HTC Desire HD review: Most wanted

11 November 2010
Proceed with caution, big Snapdroids ahead. We guess that sign is due wherever someone mentions Desire HD. It’s big and bad and it takes no prisoners. HTC certainly took their time with releasing a badass Android handset on our side of the pond but ...

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  • rebirth

The battery life depends a lot on the usage!
If data is activated (with sync) and used to browse internet (high usage) - it lasts about 5-6h
If data is activated, but no real usage (only get the emails, for example)... it can go to 12h
With no data activated (used mostly as a phone)... I can not tell... but quite long (~10% per day) - depending on the amount of calls, of course
With WiFi, but no data... and heavy internet usage.. about 8h
Used as music player - one day, maybe more
If you use the phone as a clock/alarm (during the night), with the screen on (in night mode) - it takes about 5% of battery in 8h.

From what I saw, the battery life is slightly better then the one of the Galaxy S, used under same conditions.

  • tom many hours of battery backup does this phone give on normal regular usage??
and which one is a better option now?? the desire s or desire hd??

  • fuff fufer

Hello gentlemen,
what are the differences between htc desire hd & htc desere z.?? & disavandages??

  • Anonymous

when is the gingerbread update going to be announced ?? plz let me know....

  • Anonymous

Ugh... Just turn off data background, wifi, 3g, & gps.. And youre all set!

  • Matt

Mehrshad, 21 Jan 2011I am not a fan of any brand and i own both phones htc de... moreLove all these comments from people who can't even type or spell properly, saying things like "I own two phones and the iPhone is just better" - Yeah, right you are either very poorly educated, or a child - yet for some reason you have two smart phones... Just f off and stop the BS, iPhans and Trolls.

I however DO actually own a DHD that I have had for three months now.

It is so much better than my old company 3GS. Battery life was a worry at first - but I've found that by disabling all the stuff I don't use (auto update on applications that I never look at for example) and disabling WiFi (the HSPDA is so fast that my home WiFi isn't any quicker anyway, and my mobile plan gives me 3GB per month which is more than enough for me)

After configuring the phone like this, I easily get 36 hours out of the phone - including at least 2 hours per day talking to people (as it is my main business line too) I don't play a lot of games, but do surf a lot on it (the browser is very, very good) and use it as my main media player when out and about - so I'd say I'm a heavy user.

Bluetooth works quite well, though I've found that I can't access the phonebook from the JVC headunit in my car - everything else works fine, just the phonebook for some reason. Maybe the next update will fix it?

Hope these comments are more useful to people than all the pretenders lies.

  • Anonymous

It turns to slow boot with the battery removed or battery cover removed? It boots up without a battery like a laptop? I'd buy that in a heartbeat! Use my phone as my main modem nowadays... so to be able to boot without a battery would be a godsend!

  • SaMir,IndiA

Amazing...SuperAwesome...gaDgeT...iF u are a gOOd maNager oF ur Apps...TheN thiS oneS fOr u...!!
3G! super....FaSttt...

  • AnonD-3485

The huge screen is a temptation, but the LCD, the audio and video-recording quality simply breaks everything.

  • sam1902

's been a week playing my DHD, the phone it self is great but i would say its got some cons, enough not to go for it.....
1. frustrating bty life
2. no front camera
3. heavy weight
4. video quality doesn't say its a HD............definitely the huge money i had to pay wasn't quite justified for such shortcomings. there are better devices in less price.

  • frustrated owner

frustrated of the battery life.. free games or apps in the market place are boring. planning to dispose this phone and get an iphone4 instead.. or wait for the iphone 5 to be released.. or wait and see what the gingerbread update can offer. 6/10 rating for dhd.. hayssss

  • a11

If it wasn't for the appauling battery life - this phone may have been a contender for the Iphone.

  • Sun Ray

I got a serious problem with the battery cover! After a few times to charge my battery, it becomes very easy to open! Anyone got the same problem?

  • sopheap

when skype chat support to android

  • waraich

been a month since purchasing this amazing phone for rs 23,500 without bill ....everything is perfect about it ...just found this 3 weekness of it
1. no front camera hardware button for clicking pictures (no camera button )
3. battery is disappointing

rest never got hanged ever slow 2-3 times inbetween but after restarting it ..everything was fine

1. good sound
2. great camera
3.nice touch
4. nice screen quality
5 good in social sites
....go get it if you can afford it ....

  • unnknoownn

BEST PHONE EVER! Got mine a few days ago and ADORE it! waiting on my case right now,don't doubt about it,its awesome,believe me!!

  • rz

Hi...between Iphone4 and Desire Hd...use WIFI to compare web browser don use data connection cause some service provider not as fast as others........Iphone4 cant beat HD...i believed some guys out there regret having it.....please answer this Q...can IPHONE create to different theme or Home page?

  • Anonymous

i bought my desire hd last january, truly the best of its kind. it's not a smartphone, in my opinion it a geniusphone because it's way better than the other.


how does the woice dailler work

  • the man

It is an amayzing phone but I would rader get the galaxy s2 it has a better screen better camera is way better better bluetooth the sound doesn't leack the only problem its a samsung but stil htc desire hd kool but galaxy s2 is just wow