Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 preview: First look

03 June 2011
By losing an inch of screen diagonal and reducing the weight to something you might actually be able to hold longer than 5 minutes, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 hopes to convert more people to the tablet cause. Those who found the 7” Galaxy Tab too limiting and the 10.1” slates too heavy to take anywhere other than your couch will certainly appreciate the effort...

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  • Nduoooe

please help i need to make calls how do i get the app help

  • Anonymous

I have been using it,,, its amazing!

  • AnonD-83517

My galaxy tab 8.9 was really ok..but i have a problem now i cannot turn it on..wat will i do?

  • AnonD-12118

when are gsmarena going to do full review on this one?

  • Guscoto

I can't find the option for voice calls over GSM network... on the video you see the guy making a call but that seems to be a different reality.. can anyone tell me what is going on? is there a 3rd party app that can help me with the calls?.. thanks!

  • AnonD-11377

The UI not that smooth actually, kindda disappointed.

  • SunBeans

Well, it seems the 8.9 3G is lack of voice calling? Could anyone confirm this?

  • cangguek

It is really stupid Samsung is removing microSD slot on both 10.1 and 8.9. I am keeping my Tab 7 since it has everuthing but Honeycomb, but what I am missing?.

  • Queep

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  • More

L.A., 07 Jun 2011I feel what you are feeling right now my friend! samsung ga... moreIf u like GSM voice calling you need 8.9

  • MNZ

On the 1st page it says divx files are supported and then later on in the review it says u need a 3rd party appl. Can any1 plz confirm

  • dannieboy

Ive been waiting a long time for tbis tablet but now i have to pass as the limited codec support is a deal breaker. I have the galaxy s2 and would not be able to live with a tablet that is inferior. Samsung please do not keep me waiting long for this tablet with your own SOC.

  • JoeC

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2011And the iPad is just a very bad copy of a Magna-Doodle, now... moreLOL.. so true

  • Anonymous

hi, 15 Jun 2011just bad copy of iPad 2 :)And the iPad is just a very bad copy of a Magna-Doodle, now get over it.

  • cowgaR

So can you confirm it does have Tegra2 istead of Samsung's own Exynos (much better) SoC?
That means HD 720p movie playback capability (I couldn't care less about 1080p) is screwed once again, and we all can thank nVidia Tegra2 platform (Tegra3 will remedy this).

HD means H.264 most of the time (95% of time), and internet HD 720p clips/movies/streams are mostly encoded in high profile, which Tegra2 doesn't support (only standard main/baseligne profile).

So if you happen to have 4-10TB collection of movies like most of the "multimedia-playback-device-seeking people", you're screwed once again! With Moto Xoom/Acer Iconia/Asus Transformer you're in deep "$$""% as well.

And no, CPU will not handle the task, if there's no GPU codec suport. It is simply too weak (hell, even dual core ATOM, 4 times as powerful as current A8, is too weak to decode H.264 properly).

note. old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch doesn't have a problem there (due to proper GPU) as well as new Samsung Galaxy II phone with exynos chipset. Will handle even 1080p .mkvs with breeze!

  • AnonD-733

can't wait to put my hand on this one

  • hi

just bad copy of iPad 2 :)

  • Matt

Ewan, 10 Jun 2011Why does the appearence and interface Samsung need to look ... moreWhy would they change it? The looks of the iPad and iPhone work, that's been proven more than enough...