BlackBerry Torch 9810 review: Buttoned-up

5 October 2011
A fresh dose of oxygen or a new torchbearer? It doesn’t matter which one you think RIM needed to keep the flame alive. They got both in the new BlackBerry Torch 9810. Double the processing power, the new sped-up and brushed-up...

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  • laksyd
  • ftV
  • 22 Feb 2012

my problem with these phone is how to lock and unlock the keypad.......anyone please help me out

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    • Anonymous
    • 32F
    • 18 Jan 2012

    peter, 10 Dec 2011I would like to buy this device, but I'm not sure which to ... moreblackberry all the way dude

      • p
      • peter
      • LiS
      • 10 Dec 2011

      I would like to buy this device, but I'm not sure which to buy... Nokia E6 or BlackBerry 9810
      please anyone inform me which one worth to buy for at least 2 years?

        • p
        • pushkin
        • PSL
        • 23 Nov 2011

        an awesome upgrade from the RIM..just love the fone...awesome the HD recording option..overall a good fone frm the precessor...9810 is gonna rock the world and all u i phone lovers get this awesome fone...u wont regret and possibly forget the i phone! :D

          • s
          • steve
          • EvY
          • 08 Nov 2011

          there is actually an option for this phone to navigate the BB map even without BIS. but only with the help of an app (free) downloadable from the app world

            • r
            • rudhi
            • Mfx
            • 19 Oct 2011

            It would be nice, if RIM put Motorola Razr like keypad on blackberry torch to replace their outdated keypad.

              • O
              • Oce
              • k@@
              • 07 Oct 2011

              I think the lack of comments says it all.

                • c
                • cranial
                • HDZ
                • 06 Oct 2011

                dunno about the features but if they can sort out the dated look on the keyboard they hav a beautiful device.

                  • L
                  • Lockkey
                  • iIf
                  • 06 Oct 2011

                  The old Torch had one big problem: the screen lock key was too exposed to unwanted pressure and way to easy to press so one could unlock the device while carrying it in a pocket and then dial or do other unwanted things.
                  This was a huge problem - I would have appreciated the Gsmarena review to address this and find out if the newer model had improved in that regard.

                    • A
                    • Abadi
                    • nTp
                    • 06 Oct 2011

                    Honestly, Pointless Approach from BB