HTC Desire Z review: Desires A-to-Z

12 November 2010
A few months ago, the original Desire was teaching younger Droids the ropes. Though it’s no time to retire just yet, the next generation is ready to take over. And we’re talking no rookie here – the new Desire Z means business with a great QWERTY keyboard...

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I Have HTC desire z there is a problem in my phone when I wake up early in the morrning my is ok but after 1 houre the secreen is getting black and white any bdy solve this plz

  • Sujoy

It's a awesome phone for gen-y & businessmen...
Thanks to HTC for launched this phone...

  • Bieckey

Any one who help me about Assign Another Unlock Button, because of only the power button is unlock it is unuse for me i dont like this. also help me how to i attached QuickOffice file on mail.

  • kiwi hamilton

I love my desireZ. Bought specifically for the keyboard which I rarely use as the touch screen is great but disaggree with the statement re:The optical trackpad as this is AWESOME and others should use it. Great for editing text - better than apple OS or android standard expanded text. It works to move through some screens and press it like an ENTER button.
Has had a bath and survived after replacing the moisture strips inside. Very impressed with call from HTC helpdesk within 24 hrs of logging a call! A real person on the phone to me.

  • pluto

abt desire z its smart phone not media

  • floris

This phone freezes in sleep. Witch is very VERY annoying when you think you are available for phone calls, you actually aren't!
I've send it for a repair but got it back without my battery and without anything repaired. And the service-desk was very rude.

  • mark darke

HTC Desire Z is a BIG disappointment if you have anything less than perfect vision. The font used for text meassges received is so small I'm finding I have to resort to a magnifying glass to read the damn thing.... I contacted HTC UK who not only couldn't help or wouldn't help, were actually RUDE and SARCASTIC at the same time. what a shame, otherwise this phone would have been perfect. I've had it 1 day and it's going back to Vodafone tomorrow, and if they dont collect it then it's going in the bin!!!!! Not much point having a phone you cant read your messages on......

  • coops

within one day the qwerty keypad broke
not good at all

  • Twitchy

Hands down best handset I have owned and I work in the mobile market. Has fantastic features and it has not once let me down. Highly recommend

  • Pratibhu

Hi, can someone tell me if I can use Sennheiser headsets (the ones with a mic and music controls) effectively to take/make calls as well control music on my Desire Z? Also, let me know if there's any alternatives available. Sound quality is an important factor. I'm currently using a pair of normal Sennheiser headphones which doesn't have a mic or music controls but sounds pretty awesome.

  • AnonD-123

Sam, 17 Feb 2011I want to buy this it worth buying or desire... moreGingerbread will be available for the Desire Z. The Desire HD is bigger and has some higher specs, but does not have a physical keyboard. They are very similar otherwise.

  • Sam

I want to buy this it worth buying or desire hd is good.?
Will gingerbread available for these phone.?

  • BZ

The phone is terrible. I get about 8 hours of standby time with everything shut off. I imagine it would be far worse it was able to make a phone call. It is alright on wi-fi, but it wants to be reset (freezes) every couple hours. nice idea, terrible phone I have to carry an ipod touch so that I can skype from a starbucks because this thing works 10% of the time I need it to.

  • Farhan

Stuntman, 29 Nov 2010I have this phone for 3 weeks now. It seems in the third w... moreThis is a trick often played by manufacturers. Reality is, you use your phone too often in early days to get familiar with it. With the time passes away, your use lessens. Simple, isn't it?

  • Dave

Matt, 12 Dec 2010Hey Dave, I was also planning on not having running apps on... moreHaven't really compared it with all the extras running. With everything off I've had no complaints, it runs fast with no noticeable lag, very responsive and fast when swiping, selecting apps, widgets, texting etc. Only very infrequently it may lag for 1 second or so when selecting an app or maybe updating a widget but nothing enough to frustrate operating the phone. It hasn't frozen or stopped to think for ages or reset itself when accessing features or anything.

  • Matt

Dave, 10 Dec 2010Had this phone for about one month now. Battery lasts about... moreHey Dave, I was also planning on not having running apps on the background or live widgets. I also don't plan on using 3g as well and more wifi. so i was just wondering on how the phone performed in software terms. was it "zippy" or is there some lag still?

  • Somil

I just wanted to know what im is better, gtalk or bbm? I know that you can have a gtalk app on your blackberry, but just want to know the (main) differences and which is the best to use.

  • Dave

Had this phone for about one month now. Battery lasts about 4d (according to phone timer) with general use, phone calls, texting. However I keep 3G turned off unless needed, no apps syncing in the background, no automatic background updating as well so I'd imagine battery would be shorter if all these were on, plus WiFi etc. No concerns about the hinge. It's metal, well built, and probably much less likely to fail than previous slide phones that feel spring loaded or similar, I have no qualms about it going the distance. I really like this phone, the QWERTY keypad makes it hugely versitile and the size/weight isn't an issue at all. I think it's probably better value than the HD too, they're almost the same specs (1Ghz vs 800 Mhz, 8mp vs 5mp) and Z is cheaper and QWERTY keypad to boot. Great phone.

  • shobz

the slide z mechanism doesnt seem durable. it also very loose. mechanism not as good as htc touch pro2.

  • Desire Z

Stuntman, 29 Nov 2010I have this phone for 3 weeks now. It seems in the third w... moreOk that wil be nice but im gonna buy de Mugen 1800battery
But man this phone is so awsome qwerty does it for me and believe it or not my friend got Desire Hd but my screen is brighter wtf?
Stuntman maybe a option for you mugen 1800lithium?...D