Bluetooth 3.0 and Wireless N speed test: Something in the air

29 December 2010
You see Wireless N and Bluetooth 3.0 slowly creeping on the cellphone specs pages and it was about time we do a dedicated test of how good they are in reality. Every geek loves to get the latest and greatest in mobile tech...

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  • Akshay

"While both Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11n have their place in the mobile world, you won’t be missing out much if your phone doesn’t support either of them right now."

Well i dont agree with the fact that 802.11n isnt important right now as i have witnessed myself huge difference in the range.

  • Anonymous

The Samsung Galaxy S2 bluetooth speed is definitely something I wanna see. Come on guys hurry up and test it already!!!

  • Samsung GalaxyS2 +HS

The new Samsung Galaxy SII supports Bluetooth 3.0+HS. Very interesting to see the transfer speeds of for example large moviefiles from a compatible computer. The ease of Bluetooth wireless pairing plus potentialy very high WLAN N-speeds.

  • Aman Aggarwal

Best article that can ever be writen on Bluetooth 3.0 and Wireless N speed test.....

  • thundeR

N8 rules!

  • prince

WiFiTestLab, 21 Jan 2011Not sure you are really testing the WiFi throughout here. Your ... morebluetooth is fast


Very helpful and useful information cant thank you guys enough

  • WiFiTestLab

Not sure you are really testing the WiFi throughout here. Your tests are showing the entire phone performance - what happens if one of your phones has a poor performing browser for example, how about slow IO to the memory when downloading a large file etc.?

The industry standard way to measure WiFi throughput is a tool known as Ixia Chariot. I suspect the bottleneck will not be the wireless interface but probably the driver between the WiFi Chip and the processor. Did you check the 2.4GHz spectrum to make sure no neighbours were using your channel and no microwaves were switched on. Often best to do these type of tests in a field.

I have seen 802.11G phones yield just over 27Mbps. There are also phones on the market that only give 6Mbps, moving between 802.11B and G gives no performance increase because the interface (probably SPI or 1 bit SDIO) is already saturated or the driver software is inefficient.

Try a few different Routers/Access points as they all implement the WiFi specificaiton slightly differently.

  • Assassin

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2011Bluetooth and WiFi are going to sue you because you broke their ... moreHaha!! You put it perfectly mate!

Wow, did I have misconceptions about the N8's Bluetooth 3 speeds??? I always thought why you guys at GSMA didn't say much about the N8's B.3 speeds in the N8's review. Now you go ahead and reveal the reason for your silence.

I always thought that B.3 meant getting those amazing speeds as shown on B.SIG's website... but now you go ahead and reveal the magic formula for getting a B.3 certification. Man, that's a BIG revelation to me, because I always had in mind this one really good thing about the N8 and now that has burst into air.

Fantastic article GSMA... you have opened our eyes really wide! Yes, do get ready to be sued! :P Thank You GSMA! :D

  • nokia3660

Just wondering when/what WiFi direct will bring to the table...

  • Anonymous

i thought the iphone4 didnt have proper bluetooth to send files n stuff?how can I do it????

  • HT

Wow my N8 rocks than ip4,Glaxy S,and Galaxy Wave.

  • Anonymous

Whats the use of all this technology...UK sucks big time where US already have true 4g (Not apple IOS4)networks like O2 and all are capping the data tariffs to 500mb its like half move permonth allowance :(

  • Am@n

Thanx GSMArena for the article. Very informative indeed. Got to know abt some important facts abt wireless. By these kind of articles, u really help ppl deciding what to go for & not being fooled by companies.

  • N8 did great

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2010Sorry, i am Chinese. My english is very basic. Anypeople can say... moreN8 results were great. :)

  • Anonymous

Doesn't really matter at the moment in the UK for the vast majority of users as not too many people have a home network so just use routers for broadband internet access, nor will it for some time as we don't have anywhere near those speeds coming into the router from broadband. I get up to 8Mb/s (which means 3Mb/s in reality & as slow as 0.03Mb/s during peak times - yep slower than dial up).

So I just see my router sitting there gloating at me with its 54Mb/s speeds, trying to wind me up.

If I had an "n" standard router I'd just think it was taking the p1$$ outa me with 300Mb/s whilst I'm trying to download a 100Mb vid & the time left is 11hrs 37 mins.....

  • Anonymous

Dear GsmArena,
i think you must test 802.11 things using few APs from different vendors and do separate tests for up and down links, cause you can have problems not only on phone side but on yours AP too, especially if it has Atheros radio onboard :)

  • Anonymous

Bluetooth and WiFi are going to sue you because you broke their marketing gimmick!

  • willstay

There are dual band wirelss N routers. 2.4Ghz (b/g) and 5Ghz (n) modes run independently.

  • Faizan

Dear GSM Arena,
I know that keeping the browser constant has no effect on the comparative g, n technologies, but just to be curious, (Knowing that the N8's browser is outdated and about to change in a couple of weeks) what will happen if we re-run the test using Opera Mobile 10.1??
It would be GREAT to add another update!! I'm dying to hear- er... read about it!! Thanks