hi guys i want to know how to connect internet from mobile to pc if any one know about this pla let me know pls pls for Nokia the is ovisuite for iPhone the s I tune for sony we have Sony errisson pc suit for HTC .....?????? PLS SOMEBODY HELP....

  • pacy4

hendo, 09 Jun 2012hey would you recommend buying the htc desire hd?im current... moreYES !!!

  • hendo

waraich, 15 Feb 2011been a month since purchasing this amazing phone for rs 23,... morehey would you recommend buying the htc desire hd?im currently looking for a better phone using iphone 3Gs.Thinking desire HD may be the answer?

  • pacy

"Disappointing audio quality."- This isn't true. It seems that this software test method, has nothing to do with the way a device actually sounds to human ear. I've tested my DHD with two pairs- Senheiser and Koss headphones and poweramp player/flat eq/ and I was nicely surprised how this phone sounds- clear, transperant with good dynamics, not so harsh on trible and with deep and pure bass. I had Nokia X6 previously and gsm arena review says is has a nice sound quality,bit it is rubbish. I suggest gsmarena to test devices not only with software, but how really sounds with good pair of headphones and proper player. This review has made me doubt should I buy DHD. Gladly I ignored it and I'm happy with my device. Can say the sound is way better than Nokia X6 is similar to Motorola xoom and it is close to iPod 5 gen.

  • AnonD-10513

awesome phone!! not that there are no better ones out there, but it can take almost any thing that u throw at it.

  • Anonymous

which is better htc desire hd or samsung omnia W I8350 help plz

  • wanwita2009

Hi, can somebody let me know it this htc d/ HD can connect to lcd using 3.5 mm jack? ????? Where can i buy? I at penang malaysia. Pls pls pls,,,,,,,,, :)

  • dr

Ofcourse desire hd, until 2012 dhd is one of the best smart phone,

  • bigbeagle01


My question is the next: Is there any disadvantage and advantage?
And somebody write me some pro and contra and oinion and experience.

  • hasan

awesome phone , got it today:)

  • Anonymous

Guys, I can't deside which is better the DHD or the Desire S, anybody knows which screen is better and brighter, and is there a noticable difference between LCD and S-LCD

  • SS

HD is superb, but only lack in charging.Even it is not getting hole day. Battery is killing like any thing. Need to carry charger always.
Other then that.. superb superb superb.

  • rebirth

one more thing that I observed (and nobody said anything about this).
I have found out that the sound using skype is much better than the one using the 'normal' mobile network. So I am not sure if the problem of the sound comes from the sound 'part' or it a software problem.
More, using a decent pair of headphones, I have no complain about the sound quality for listening to music. To be honest, I did not see any difference between DHD and other mobiles. Probably you can not compare with a highend mp3 player, but the quality is more than decent.
I also do not understand why everybody is praising galaxy S, while forgetting the hardware performance of DHD. come on, galaxy s is no match, only in relation to the screen (which, in the end, is not the only component of a phone).
with a 2000 mA batery and an upgrade to 2.3 I think this phone can still be in line with some of the newer devices (and even kick ass for most of them)