LG Optimus 3D review: This summer, in 3D

22 July 2011
The magical allure of 3D is stronger than ever but manufacturers struggle to meet the demand for better and cheaper ways of 3D capture and viewing. And while glasses may feel alright in the cinema, wearing them to watch TV is perhaps too much...

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  • 22 Jul 2011

In your Conclusion you say:
'Featuring the same hardware as the EVO 3D, the Sensation has better performance than the Optimus 3D'

How can you conclude that Sensation is faster than Optimus 3D if all your benchmarks say the opposite???

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    • Ashura
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    • 22 Jul 2011

    AnonD-3485, 22 Jul 2011It's nice to see what some overshadowed companies are doing... moreBy SE´s gamming phone do you mean the PLAY?Because if you do ic an guarantee it is not a fail

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      • AnonD-3485
      • LpI
      • 22 Jul 2011

      It's nice to see what some overshadowed companies are doing to try to regain the market nowadays, Sony Ericsson with its Gaming phone (which is failed I guess) and LG with it's 3D phone, but seriously, I wouldn't consider by any means a LG phone, they are full of problems and they always ignore the user. Just ask if the Optimus 2x users are happy.