BlackBerry Bold 9900 review: Business reimagined

20 September 2011
A brand new OS, more speed, a facelift and a high-res touchscreen, the latest of the Bold messengers is listening for the roar of the crowd. There's no going back to the old rational and composed self - give it danger, thrills and excitement...

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  • AnonD-12555

I always liked BB's and this one looks great! Camera doesn't have to be major on it, since it's a buisiness phone.
Only thing that bothers me and why I won't buy this or any other BB is: "BlackBerry Internet Service account is a must to enjoy all phone features". :P

  • Anonymous

If this is their answer to iPhone and galaxy s2 then I am very afraid for blackberry's future

  • Blankman

MR, 20 Sep 20111st :D so bad!!! no video call and poor camera!!Then this isn't for you. Jog on.

  • Abadi

Hello all
What's the major difference between OS 6 & 7?

  • Dejavu lt

Common guys, i understand, it's business phone, but fixed focus camera - total disaster. What about scan docs with that camera? It's mission impossible! Another moment, 600 eu for that? I'm not hater, but it's must be joke :) Now i really understand why blackberry doesn't have bright future.

  • MR

1st :D

so bad!!! no video call and poor camera!!