Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 review: Utility droid

31 May 2011
Samsung’s QWERTY messengers have not exactly been setting the world on fire. They have done well though to set the scene for this one. The Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 follows on the heels of Omnia and Corby. It puts Android in...

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  • endee

..pls how do i upgrade to gingerbread andriod version?? sme1 help

  • Robinson

A good, nice, perfect handset...
Love it...
But there is no upgarading versions....

  • Lynsey

Gorgeous phone my partner went and ordered it me yesterday as it was my birthday

  • dhang

Why that

I cant send pictures.

  • LiL Tony

The best fone ever........battery life is pretty good after gingerbread update.............waiting for ice cream sandwich update

  • AnonD-41139

AT, 25 Jun 2011How to disable to 3g n/w. how to copy the contacts from the SIM ... moreIf u want to disable 3g go to settings on wireless network-network settings......

  • AnonD-41139

Samsung galaxy pro is vry cool and it is realyy fast and ry good design


I have tried so many times to watch videos but all to no avail. I want to know why this is not responding in terms of video watching

  • Toqeer

I am using samsung galaxy pro B7510.The mobile is good and function is good but i am not satisfied with its battery timing bcz battery timing is too much low.The battery timing is minimum 16 hour.when i use internet then the max battery timing is 1 hour. so i am very disheart with its battery time.

  • yash

Kamal, 19 Sep 2011Is this phn good or not? I want to buy this phn, plz reply fastyes dis phone coll i usin it

  • Kamal

Is this phn good or not? I want to buy this phn, plz reply fast

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2011Designed copied from Motorolamotorolla have copied the design

  • ami

there are many good feacher but accability is vary difficult and how sms edditing/forward works can't undarstand. pls tell.....

  • rahul

Syed, 21 Jun 2011How to connect to a PC?? If I use the microUSB cable, it just re... moreinstald samsung kies software.... software purchase samsung service center....and instald pc....

  • Anonymous

there is a cam shutter button. try pressing the enter key in the qwerty keyboard during camera mode and it will shoot it

  • Abuj

For Galaxy Pro, you just missed one thing.
5.1 Channel Dolby surrond output.

Anyone has some more details of this feature, if I buy it togather with soundxplosion 5.1 headphone, can I use it as Dolby music player?

  • bob8

hardware-wise, the E6 dominates...

  • AGoumaa

there is no secondary camera in it ....... so how can i use video call although the phone support 3g ??

is it contain outlook mobile & Pocket Office editor as Samsung B6520 ??

  • Anonymous

There are no templates for SMS

  • Anonymous

Designed copied from Motorola