LG Optimus 3D review: This summer, in 3D

22 July 2011
The magical allure of 3D is stronger than ever but manufacturers struggle to meet the demand for better and cheaper ways of 3D capture and viewing. And while glasses may feel alright in the cinema, wearing them to watch TV is perhaps too much...

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  • 09 Mar 2014

To be honest LG was the first to market a 3D phone. and it looked good at the time. but 3D in general is dead and buried. people dont want headaches as this and the Nintendo 3DS gives you. 10 out of 10 for trying, but the market does not need this type of phone.

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    • Rastin
    • KhZ
    • 17 Feb 2013

    Lg is very heavy than the other mobiles, i bought it 8 days before but now it does not work properly, i dont know why this company produce such things.
    i wish that they had gotten our means.

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      • kc
      • q}8
      • 05 Feb 2013

      Love this phone ten times better than any iphone ive had them all and this is the best phone ive ever used

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        • sheetal
        • uuK
        • 13 Dec 2012

        Why not give inbuild F M Radio ?

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          • 3DME
          • 6vN
          • 06 Dec 2012

          But the optimus has a disabled fm radio you can download the soft from xda devlopers wepsite and about the camera button the 3D button work as camera button after launch the camera

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            • AnonD-50317
            • uNV
            • 30 Jun 2012

            once at a time apples says,they invent 3d display in mobile phone display.lol!

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              • AnonD-55748
              • 8xn
              • 14 Jun 2012

              Review the worst I saw a smartphone, highly suspect, not where they got those tests with some 3D Optimus broken. With the benchmark ANTUTU, or Quadrant, is among the fastest on the market, comparing with the Samsung S2. With good software upgrade becomes one of the best, of which probe. OMAP430 CPU is one of the best eh seen, and the dual chanel memory, makes it much faster than some with 1GB of Ram. And the camera takes better pictures than most, the pictures come out equal to what one observes without distorting the image or adding colors unrealistic. And capasidad to take pictures in low light, make it very similar to the camera of Xperia ARC. I think GSMArena testing another P920, not the same as me.

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                • raj
                • uty
                • 02 Jun 2012

                alipaul, 30 Mar 2012Does the lg optimus have wifiyes it has....

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                  • alipaul
                  • 3W9
                  • 30 Mar 2012

                  Does the lg optimus have wifi

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                    • AnonD-23655
                    • f4X
                    • 01 Jan 2012

                    Have anyone of you noticed that lg copied apple in this phone e.g the keyboard

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                      • Steve1017
                      • 3Wd
                      • 10 Dec 2011

                      Hold on there are other phones out there as of July 2011
                      HTC 3D for one & Samsung 3D both very good

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                        • allphone fan
                        • fmV
                        • 02 Sep 2011

                        i have used most of all powerful phone out there iphone4 galaxy s galaxy s11 now lg 3d is a very good phone the 3d thing is nice its works very good i love this phone the problem with this phone is the battry life apart from the battry everything is ok

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                          • simon
                          • iL}
                          • 29 Aug 2011

                          why can i only access mobile facebook and ebay sites on this browser i bought a handset that would be like a desktop and this isnt...ffs

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                            • nim
                            • nFh
                            • 29 Aug 2011

                            hay guys guys who ever love apple may be dont know how operate win or andrd,it dosent matter i phone shouldnt give a 3d output coz its not a 3d phone,lg 3d is specially made for 3d purpose ... anyway this ph can now convert 2d game into 3d mode or something like that just read the topic about lg 3d and national geograph...so it will be more 3d,anyway its a great ph and lg optimus 3d is world's first 3d phone,so we all should remember the word 'First'thanks...

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                              • appel is best
                              • Ia9
                              • 22 Aug 2011

                              i am not noing why ppl r gonnahave this fone and not ifone. lg is a suck, when u can have app on the ifone to give you the 3d!!!

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                                • kKp
                                • 17 Aug 2011

                                Anonymous, 22 Jul 2011In your Conclusion you say: 'Featuring the same hardware a... moreBenchmarks mean little when it comes to real life performance. Certain processors devote themselves to having high bm scores without being able to back them up in rl performance, and I have a feeling this is what happened with the O3D. The 3VO is a capable device that is let down by a heavy OS (Sense 3).

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                                  • BB FAROUK
                                  • ftV
                                  • 15 Aug 2011

                                  lg 3d is a very fantastic phone i like it.

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                                    • Sitaram Sen
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                                    • 03 Aug 2011

                                    I like it.........but its 3D fetures not well according our choce................not so bad ..but if u buy only for 3D fetures than nt so good ...but..its good initiative of LG..in advance era of tech......i appreciate great....endeviour........thank you

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                                      • LaU
                                      • 31 Jul 2011

                                      Anonymous, 23 Jul 2011lg optimus 3d is a well built android device with a better ... moreTotally agree about the 3d, it screwed my eyes up too. Playing Asphalt proved difficult as you cannot tilt the phone to control. 3d is not comfortable to view yet, still maybe better technology or software changes could do the trick. Decided not to buy phone, or should I say device.

                                        Technically LG isn't the first with these specs. SHARP released the 003SH Disney Android in Sep 2010 with 3D screen, and the SH-12 Aquos Android only a few months ago on NTT DOCOMO - the SH-12 at the time already had dual 8Mpx cameras for 3D recording with the appropriate 3D screen.

                                        I don't know why these phones don't get the credit they deserve. The SH-12 is fully unlockable (it's Android) and usable on any HSDP+ or GSM network.

                                        Shame really.