Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III review: S to the third

20 May 2012
Today is no ordinary day for the GSMArena test track, which is about to see the Bugatti Veyron of smartphones do the rounds in an attempt to beat the lap record of its predecessor. Samsung have spared no effort to protect the Galaxy S III against any odds.

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  • Tiger

Really liked the S3, but waiting for the S4 because it'll be far superior.

  • Anonymous

This Phones Specs Is Amazing!

  • AnonD-84903

the GSM version must have a different display than the Sprint, because sunlight visibility is the worst I have seen in any phone. I will probably return it for that reason. But, I do live in Florida where even in the winter, the sun is stronger than many other places in full summer.

  • AnonD-78609

Most of the apps which work flawlessly on the iphone end up hanging on the S3. Infact Chrome works better on iPhone. Only app that works better on S3 than on iPhone is Truecaller. S3 Maps are awesome but Navigation hangs. Memory card keeps giving errors. Also the plastic body of S3 scares you. All said, wish iPhone had the led indicators like S3 / Blackberry to indicate missed calls, msgs, etc.

  • ~flow~

ok S3 now or wait for xperia V?

  • russ

AnonD-69896, 04 Sep 2012hi, i ask a question to samsung galaxy siii user, what you ... moreGo for Samsung galaxy S3 ... its the best phone around. Almost everything you need for a cp is already incorporated here. . .

  • Gavin_Is_A_Man

List of iPhone 5 drawbacks:
Aluminum body looks cool but is easy to scratch
Proprietary connector, incompatible with previous-gen accessories (needs adapter)
The new display is not proportionally bigger, but only taller
Unadapted apps run letterboxed due to the unusual resolution
nano-SIM support only
Apple Maps app not up to scratch
No USB Mass Storage mode
No FM radio
No stereo speakers
No microSD card slot
No NFC connectivity (though that may be nitpicking)
Stuck with iTunes for loading content
Mono audio recording in videos

List of Galaxy S3 drawbacks:
All-plastic body of dubious aesthetics
No dedicated camera key
microSIM slot
S Voice is hardly as functional as ads might make you believe

Yeah, I can see why there are so many Apple fanboys.

  • AnonD-72710

Kevlar at the back I hope

  • AnonD-18125

SGS3 never hangs.

  • r

I really want to say I am happy with S3 than my Blackberry .

  • whatnow

AnonD-68927, 30 Aug 2012I find personally that the iPhone is simply a smartphone fo... moredroids should have a boot screen, saying "no! this idea is not stolen from apple!" hahahaha

  • AnonD-69896

hi, i ask a question to samsung galaxy siii user, what you think this is best phone for business email purpose, i hate blackbarry, i have nokia e72, which configure nokia email (messaging) account, and all my pop email receive through nokia account. i love sg3, and planning to buy this month, i just wondering about my official email account. i humble request to sg3 user reply of my question. thank you!

  • sunny

all samsung mobiles have one problem which was that it hangs after some time

  • ti

AnonD-68927, 30 Aug 2012I find personally that the iPhone is simply a smartphone fo... moreTrue. But the iphone is Unix based more advanced than Linx if you don't know!

BTW I'm galaxy nexus user

  • AnonD-68927

I find personally that the iPhone is simply a smartphone for the noobs that shouldn't be using one to begin with. Droids are great granting you know and understand how to use a smartphone properly. You don't just buy a smartphone because of what it is but, with the actual ability to use it properly. It's an open source linux based os. So i guess all droids should really have a boot screen prompting "NOOBS BEWARE!!!" lmao

  • coolmind

jesd, 18 Aug 2012Hey can anyone tell me wat is the icon on your top left its... moreI think its software update indicator

  • Anonymous

W0ow.i neva c sch a ugly phone lyk samsung galaxy..x0 ne1 juz ign0re 2 dz phone...ha3

  • jesd

Hey can anyone tell me wat is the icon on your top left its like arrow with a line in thr middle... i dnt knw how to get it off.. or what it is?? Its in da place where it shows you hav msgs or emails on the homescreen??.

  • meimei

AnonD-55371, 18 Jun 2012I got the S3 yesterday, since I owned a iPhone 4S here the ... moreThanks for that comparison because I was considering to try SIII somewhere down the road. Can't get use to other phones since using iPhone but well, I would want to think of a change and wondering if SIII will be good to choose apart from using iPhone. This comparison tells me that I will not regret to change :)

  • Anonymous

Prince Raj , 29 Jul 2012"It doesn't look good. This Galaxy S III apparently ma... morelike you said. not the first. so what is your point?