BlackBerry Bold 9900 review: Business reimagined

20 September 2011
A brand new OS, more speed, a facelift and a high-res touchscreen, the latest of the Bold messengers is listening for the roar of the crowd. There's no going back to the old rational and composed self - give it danger, thrills and excitement...

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  • Anonymous

mehatebb, 08 Jan 2013I hate blackberrys my 1st blackberry the trackpad broke my ... moreStrange
I use this phone day in day out
and it is working fine
almost 2.5 years now
are you into constructions

  • sophea

I am using bb 9900 since end of september 2011 and still this is the best bb. Got no problem at all.

  • Gaby_lee@

I thought it got hotspot how can I get it on it? And flash support!

  • shefeild

i have a blackberry bold 9900 and my wife take it to nigeria and she things she can use it in africa .so she put nigeria sim inside and ,the phone is ask for code .she start put her cell phone number and the cell was block and the cell phone is not even work for t mobile no more. so how can we do it

  • mpho

Mpho, 30 Jul 2012After everyone coments i dnt knw if i shuld buy it or notI think you should buy it

  • Loulabelle

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2013The e.mail and sms i recieved can not transfer to memory ca... moreI thinking about this and i think it sounds a bit pans from all the other comments

  • Anonymous

The e.mail and sms i recieved can not transfer to memory card or to another folder. The internal 16G memory is soon used up.

  • mehatebb

I hate blackberrys my 1st blackberry the trackpad broke my 2nd blackberry my screen wouldn't light up my 3rd blackberry my keypad didn't work cuz wen I pressed a botton it will type the one next to it! My 4th blackberry when I called some1 they could hear me but I couldn't hear them! (Annoying!)
My last blackberry (torch) touch screen and trackpad didn't work! That's it done with blackberrys! Forever

  • lol lol lol

Mpho, 30 Jul 2012After everyone coments i dnt knw if i shuld buy it or notMy opinion is if you are gonna buy a bb if it was a curve 9320 if it was any other blackberry bold!

  • lol lol lol

I had the blackberry bold for christmas in 2012 and I think its the most best bb out its fast awsome camra great for texting with its great big keypad! Great improove ment on the enternet best touch screen ever it slides to well I've own 2 bb's blackberry curve 3G 9300 I had no problems I will make another review and tell you if it has problems all of my bb's haved worked great massive bb fan!!!!


The BOLD 9900 is a fantastic fone but I ve notice dat once I use d camera 2 take a shoot d battery drain immediately and what can I do,too stop this from happening again.pls I nid quick response

  • kayleighlm

I've had the blackberry bold 9900 for about 2 weeks now I got it for a christmas present, my opinion on this phone is it's great, my internet is usually very fast often depends on what network provider you are on, I'm on o2 and it goes pretty fast. The camera is good quality too, with flash and diffrent camera modes to fit the occasion you want to take a picture, I also love the design its very big but better for viewing pictures, videos and internet browsing. The battery life is the downfall but I've noticited the reason why is to many contacts on blackberry messenger or use of applications like internet, pictures, listening to music etc. I'd say if you want the blackberry battery to last minimaize you're use on these certain applications and it'll do just fine:)

  • hellshire fyah

i rated this phone so much until it switched off and will not turn on,tried several means of troubleshooting and the same shitt.will not turn frends own had the same issue..fone here is garbage i'm gonna try the samsung s3 is garbage

  • Objective

I have now owned the 9900 for more than a year (see my earlier posts in Sept 11). I was a day one buyer in Singapore and... still a fan. It is still the best business productivity phone out there. Still the fastest and easiest for reading / replying email and messages, esp when you are used to the shortcuts.

One tip to share: lately, I found that my 9900 was getting very slow. The hour glass would come up and stay for many seconds - very annoying. Rebooting did not help. I did two things which got rid of the problem permanently:

1. i went into settings/device/application management/application storage. one of the bizarre quirks of the 9900 is you have 8gb of internal storage but only around 550mb is usable for apps. I got rid of every app i did not need or use.

2. i went into documents to go/files. for some reason, I had many many copies of .pdf files (some in french) that I don't remember downloading. They were dated June 11 which is before I bought the phone! literally hundreds of them, each only 30-300kb but they add up. I spent 20 minutes deleting them one by one (BB - is there a way to select all and delete?).

After doing these two things, the phone now works like new - super responsive and very enjoyable.

A little housekeeping keeps a year+ old phone very useful and relevant!

  • w.esam.4you

jojo, 27 Aug 2012The keyboard was nice as I use it Love

  • jojo

The keyboard was nice as I use it

  • fluffygal

This bb 9900 is rubbish since september 2011 I have had 4 supposidly new phones and they have all messed up due to battery overheating and dieing easily and freezing, switching on and off on its own its just rubbish advice to all avoid this phone don't get ripped off like me and it seems lots more people have been

  • Md Salman

Hii guys I'm using bold4 but I'm not happy with this phone cuz its battery is very bad so that's y I'm change my b.b

  • mo

Full of rubbish batterry life is very poor

  • Mpho

After everyone coments i dnt knw if i shuld buy it or not