Motorola Atrix 4G review: Enter the Atrix

15 April 2011
It was the alliance with Android that put Motorola out of the woods. Like every partnership, it’s been a series of peaks and dips but every now and then the relationship between Motorola and Android goes beyond a mere marriage of...

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  • martin
  • Kp}
  • 05 Mar 2021

fantastis phone. I have one of this in storage. Shame doesn't receive more new android versions

    • M
    • MleeM39
    • NJ8
    • 13 Nov 2014

    Simply the best, I have had this phone since June 2012, and it is the best phone ever, it does everything and is much better than a lot of more expensive phones, the one I have is finaly on its last legs wont ring anymore and wifi and bluethooth is not connecting, but it has been a great phone wish I could get another one but I will just have to go with the moto G

      • K
      • Katari
      • Mfx
      • 10 Nov 2014

      Mobile is simply superb...

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        • Anonymous
        • FKx
        • 01 Apr 2013

        I love my phone it makes my buddies phones look old and puts Me above.... But there is the drawback im all alone and they cant compete

          • K
          • Kunal
          • fCR
          • 25 Feb 2013

          Great set.... i face just single problem with the phone that is the zoom quality is low.... the pixels git scattered otherwise this set is perfect i will give 9 out 10...

            • j
            • jid
            • puh
            • 19 Jan 2013

            i have just bought one and so far, i love it...

              • I
              • Indy
              • m5J
              • 06 Nov 2012

              Had this phone for 11 months now fantastic piece of kit will take some beating......

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                • Anonymous
                • Sc5
                • 05 Sep 2012


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                  • Anonymous
                  • fu%
                  • 23 Aug 2012

                  Hi, i hav realy and seriously liked this phone (Motorola Atrix 4g) even if i dont own it, i like its features (Fingerprint recognition....etc etc). How can i buy this phone somebody tell me plse. Am frm zambia in africa. Bonny Eddie Ng'ambi

                    • G
                    • Guri
                    • TL5
                    • 30 Jun 2012

                    Where am i bought this Atrix 4g Mobile ?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • U{i
                      • 05 Jun 2012

                      kasra, 26 Apr 2011does motorola atrix 4g work without AT&TYes

                        • J
                        • John
                        • PTi
                        • 03 Apr 2012

                        Got mobile.. really cool..

                          • D
                          • AnonD-8044
                          • nGF
                          • 01 Dec 2011

                          moreanus, 12 Nov 2011What about the LED indicator? Does it indicate only if the ... moreI too love these Status LED's on mobile phones..

                            • m
                            • moreanus
                            • 3bj
                            • 12 Nov 2011

                            What about the LED indicator? Does it indicate only if the battery is charged, or it blinks when you missed a call and so on..?
                            My last phone was nokia E51, and i got used to this function. Now it is quite a problem to find a phone whit this feature as it looks like it doesn´t even worth to mention such a silly stuff in this category of phones..

                              • k
                              • kiran
                              • vGu
                              • 14 Sep 2011

                              It seems thats motorola atrix is a pretty good phone to buy but, Is it avialable in Bangalore, india?
                              Will it support for my vodafon sim 2G.?
                              So that i can quickly go around, and checkout to buy..

                                • A
                                • Alvin
                                • ucx
                                • 21 Aug 2011

                                Sammy6, 09 Aug 2011everyone who think arena is biased ..with SGS and SGS2 Shou... moreDude wake up. I admit SS superamold screen is better than Atrix. But does it have a dock? A HDMI cable? A remote control? Can you see your phone content on TV? Can you use your phone as media center? Once you syc the atrix with big LCD screen it does transform to a media center. Need not to pay another a few thousand dollars to get a smart TV. The phone worth all the penny I paid for. Yes SSGII does thinner and lighter so what? I do like some weight and volume on the phone and believe most people do. I could root and set the clock to 1.2 Ghz just like SS but does it worth for your battery juice? By far Atrix has the biggest battery dude. So go back and do the math. So far Atrix still the best for me even I have Iphone 4 and 3GS.

                                  • S
                                  • Sammy6
                                  • 3xF
                                  • 09 Aug 2011

                                  everyone who think arena is biased ..with SGS and SGS2 Should consider this :

                                  First of all the super Amoled plus in SGS2 is just unbeatable u need to go check it in person u are missing the real good stuff .. or atleast check on some Samsung Amoled TVs

                                  The SGS2 is really light u can't even feel it ..seriously u have to put ur hand in ur pocket to check if its there i do it all the time always think i forgot it

                                  and im pretty sure its much much thinner than the moto

                                  1.2ghz! btw the SGS2 was able to run nividia own games better ..

                                  I liked moto phones i ve owned many ..but now im sorry if its not Amoled i can't go back ..

                                  for now SGS2 just has it all ..fastest.. thinest...lightest.

                                    • A
                                    • Alvin
                                    • ucx
                                    • 05 Aug 2011

                                    I starting to feel like GSM Arena is bias to Samsung and HTC handsets when they made reviews. I just grab the phone and I know that I made the right choice I will tell you why.
                                    1. After I played with it for a few hours and I don't want to see my I phone 3GS anymore. Resolution is almost as sharp as I phone 4.
                                    2. I hate super size 4.2 inch screens. Looks like a Pad. I wanted a phone not a pad.
                                    3. Its come with complete set (except Micro SD card). It has a dock, HDMI cable, remote control, 2set of chargers and usual nice looking ear piece.
                                    4. OS is smooth and fast and reliable.
                                    5. Amazing battery life for a smart phone. Way Way better than I phone 3GS.
                                    OK. Moment of truth. I paid SGD98 with 2 years contract. Iphone 4 asking SGD 498. SGS 2 asking SGD 398. I would say Hello MOTO.

                                      • B
                                      • BUC
                                      • MUM
                                      • 28 Jul 2011

                                      GSMArena needs to update this review, at lease make some remarks to it...

                                      specially on the specs/features and disadvantages area...

                                      -"Not the latest Android version (NOT ANYMORE)
                                      -No FM radio
                                      -Screen image is pixelated upon closer inspection
                                      -Questionable placement of the Power/Lock button (SUBJECTIVE AND I DISAGREE AS MOST USERS WILL)
                                      -Poor pinch zoom implementation in the gallery (NOT ANYMORE)
                                      -No dedicated shutter key
                                      -Doesn’t operate without a SIM card inside" (NOT TRUE)

                                      After a correct installation of 2.3.4 (I had a bad one first) the phone is snappier, does not become as hot as before, pictures w/flash were fixed, Motoblur is way better, gallery/music rocks!, new features were added, full 1080p playback was added... etc

                                      Please update a little bit...

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • HDR
                                        • 11 Jul 2011

                                        piece of crap not all its cracked up to be would never buy one again