Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 review: Utility droid

31 May 2011
Samsung’s QWERTY messengers have not exactly been setting the world on fire. They have done well though to set the scene for this one. The Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 follows on the heels of Omnia and Corby. It puts Android in...

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  • @com4myst_lgspt

Will it have a Gingerbread update ?

  • AnonD-248

Htc chacha looks like promising..since motorola wont provide frequent updates.. Samsung u r still stuck in qvga vid.. Learn something from Se & lg..

  • Dave

Anonymous, 31 May 2011a lot of reviews of android phones,especially samsung phones but... moreBecause Samsung pay them blood diamonds to review and praise only Samsung phones, and also because Google sacrifice 7 virgins each month in honor of GSMArena for them to exclusively review Android devices...

It's all a conspiracy my friend, everywhere.. See that black car down the street? They watching you, and they really dont like the kind of insinuations you make on these forums, better be careful pal.. You only got one life.

  • Anonymous

Design is so ugly... Looks like an iPhone 4 with half-screen and half-keyboard.
Also, I don't get why Samsung still stuck with this pathetic QVGA@15FPS recording on ALL their phones except the flagship ones, maybe this way is easier to them to flood the market with poor phones...

  • Viktoras

Even though it's not very good, but it has some charm on it.Nevertheless I rather buy Nokia E5 because it's just little bit more expensive and it behaves more solid than this one.

  • glad

My e72 looks much prettier with superfine bulid quality.

  • Autoexec.bat

FYI - there is a version of this handset for sale online with 850/1900 UMTS bands. I think the model number is B7510A or something like that. I bought and used it two weeks ago on Straight Talk (AT&T network) and was getting 3G speeds. That said, the screen is as bad as everyone says. Perhaps even worse. The keyboard is 100% as good as this review says - it's amazing. Finally, the phone is awkwardly wide and makes holding the phone a little dicey at times. I used it for 24 hours before returning it and dropped it twice - and I *never* drop my phones!

  • Anonymous

a lot of reviews of android phones,especially samsung phones but why there aren;t too many rviews for dual sims or usual phones?

  • AnonD-3398

display resolution is poor, a meager 320x240 for 2.8"? while nokia is giving 640x480 on its upcoming E6.. build quality is also looking poor, plasticky.. ok.. let it come..