Motorola Atrix 4G review: Enter the Atrix

15 April 2011
It was the alliance with Android that put Motorola out of the woods. Like every partnership, it’s been a series of peaks and dips but every now and then the relationship between Motorola and Android goes beyond a mere marriage of...

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  • The Ultimate Mind
  • 8c6
  • 15 Apr 2011

Hello Guys @ Thank You for such a Nice and Fully Coverd (AS Always Was) Review But ther is a Writing Mistake in page 5 below the NEOCORE pics that says "The Optimus 2X has the exact same GPU chip as the Optimus 2X" actually we know that....!!!!! haha ok kidding the first optimus 2X should be Atrix 4G i think!??%@@(&$^#@%$666^@#$@!#!$#%@^@WOW Please Correct that ...Thanks and there is 1 thing about this phone knowing its a dual core phone and seeing the gallery lags in zooming(Pinching mostly)like this make me !$!#!#@#@ why MOTO ? Such A Good n Nice phone will be dead by this kinda Problems...Hope they take care of it reall SOOOON... anyway Thank YOU| GUYS ALWAYS ROOOOOOOOOOOOCK....
*************************|THE ULTIMATE MIND|***********************

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    • Anonymous
    • Iwh
    • 15 Apr 2011

    Wooow,Great phone
    i will bye.......

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      • aj700
      • 0B6
      • 15 Apr 2011

      AnonD-3398, 15 Apr 2011hmmm.. looks promising.. still, expected more backup on suc... moremoto usually locks down the bootloaders so only signed kernels are accepted. And Sammy doesn't do that. developer friendly and helps customers who wants to keep up with the latest android versions as manufacturers are quite slow at bringing it to masses. especially moto. for me that is the one and only deal killer considering the atrix.

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        • AnonD-3398
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        • 15 Apr 2011

        hmmm.. looks promising.. still, expected more backup on such a huge battery..