Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 preview: First look

03 June 2011
By losing an inch of screen diagonal and reducing the weight to something you might actually be able to hold longer than 5 minutes, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 hopes to convert more people to the tablet cause. Those who found the 7” Galaxy Tab too limiting and the 10.1” slates too heavy to take anywhere other than your couch will certainly appreciate the effort...

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  • L.A.

AnonD-5197, 07 Jun 2011Damn... This or 10.1... that is the real question. Such to... moreI feel what you are feeling right now my friend! samsung galaxy 10.1 or this?! its the question of the century!!!

  • nevermore

I share a similar sentiment as above, the galaxy phones can play .avi (i.e. Divx) movies. I had previously read that this would be able to as well however the review appears to claim the opposite. Can the author clarify? The inability to natively watch Divx on the Ipad turned me away from it, could it be the same here?

  • AnonD-5197

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2011is there anyway to replace samsung music player with defult... moreYou NEED coverflow??? for what?

  • AnonD-5197

Damn... This or 10.1... that is the real question. Such tough choice!

  • Anonymous

is there anyway to replace samsung music player with defult honeycomb player?...we need cover flow :((

  • Anonymous

NO MUSIC PLAYD COVER FLOW !!! ...while honeycomb have cover flow on its defult music sad

  • Mannan

A detailed comparison btw Xoom and Galaxy tab 8.9 would be very helpful.

  • arcane

I have iPad2 and find it a bit difficult for portability and lacks the widget functionality of Android. Notifications Center in iOS5 is a good addition which makes it more useful. But this tab's size has won my heart over and over again on portability and productivity as compared to iPad2 (at least on paper). I have serious doubts as if Android will be able to bring better or even same user experience with speed, performance and beauty of OS but still I have been using android for about 2 years now so I would definitely want to give this one a try (considering it would be more productive than iPad2). Good work Samsung. Now release it in time.

  • Anonymous

do the 8.9's And 10.1's support avi files And 720p mkv's? Surely they do, all their latest smartphones support them

  • Anonymous

waiting for the full review,and maybe a comparison between tab and xoom

  • grayhaze

AnonD-723, 07 Jun 2011love it :XThird paragraph: "Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II at a glance"

  • AnonD-723

love it :X