Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review: Flying high

13 July 2012
With the Galaxy S III busy grabbing the headlines, a midrange smartphone has been making its way to a number of markets without much fanfare. But you can bet the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 won't settle for the role of just another sequel. It has a chance to...

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  • cj

bluemoto123, 29 Jan 2019Stuck on 2.3.6. Not upgradeable.of course not, i'd kill it

Stuck on 2.3.6. Not upgradeable.

  • Ayesha fatima

Please remake this mobile because this phone is very best of the best.

  • AnonD-306279

Take Clean Master from Google Play. Ace 2 have few memory types. So if you delete an app that doesn't mean you free other type of memory.


My phone always says low storage I dellete some of my aplication but still like that what do I need to do to

  • Anonymous

Does the job, if your not looking for all the bells and
whistles. But be prepared to buy a battery in a couple
months or you will need to charge it every 6 or 7 hours
of use (minimum). To
charge from dead to 100%
takes an hour and a half.
With new bat. Im pleased
with the cell. Batteries are
$40. OTC and hard to find.
I bought on line for $12. & it took 10 days for delivery.
Decent for retail purcuase
new with warranty for $150.
Had it 4 yrs now. use 8hrs
min daily *(tunes etc)

  • jinto007

I cant update this phone....
please help .....

  • nikhil

AnonD-137742, 20 Apr 2013I have it. Its a really good size and it is very similar to... moregood battery pic up nice phone

  • Zan

Why i have no update for my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.Everyday i go to kies n no updates available.Is there anything wrong with my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2?? Please reply quicky dont want to sell my phone.

  • berns

how can I video tape with this phone?

  • althani

Can't install opera mini....?

  • AnonD-137742

frankiiee, 17 Apr 2013Dose the samsung galaxy ace 2, freeze and is it really good... moreI have it. Its a really good size and it is very similar to the s3 mini. Battery life is brilliant on Gingerbread and it runs all apps and games nicely. I highly reccomend this phone. However, dont update it to jelly bean because i did and its terrible. It ruins the battery life and it lags and freezes all the time so stick with gingerbread and its a great phone

  • frankiiee

Dose the samsung galaxy ace 2, freeze and is it really good in like battery, headphones and all that? I am thinking about getting it next week and how big is it?x

  • nazeer.ali

Sakis, 22 Nov 2012please tell me whitch phone to buy? SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS ... moreplz don't buy the samsung galaxy s dous phone its very hang & if u r open the FB its take long time to open ,if u open u r contacts the num is comming after some time the name is comming ...........

  • edj samsung hater

Sakis, 22 Nov 2012please tell me whitch phone to buy? SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS ... moreDont you think you answered ur own question?

  • edj samsung hater

I used several samsung smart phones and lm very disgusted with their battery endurance. This hate especially goes to their vety first omnia that runs in windows!

Recently I got tired with my other smart phones and opted to use Ace 2. I wouldnt want to too much for my electronic vice!

But I must say this Samsung Ace 2 is very good. Long battery life, fully charged in the morning still 10% at 7pm. This is for normal use of calls,sms,checking email, web browsing, and around 2 hours of you tube.

I feel that I should share the good experience to help guide smart phone buyers who are looking for a smart phone but are working on a budget.

  • ivaan

AnonD-74275, 03 Oct 2012in my country you can get the xperia P for only $50 more th... moremid budget xperia phone always got touchscreen problem.. please find it on youtube

  • nheny

How to open my cell fone in people can see i used samsung galaxy ace 2 ?

  • kim

jake, 30 Jan 2013very good budget phone...Hey is the android already upgraded too 4.1jelly bean ??

  • Kim

Gonna start earning money to buy ace 2 :) .. Just bought pocket so imma try ace 2 :D i believe the OS of this phone (4.1 jelly bean) wont fail me.